Managing Stress: The 1 Action Verb To Get You From Stressed To Refreshed: 4 Powerful Mind Tools


How To Get Stress Relief Fast:

The One Action Verb You Need:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t just wake up happy  all of the time, although I’d love for that to happen. Who wouldn’t. You want to practice the art of knowing how to manage stress effectively, so it’s natural to look for ways to get happy. Knowing the right types of mind tools gets you on the right road.

We often think that it helps to have something to get happy about, but this is not the real truth of how happiness works.

The real truth is that it takes nothing to be happy, and deep down inside, I believe  we all know that.
But to be honest with you, I often feel like “if and when such and such happens, then I’ll be happy”. Have you ever felt that way? External events can definitely make a change in your life, but that’s not all there is to life.

Stress Relief Now

When you feel the need for immediate stress relief, do you really want to wait for external events to happen? Basing your happiness on external events isn’t always the best avenue if you want to find true and lasting happiness. This is especially true during times when you’re feeling the greatest need for real and immediate stress relief now.

So what’s the trick to getting from stressed to refreshed fast?

Easy! Let’s take a simple word like gratitude and see how we can apply it most wisely.
So, let’s turn it into an action verb!

This is an extremely effective process to get you from stress to laughter very quickly!

The secret about gratitude and managing stress

There is a little secret link between gratitude and how you manage stress.

Powerful Mind Tools

Ok, you’re probably saying “Kim, someone needs to remind you that gratitude is a noun, not a verb, much less an action verb”. You’re absolutely right. Gratitude is a noun, but that’s not how you want to apply it when fine tuning your mind tools to get from stress to laughter quickly.

Turning gratitude into an action verb means looking for ways to make gratitude an action instead of thinking of it as a noun.

When gratitude is a noun, it’s easy to think of it as a passive “thing” and often, when you think something passive, you might think that it’s something that just happens.

But if you start thinking of gratitude as an action verb, then your mind is going to start looking for actions to back up that thought.

Cope With Stress

These types of ideas flooded my mind recently while I was re-reading my copy of a book I love called You Can Heal Your Life. It occurred to me that undergoing stressful moments in life can be reversed into a different type of action. But to reverse the actions of stressful situations, it’s important to take action steps in the opposite direction. This is why I compiled the following list complete with actions to help you reverse the negativity of stressful situations.

How You Can Turn Gratitude Into An Action Verb Today:

4 Easy But Powerful Secret Mind Tools

1. List Quick: 5 Things You Like About Yourself

Please notice that I suggest “list quick”. This is because these 5 things should roll of your tongue as easily as the water rolls down Niagara Falls. It really shouldn’t take you more than 5 seconds to come up with 5 things that you like about yourself.

Many times I’ve noticed that when people take a long time to come up with some things they like about themselves, it’s usually because they’re being too critical of themselves. Remember that “good enough is the new perfect”.

This also means that if it takes you too long to roll off 5 things you like about yourself, you might be already trying to convince yourself of reasons why some of these things are not true. This is one of the ways that negativity tries to defeat you, but don’t worry. By applying these tools, you can correct that.

Even the greatest pessimist can find 5 things they like about themselves.

For example, pessimists are consistently pessimistic. The key to that fact is consistency. So there you have it. Even a pessimist can be happy about the fact that they are consistently pessimistic because consistency is surely something to like.

2. List Quick: 5 Things You Like About Your Life

Gratitude gets your stress management skills flowing like Niagara Falls imageAgain, this is a list that will benefit you by keeping it smoothly running off your tongue. Knowing how to manage stress effectively means knowing how to let go of things like complaining. It’s in the process of letting this list flow smoothly that you practice the art of letting go of complaints about your life.

I know this is easier said than done. Especially when it seems like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. I struggle with this too, so check out this list of effective tips to help you pinpoint the ideas you need to keep in check: 10 Tips to Help You Manage Stress and Improve the Quality of Your Life.

Good To Remember:

  • You only have to do this action exercise today.
  • This is just a mind tool you use to get you from stressed to refreshed very quickly.
  • Out of 365 days in a year, you can find 10 seconds to list 5 things you like about yourself and your life, right?

The Gap Between What 

You Have Today and What 

You’d Like To Have Is Only

As Deep As Your Perception Of It


When using this tool, it’s best to think about today, not your ideal, perfect lifestyle of “tomorrow”.

Often you’ll find that while practicing this tool, the gap between what you have today and what you’d like to have tomorrow is only as deep as your perception of it. In this exact moment, you have everything you need to feel satisfied and fulfilled with life. But to really see that fact clearly, it will help you to come up with 5 things you like about your life right now…..not things you will like after you’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize or whichever future event that you think will determine your happiness.

It’s interesting to note that even if there are many things that you’re currently working to change in your life, the hope that you have for the effects that those positive changes bring is a special source of positive energy not to be underestimated.

3. 5 People x 1 Compliment = You Get A New Energy Surge!

Give a compliment to 5 people and you will find your stress management skills have instantly grown. You will feel a new surge of positive energy after you’ve done this, and you’ll notice a difference in your behavior, too.

There are 3 groups of people to which you can apply this tool, but soon you’ll discover why the 3rd. group of people is the most powerful group.

