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How To Manage Stress For Young Girls? Empower Them With New Video Resources!


How To Manage Stress: Something Special For Young Girls

A New Way To Empower Young Girls Online

How to manage stress for kidsOnce upon a time there was a young girl who possessed great talent in singing. Her only problem was that she was afraid to be in front of the camera and she did not know how to manage stress effectively. So her solution was to cover her face with a towel and sing her heart out underneath it.

Today, there is a better solution.

This young girl was encouraged and nurtured by a special group of her peers, found at a new social gaming site called Sweety High.  She was given help and courage by her peers, and through this, came out of her nutshell. Subsequently, that little girl discovered how to come out of her comfort zone and she actually faced the camera, too.

A Community Helping Kids Learn To How To Manage Stress Effectively

Sweety High is an online community that aims to help all the teens to manage stress effectively. It’s a valuable resource for girls 8 to 16 years old, especially in this age of bullying. It is also a fun online gaming site that lets the girls accumulate points and rewards to make their experience there more refreshing and exciting.

How to manage stress for kidsSweety High’s co-founder, Veronica Zelle is greatly inspired and thankful for the benefit her site gives to teens. She’s gratified by her participation in making a safe online sanctuary for tweens and teens. Precaution is also a necessary act to follow in order to maintain order and prevent cyber bullying. This for sure would helps parents to feel feel secure about their children’s activity online.

I recently read an article in Child Development which addressed a very real problem that we as a society face with the obsession kids have with online video games. In this article, video game addiction as a stress management tool was uncovered. When taken too far, video game addiction can be just as destructive to the community as any addiction, and we’ve all read the stories in the newspapers which vividly illustrate that fact.

This is why a healthy solution of online games with a foundation based on empowering and strengthening youngsters is so important and why I wanted to share this discovery with you today.

A Place Where Video Games Are Safe and Healthy

I think the games that they have created online will be a big hit to all the teens out there, as the ones currently taking advantage of these benefits will tell you. They have made it a point to make girls find the creative side of them while also getting rewarded while doing so. The site was made for girls only mainly because girls get to encourage each other every time they get together, most especially when in a creative environment.

Teen girls are also learning how to manage stress with the help of their best buddies. Sweety High also serves as a stress relief center for girls who have problems coping on the outside world. It implements stress management techniques so as to make the girls feel much better about themselves and the world around them.

A Way To Counteract The Stress Of Bullying

How to manage stress for kidsDuring this age, when some may encounter bullying which may be a result from having girls get together with groups of boys, it’s especially important that these girls know they have somewhere where they can turn for help. Girls at this age may not know how to act properly when they are around boys and they
might even react in somewhat of a different manner from their usual selves.

Upon playing one of their online games, the girls get to earn hearts as a form of currency every time they move from one level to another. This is particularly symbolic. They also get to vote for that one girl of who they think deserves their support in a contest or for her creativity. Upon voting, they are giving
up their hearts that in turn gets to be accumulated on a karma bank that gives them a chance to win amazing prizes. It’s a total win-win situation and the girls love it!

Sweety High teens also enjoy the liberty of uploading and posting their beautiful creations like writing, photography, videos, and artwork online that will not just showcase their talent and help them express the courage in showcasing it, but also give them yet another chance to win fabulous prizes.

I learned that one of the participants even won the grand prize from a contest where she was allowed to spend one whole day with the world renowned musician Greyson Chance. She was also given the chance to participate and perform on one of his musical concerts, too.

The virtue that the makers of Sweety High works on is truly a refreshing way of helping young girls, most especially teens, to see their potential and embrace their innate talents. They get to learn from an early age on exactly how to manage stress effectively to overcome their fears and access victory!

Sweety High helps in fulfilling their every wish and inspiring them to make the best of what they have. It gives young girls a great way to feel empowered, courageous and victorious and these are the qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives!

Here’s to successful stress management for kids!

You can find more links to assist you here: Great stress management tools: links


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5 BEST Ways To Ruin Your Career Fast! FAIL How To Manage Stress 101


How To Manage Stress In Your Work: Planning For Success

When planning for success in your career, it’s just as important to remember what not to do as it is for you to remember what to be sure to do.

So I thought I’d prepare a 5 point list of ideas to help you, but with a touch of irony and a dash of sarcasm.

Besides, continually moving up the ladder of success can be so dull and so boring. After all, who really wants to live their dreams anyway?

This society places way to much emphasis on vitality, high hopes and enthusiasm for life!

