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Meditation: A Vehicle to Take You From Stress to Laughter

After a full hectic day scheduled with meeting deadlines, documents preparation and attending meetings etc, you will have a strong need for relaxation. Numerous ways are now available and one of the most effective ways is meditation.

How can you utilize meditation to relieve stress and thus put you on the right road to be able to access laughter? There are loads of discussions about the process of meditation. You might think that it is difficult to meditate effectively, but it is actually quite easy to do! The focus of meditation revolves around the bringing of your thoughts to a focal point over a persistent time period. Your mind will become able to rest in this way because your mind will not be focused on stress and your stressful thoughts will definitely be diverted to the peaceful thoughts of your meditation. Your body and brain will surely build up stamina to become more relaxed through meditation the more you practice this effective tool. The contaminant build ups of your body will also be cleared away.

You will become aware that during meditation your breathing slows down and your blood pressure is also reduced. These are secure health benefits that bring the benifits of laughter to a more accessible place in your life because you will feel more peace and tranquility. Moreover, meditation also brings the following results and benefits to your life:

- Muscle relaxation
- Reduction in nervousness and irritability
- Eradication of nerve-racking thoughts
- Elimination of negativity and pessimism
- Clarity of mind
- Decrease in headaches and anxiety

Focusing on one thing is the real essence of all meditation activities. All of your mental faculties must be focused on the subject of meditation. Approximately 20 minutes are suggested to accomplish great benefits of the meditation, but you can start with just 5 or 10 minutes. It is best if you get yourself into a comfortable environment, but you can meditate even in your car or a subway, once you have learned the proper techniques. Choose a posture for your meditation that is most comfortable for you.

Breathing, sound, imagery or any object can be your point of meditation. The most important thing of consideration in any meditation activity is focus and concentration. Distractions may result due to external thoughts, but just relax and let those thoughts go. You can “stop the noise”, it just takes a little practice, that’s all. Then, return to the focus of your meditation. The more you practice meditating, the less thoughts that distract will occur and it takes very little time before you begin to feel improvement.

Some of the most commonly used Meditation Exercises for relaxation and to get rid of stress:

1. Tension/Relax:

Clench your fists and pull your forearms against your upper arms firmly. Keep all your muscles tight including leg muscles and jaws. Now breathe deeply for at least 5 seconds and then relax your body at once. You will feel the tension releasing sensations.

2. Ideal Relaxation:

In this meditation exercise, close your eyes and build up a supreme relaxation spot in your mind. Select a place and furnish it according to your personal style. Now imagine you are going there. How do you feel to be entering this private, beautful place? Create a mellow sense of being at your relaxation place and let this feeling accompany you once you open your eyes.

Once you have put in some effort to relieve your stress, it will be much easier for you to embrace the benefits of laughter, and thus, continue your therapy to eliminate stress with a smile on your face!

Here are some excellent books. Choose something that’s right for you and keep it as your point of reference. Many times, just seeing the object of a new thng you want to implement into your life is all you need to be reminded to practice this new thing in your life, so choose your books and keep them handy and visible.









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