Complimenting someone else gives you the stress relief image 1. People you know:

How many times do you forget to say something complimentary to even people you know and care about? Many times, the need for stress relief stems from being so busy with so many things. Sometimes you can get a huge boost if you just slow it down a step and make a conscious effort to compliment and say something nice to the people you know, but might not have had much time to engage with recently.

2. People you don’t know:

The other day, I saw a lady in the elevator with a very nice looking suit on and out of the blue, I complimented her, letting her know that it looked great on her. This stranger totally transformed before my very eyes. She had been looking very tense, with the frown lines between her eyebrows really pinched, but after that kind phrase, her face lit up like the tree in Rockefeller Center at Christmas! She was noticeably more relaxed, and strangely enough, so was I.

What’s even more surprising is how much it boosted my inner feelings of joy and happiness, as well. Try this and you’ll feel the new boost you get as a great instant benefit!

3. People you don’t particularly like:

This is an extremely powerful stress management tool when applied in the direction of this group of people. This powerful tool can open your mind and thereby free you from the chains of limiting thought patterns because to practice this, you’ve got to put in a little extra energy. But what you get in return, is well worth the effort.

In that moment of complimenting someone you don’t particularly like, you see past any differences you’ve had with them. You let go of rancor and frustration, and this is what opens the door to healing your relationships from past wounds. Plus, there’s nothing better than the surprise you’ll see on their faces when they hear your unexpectedly complimentary words!


If you practice this one tool, I’m certain that you’ll be very happy with the results that you get from this little, but powerful exercise. These are great stress relief exercises that really make a difference in the way you feel about life.

4. Smile At 5 Strangers Today

In taking your actions to get refreshed from stress, you want to practice all of the powerful injections of actionable steps possible. Smiling is an action that, though simple, really does a lot towards getting you some stress relief quickly. When you let the universal thread that connects all of humanity be seen through you by offering a smile even to people you do not know, you get an extra spark of positive energy energy, which is a great stress buster!

Smiling helps you discover how to manage stress easily imageIt doesn’t matter if they smile back at you because you are performing this action for your stress relief, not theirs.

Surely, there are people that you know are non threatening and see on a daily or weekly basis, but that you just walk by or drive by without even making eye contact. In the flash of the second it takes to make eye contact, you not only connect with them, but you also allow yourself to be part of the universal thread of humanity which is extremely important in obtaining effective stress relief.

You see, it’s when you feel separated from the rest of the world in carrying your burdens that those burdens seem to take on extra weight. By reconnecting yourself with others even through a simple smile, you gain new perspective on your life through the life in the eyes you see.

We’ve long said that “the eyes are the mirror to the soul” and that 1 glimpse with a smile will lighten your burden and maybe even lighten someone else’s burden too.

How To Manage Stress Like a Pro

Laughter therapy is a powerful, proven and effective tool for stress management yet often, you might find yourself feeling too stressed to want to try laughter as a therapeutic tool for healing. These 4 powerful mind tools work to get your mind on a new track of action. This is what it takes to get you on your way to being able to access laughter as therapy.

These 4 tools also contribute greatly to your psychological and physical health by helping you to cope with stress in new ways. Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health and emotionally, you cannot feel the need for stress relief if you are laughing.

Chances are, if you are laughing:

  • You’re feeling good
  • You’re smiling at the world
  • You’re letting joy into your life

That’s where these mind tools take you!

When you start applying these 4 powerful mind tools, you will place yourself in a position to be more receptive to laughter therapy. They will lift you out of the downhill, spiral motion and get your attitude moving back in an uphill, upbeat motion. That’s the place from which you want to access this fabulous resource, designed to help you get your laugh track on, so check out:
The Top 10 Funniest Websites: Laugh Yourself Happy.

The interesting note about applying these 4 powerful mind tools is that regular practice of them will alter the way you perceive the situations which you find most stressful. Through the good application of these mind tools, you train your mind to observe negative situations in a powerfully new way. Plus, the immeasurable benefits that these powerful mind tools give your relationships are so worth it.

A good plan is to start with the mind tool that you feel is the easiest to apply today, then work your way up to the more complex mind tools. Refer back to this resource as you accomplish each component to remind yourself to move on to the next tool. They’re all easy to apply, so you might want to start with 1 per day until you can practice all 4 powerful mind tools effectively within the same day.

Don’t give up because you can do it! :-)
Here are some helpful resources that I highly recommend:

As I mentioned earlier, this book has given me so much over the years that I never get tired of reading it. Louise gives you so much insightful information that this is a must have for anyone who wants to keep their state of mind in a good place.

Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love
John’s book really hits home in offering you so many ways to let the art of gratitude transform your life. This book helped open my mind to infinite possibilites instead of focusing on shortcomings and defeats.

What I like about these cards is their easy, practical use together with their powerful message. Sonia has a lovely way of really simplifying things and these cards help me keep the focus on simplicity in life.

The surprisingly nice thing about this book, apart from the fact of being able to purchase it for less than $5.00 and download it in a matter of minutes, are the lists of material that keep gratitude fresh in my mind. Excellent for accountability.

Know that you can and are in the process of changing the stress levels in your life. I commend you for taking the first, most fundamental step by seeking helpful resources here. You’re doing great! Continuing on this path you’ve started, you will not only discover how to manage stress effectively with many new stress management techniques and tools, but you will also see a huge improvement in the quality of your life!

Here’s to your successful use of mind tools that get you from stress to laughter!

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