Why take the high road when the low road is so much more fun?

Well, if it’s the low road you aim to achieve in life, then here’s your very own plan for success:
*Disclaimer: Do Not Take This Seriously

5 BEST Ways to Ruin Your Career Fast!

1. Never try new things.

All of those people out there trying to improve themselves waste an incredible amount of time which could be better spent going to the bar, lounging in front of the tv, or better yet, doing both! :-)

Being successful in your career is way overrated. It’s much more fun to just stay where you are, rather than read from top resources like Job-Acle and Business Insider.

2. Be sure to continually argue with as many people as you possibly can.

How to manage stress 5 tipsPeace and serenity are overrated, too.
Colleagues who don’t understand your point of view are simply WRONG.                                          Only the people who agree with you are the ones worth listening to anyhow.                            Besides, putting in a tiny bit of effort to implement good conflict management skills would only take time away from all of the fun to be had while practicing tip #1. to perfection!

3. Speak as badly about yourself as you can, to everyone you encounter, as often as possible.

Who actually believes words written by people like Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare, trying to get us to believe silly little things like “Many a true word is spoken in jest”!?

Positive self-talk is only for people who really think high self-esteem could actually DO some good.

So take it easy, not using positive words when speaking about yourself is the warmest, most kind and generous invitation you can give others to speak about you in the same way, using your own words.

4. Use your vision to see clearly and sufficiently all the way to the very tip of your nose.

Why bother planning for success? Since you don’t want your career to grow or find that ideal job, there’s no reason to waste time seeing it either.

You could be doing something much more exciting like carefully observing how nicely and quickly the grass grows.

Besides, creative visualization is only for the “daydreamers”.

And hey, it didn’t really do much for people like Greg Louganis, Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Carrey did it? So why bother?!

5. Don’t take learning how to manage stress seriously.

Relax, the people at work already know that you’re prone to arguments because of your strict adherence to tip #2. :-)
They have an easy time accepting the fact that you’re just a tad bit stressed 24/7.
They also enjoy following your lead because you practice tip #3 like a real pro!

Take it easy, people will love to be in your company, family and friends included!

This is a great way that you can be sure to stay where you are and keep the same stress levels that you’ve got right now!

There you have it!

How To Manage Stress In Your Work: The 5 BEST Ways To Ruin Your Career Fast!

Again, this was written “just for fun” and of course, the opposite of these steps would be a better choice if you really want to manage stress in your work effectively.

I thought I’d do a little reverse psychology with you to also highlight how easy it is to forget the little things, that can add up to big things, which could possibly rob you of your dreams.

Cocktail hour, television and even watching the grass grow can all be regular things to do in your life. Ok….well, maybe try to stay away from watching the grass grow on a regular basis, unless you’re in landscaping, of course. :-)

How To Manage Stress 5 tips to get the pep in your step!However, never forget to let these habits be complementaryto your overall plan in life. This is the best way to avoid “escapism” through these types of free-time activities.

By using effective stress management techniques, you won’t need to escape from your life because you will enjoy creating the life you really want for yourself, without the weight of bad stress management on your shoulders.

I hope you’ve had a good chuckle or two and will share with us how you feel about this parody on career growth in the comments section.

*****On Friday we have another 5 point list of great tips to help you to apply the opposite of these 5 tips!

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Here’s to your stress management success!







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Perception and Stress Relief: How Your Perception Affects The Way You Manage Stress


How To Use Your Perception To Manage Stress

If you’re reading this blog post and following this website, chances are, you would like to have better ways to manage stress and a better quality of life for yourself.

You want to keep yourself mentally fit against the many disturbances stress can cause and you care about improving yourself on a regular basis.

Many of us share those goals in life, but how many times do we stop to think of the effect our perception has on our ability to achieve these goals?

I won’t go into the exact metaphysics of how all of this works in daily life right now (although you might find a post going into this detailed aspect at a later date) :-) , but let’s just suffice the stress management strategy your’re looking for to say this:

“Whatever your current objectives are, know that you have the power  to determine your attitude, which is what will determine your overall success. It’s your capacity to choose your attitude which then defines your perception. And it is your perception which ultimately shapes your reality.”

How Does Your Perception Shape Your Reality?

If you perceive your reality with the negative thoughts, resulting in negative words, then your perceived reality gives you a negative attitude toward the object of your perception. It is this perception that makes it more difficult to find the solution or the success, in that perceived reality of negativity.

Which Stress Management Technique Works Best?

Many times, without being consciously aware of it, you just might inadvertently open the door for stress instead of consciously choosing effective stress management strategies. Let’s take a look at an example of this theory in action:

You’re waiting on line at the supermarket, which is packed, and the line you’re waiting on seems to be moving slower than the other lines.

You can:

A. See which line looks faster and plan a path to get there through the traffic of the supermarket so that you can finish your errand in the most time efficient manner.


B. Figure that getting to that “faster moving lane” is no guarantee that the other lane is going to keep moving faster, then use the time spent waiting in the line to mind map a great weekend for yourself or a new project you’re working on.

Both are plausible choices, so which would you choose?

Stress Management and Perception ImageMost often, if we are pressed for time, we might think situation A could be the best choice, but how many times have you done that just to find that the person right in front of you on the faster moving lane that you made the mad dash for has chosen to pay in cash, is looking for exact change (and the coins that they can’t seem to find) and even more, has chosen products which the cashier has to look up by hand because the price tags are wrong!

I guess we would just call that Murphy’s Law, but even still, this can be awfully frustrating when it happens during a time when you’re doing your best to be time efficient. (Which, strangely enough, always seems to be the time when things like that happen!)

The Role Of Perception In Stress Management

In order to effectively manage stress in all areas of your life, it’s really helpful to decide up front which type of attitude you want to carry with you throughout each day. By making this a conscious choice on a daily basis, you will find it easier to manage stress with a more effective perception of reality that you consciously choose, with awareness and direction, instead of falling into old habits. .

Stress Management and Positive Self-Talk ImageStress Management is more obviously understood as something to practice at work or with your family, in order to keep from getting angry with others. But stress management strategies are so much more because they are the keys to living your life free of tension in any situation. These are the strategies that you need  when it comes to enhancing the overall quality of your life.                                                      For example, even positive self-talk would be a great exercise you can do while waiting on the line at the supermarket. Combining words like those with your mind mapping of the project or your great weekend plans will help keep you on track with a positive attitude. (And make waiting on the line a lot easier.)

Try this little exercise in altering your perception the next time you find yourself feeling frustrated with “waiting on line at the supermarket”. I also invite you to use this as a metaphor for tons of situations that provoke feelings of tension.

I struggle with this myself and need to always remind myself that in the moment that my perception has placed a shadow over reality, it’s a lot harder to find the right attitude. But the right attitude is always there for the taking. What’s more, if I don’t reach out for the right attitude, the wrong perception can actually carry over into the following activities, placing a shadow over them, as well.

Effective Stress Management Strategies:
A Practical Example To Help Yourself Remember Your Options

How many times have you thought you were late, just to get there and find out that everyone else was just arriving at the same time that you were? (Yep, maybe they were on line at the supermarket, too!) :-)

So as it ends up, you find that you rushed and huffed and puffed for nothing. :-(

That’s what we call “unnecessary stress”, but it happens when our perception on the reality of “the line at the supermarket” is deemed bad, which then shapes our attitude, mood and disposition.

But the good news is that you can change that by changing your perception toward the stressful situations and applying healthy, effective stress management strategies which will keep your attitude positive and your success in anything, on track!
*There’s a lot more coming up on this topic, so remember to bookmark this page.

We really want to know how this exercise works out for you, so please share your results and/or tips with us in the comments section!

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Stress Management Through The Eyes of An Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurial Stress Management

Hay House, Inc.
Entrepreneurial Stress Management ImageWelcome to a very special interview held with the remarkably amazing powerhouse of positive get-up-and-go- energy, Chuck Hawkins! Chuck is the Director of The Hustle Harder Marketing Group, and an inspirational, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He has produced exceptional results for his clients, who come from a vast array of business sectors. His captivating work consists in managing the growth and development of his clients’ businesses while fine tuning and enhancing the capacities of his clients so that the end result is an enormous achievement of epic peaks of success, for both his clients and their companies.

The Hustle Harder Marketing Group’s Mission:

Chuck and the Hustle Harder Marketing Group can take you from any point at which you are currently at with your professional life and your personal qualities, and work with you on both levels to bring out the business you’ve always wanted to create and the person you’ve always wanted to be! His personal story (found above the Motivation section) is a firm testimony of the fact that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk! In the Results section, you’ll read testimony of what he can do to get you walking the walk, too!

I’ve been fortunate to obtain this interview with Chuck, (which was conducted electronically through email conversations) because he is so busy helping others that it was not so easy to create the time. But I’m thrilled that he was able to concede us a moment to share with you the ways in which he approaches stress management as an entrepreneur, which is different from the employee/employer workplace stress where someone else handles the not so easy situations.

Here’s What’s In Store For You!

He’s going to give you insights into what has helped him to overcome the stress of running a business while making quality time for family. As an entrepreneur, he carries many responsibilities within the company, and as a family man, his responsibilities are no lighter, so his methods might surprise you! (and inspire you!)

Sit back and relax while you enjoy Chuck’s charismatic and contagious positive energy! He’s going to take you through some tips that we can all benefit from applying!

Kim: What forms of stress management have you and your wife utilized in the past and found to be successful?

Chuck Wow! That’s how you kick off an interview! Initially, we thought that WE could manage stress together, and to an extent we can. We’ve learned that sometimes we need to unplug: turning off the cell phones, shut down the laptops etc., Plus we take time to enjoy the silly little things like our favorite breakfast places, or dinners.

Sometimes it’s more of a communicative balancing act and letting us both have our time separately.
I like quiet time, time to read, work on little projects or maybe going to shoot some pool, which has always been a secret passion of mine.
My wife likes to have her time WITHOUT THE KIDS, she likes the usual pamper time. Things like personal care and exercise.
Of course we spend our time together in prayer for and with each other, as well. After 7 years of marriage, you learn the value of quiet time.
Oh! How could I forget!! My wife and I both have an immense love for music, so sometimes, we’ll go for a drive and listen to a few good albums on the ipod.

Kim: I don’t know that many couples who actually “turn off cell phones AND shut down laptops, so that’s a great tip right there! I also like that you two take pleasure in the “silly little things” and the “music therapy” you mentioned. Moving on to more personal information…. Congratulations on your recent 7 year wedding anniversary celebration! In the seven years that you’ve been married, what has helped keep your marriage so strong?

Chuck: Well, my personality is pretty laid back, so laughter is an absolute must for me. I try to find humor in EVERYTHING. Whether it’s the news anchor stumbling over his or her “breaking news report” or something one of my daughters said, life in general is pretty funny if you take the time to enjoy it.

As a couple, I think I try to make my the wife laugh at least once or twice a day. I remember my father (who’s been married 40+ years) saying that “if a man couldn’t make a woman smile, he was worthless. :-)

**NOW THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT IS JUST MY OPINION** but I think that women and men carry stress differently. My wife deals with the kids a lot more, and since being a mother never stops. So she’s on the job considerably more than I am (although I’m working on it).

But in our marriage, I have to say that we’ve learned from a lot of situations that the best thing to do, is to learn to simply enjoy the moment. We laugh at a lot of things, ourselves, politics, old movies, our kids. I think it helps to take the edge off of everything that life can throw at you.

Kim: 40+ years of marriage is a huge accomplishment, so many kudos to your parents! I also like your father’s principle of teaching you to help make your partner laugh every day. We can all gain something from that lesson, male or female. Please tell us about how you apply stress management in the various areas of your busy life and hectic schedule.

Chuck: Well, here is how I would describe the way I manage stress, in relation to the 3 most important areas of my life:

a. In our marriage: The best part about being married is the fact that you have someone, so you don’t necessarily have to go through things by yourself. I’m grateful for that.
I think if you appreciate laughter, you’ll realize it’s an unspoken language that helps to relieve pressure from just about any situation.

b. In business: When someone is in what I like to call “HUSTLE MODE” it’s not so easy to find time to laugh because of the laser focus on reaching goals.
That being said, it’s important to steal away moments and laugh at funny moments in the office or one of my secret stress busters which is to go look up resumes and critique the opening statements.
Also my sister is an outlet for my stress during work. We can text each other a single line from a movie that we watched as kids and without warning or anything, we crack up laughing!
Instantly that moment during work is made lighter.

c. In social activities: Anytime I’m not working, I’m all about fun!
I don’t always show it, but I have a really laid back, nonchalant attitude so it takes a lot to get me worked up. When the pressure does build up, as someone who prides myself as a networker, I find that laughter helps to open people up.
It gives you the opportunity to build new partnerships and relationships.

Kim: I have to say, you covered all 3 areas quite well and now you’ve got me wondering if my sister and I could try that text message idea you suggested in order to help us to take a load off, too! What do you do when you find that you and your wife aren’t on the same page with family decisions?

Chuck: Umm, this is NOT a funny question! :-) But I also know that you say it like it is, Kim! When we’re not on the same page with family decisions, honestly, I weigh my options.
Sometimes it’s better to be happy, than to be right.
I’d like to believe that if it’s not a major decision, then we can be pretty good at compromising. Sometimes just agreeing to disagree helps a lot.
We try to live by the bible verse that suggests for you to not let the sun go down while you’re still angry.

Kim: You’re right, Chuck! It wasn’t the funniest question, but you know I want to ask the questions our readers want to know and I thank you for baring your soul with us! “Being happy is more important thank being right” is a great way to view situations! Motivating and helping others to achieve their goals is your main focus, a vision we both share. How did this focus come about for you and who or what motivates you the most?

Chuck: Wow, there are 2 parts to this answer:

For the sake of time, I’ll give you the short version, so here’s my story. You see, I was extremely successful in the real estate industry before the crash. Here in California there was tons of money to be made, and I worked hard for my share. However, I was young, and when you make a lot of money at a young age, typically you spend a lot of money…usually more than you make. I didn’t realize that the industry of real estate was cyclical, so needless to say, we lost everything.

Then I was introduced to the industry of network marketing, the doors of personal development and the principals of success. We were able to do very well in that industry, but more importantly I was able to see how many people have a thirst for the motivation, and inspiration in all aspects of their life, not just with their jobs and finances. I think there is something unique, transparent and timeless about the way I’m able to deliver that information…and yes, of course I’m a bit partial!

The Motivation

Now as for who motivates me, at the end of the day, it’s my family.
My wife and daughters mean the world to me, and as a young man, I watched my father, a former Navy Seal, do everything that he could to provide for my sister and me. My goal in life is to do the exact same but on a level that leaves a legacy for my children’s children. Day to day though, I find inspiration in the small, simple things.

The Results

Recently I was fortunate to help a young lady find the energy and time to launch her own business. She had a passion for cooking and baking but felt trapped in her job. Within just 7 months of working with her, she was able to pay her brand new mortgage with her business from home, and is well on track to retire at the ripe age of 35. The joys in helping people identify what they are born to do AND find the courage to pursue it…that’s an endless source of inspiration. Call me naïve, but I sincerely believe that everyone wants more in some aspect of their life, and my goal, my passion, my intention at all times, is to help them find it because when you know WHY you do something, the energy and internal motivation to Hustle Harder will find you as well.

Many thanks to you, my friend, for your candid honesty and transparency! You’ve given us so many valuable methods to apply for all things in our lives. I’ve learned a lot from your inspirational words and really identify with your values, which you share so well and with so many. Thank you, again for having taken the time out of your busy schedule to share with us!

Chuck Hawkins on Stress Management ImageChuck Hawkins is a fresh face with an impressive living resume to the genres of motivational speaking, networking and wealth building. His work is to help you succeed at what you do and his motivational techniques will guide you into a new stream of productivity, efficiency and exceptional quality for any project that you plan to build. You can contact Chuck through his blog at: The Hustle Harder Marketing Group and tweet him at Twitter! Another great way to connect with Chuck is through Facebook!

Chuck has been kind enough to remain available in case you have any questions that I didn’t cover, so please feel free to place them in the comments section of this post (the button is up top) and Chuck’ll be happy to respond to you personally.

If you don’t have a question but would like to share your ideas about this interview and its contents, then please feel free to comment and I’ll respond to you personally.

Don’t forget to share this post with someone you believe it could help by using the buttons below!

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Stress Management and Money: 3 Tips


Your 3 Step Plan To Manage Stress Concerning Your Money

Stress Management Money Freedom ImageWhen thinking about your money and your financial situation, do you notice your mood swinging into a “down the hill” sort of way? (see: symptoms of stress/stress management) Would you like to have stress relief from your past ideas concerning money? Effective stress management means facing those situations which make you feel uneasy (even to the point of nauseousness) with full steam. So get ready to tackle this ferocious tiger, which you will turn into a house cat with your courage to begin!

Let’s begin by stating an irrevocable fact: 2012 does not have to be like 2011 or any of the years before. You can make a difference this year and take your financial standing by the horns! It’s important to believe deep down in your heart that things can and will be different as this belief in your capacity to make a difference will propel you forward.

3 Ways You Can Manage Stress Concerning Money:

1. Review your financial goals for this year.

Schedule time for yourself to write out how you would like to see this year differ from the previous years. Schedule this the same way you would schedule and honor a dentist appointment because it’s that important in order for you to really make this year different from the previous years. Would you like to see your savings change? Then set out a plan for it—but on paper because this will help you to focus and commit.

money managementI don’t know about you, but I had heard the motto PAY YOURSELF FIRST for years, but it wasn’t until I actually sat down and set out a strategy to do so that it became attainable. You need actionable steps to take, so program that into your lifestyle. Even saving $1.00 a day is just $35.00 dollars a month, but that will be $365.00 dollars saved at the end of the year which you might have let slip through your fingers were you not consciously aware (through the form of writing out your plan) of your new commitment.

Start small and make a commitment. It’s better to know you can easily reach a set figure than to set a goal which is so high that it becomes more difficult to process. Whatever plan you use for your smaller commitment will essentially be part of any bigger plan you’ll have, but it’s the commitment to yourself which is key.
*Note: If you tend to procrastinate this first step, then read end procrastination and apply those techniques to help you get started.

2. Review your mental mindset.

This is more than just seeing the glass half full or half empty. This is all about your core ideas concerning money.

money managementDeep down, do you believe that money is there to serve you or do you serve money and most importantly how do your ACTIONS reflect your mental mindset? Also take a look at how you’ve perceived money over the years to see if you’ve always felt there was never enough or if there were times when you were satisfied with your income and money management. This type of reflection is important for your moving forward in managing stress effectively concerning your money management because it will show you the areas we’re going to clean out, change and improve on in the next step.

If credit cards and loans are a big problem, then you might want to consider reshaping your mental mindset about what you really need….and what you don’t. You don’t need debt and you don’t need stress from debt, so it’s a good idea to look for which patterns of behavior are not in harmony with your overall financial goals. Is the new car really something to take you from point A to point B, or is it to impress your _____fill in the blank. Make a defining statement of who you are and use positive affirmations to help you keep your eye on your real and true goals in life. The bottom line: impressing anyone out there cannot and will not ever compare to the great impression you will gain within yourself from reaching your financial goals!

*NOTE: It’s a good idea to start with micro financial goals as explained well in The Simple Dollar.
**If living large is the only way for you, then check out some tips on how to do so without infringing on your mental mindset and financial goals at: Wisebead.

3. De-clutter

It’s strange how this works, but when you physically get rid of clutter and chaos in your home and office, that becomes the catalyst for ridding yourself of the clutter in your mind, as we spoke of in step #2.

This article in Leo Babauta’s Site illustrates this point with great clarity in point number 13. Again, the note on micro goals can help you a lot, so you might want to start with something small, like a drawer or 1 bookshelf.

money managementWhen starting fresh and managing stress concerning your finances, remember that having “visual thought space” is important to help you in organizing and achieving your new plan. You really need this type of de-cluttering in order to do what you set out to do the objectives we discussed in step #1.

We’ve written about closet clutter earlier and that’s a good guideline to help you to get rid of the things you don’t need or use. One of the best things about using the philosophy from the closet clutter relief article for “any other type of clutter” is that it trains your mind to let go of emotional attachment to physical possessions and let’s face it, stress management is useful for your money management mainly because of physical possessions. Freeing yourself from strong emotional attachment to these “things” (many of which, were lined up for the goodwill anyways) get you moving forward in the right direction of getting your money to work FOR you, instead of just working for money.

Poor is a state of mind, broke is only a temporary condition.

We’ll be covering much more on this important topic, given the amount of stress which stems from issues pertaining to this topic, so be sure to sign up for the latest news at the top left corner of this page, bookmark our site or get the rss feed so you can keep abreast of the new developments.

In the meantime, we have something very exciting and very special to inform you about which will surely help you in every facet of life!

Get yourself turbo charged on your new path in obtaining your financial success and so much more that you’ve desired towards improving the quality of your life. Join us in I IGNITE! Stress management will be a lot easier after attending this incredibly powerful event!
Here are the details:

I Can Do It Ignite! an information packed weekend conference to occupy your mind with 20 minute bursts of incredible wisdom!

This is your chance to personally interact with 27 of the most influential leaders in the industry of empowerment. You will come away from this event transformed and energized to achieve more than you ever have before!

If you’re not on the west coast, then grab your ticket for this spectacular event in Atlanta!
money managementHay House, Inc

Please let us know your ideas about this topic in the comments section, share this post with someone you think it could help and drop by and say hi on facebook! You can also tweet with us on Twitter.

Here’s to the best of your stress management success!

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