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How To Manage Your Inner Critic Stress Levels: 3 Basic Solutions


How To Manage Your Inner Critic Stress Levels

It’s very odd how many of us fail to listen to that tiny voice inside ourselves, perhaps because of fear of what it might say to us. The inner critic challenges and undermines our self-confidence in our decision making process with life issues and this affects how you manage stress. As a matter of fact, the inner critic is one of the most devious sources of stress known to mankind.

Yet, this voice can be the all-commanding mentor giving you loads of positive words to fill your mind with positive thoughts. The pessimistic inner critic takes over when facing challenges where you might need extra courage or strength. This is when that inner voice tries to convince you of all the reasons why you wouldn’t be able to do it.

Don’t believe the lies your inner voice tries to tell you.

Your Inner Critic Affects Your Decision Making Process

Manage stress of your inner critic imageYour inner critic was also given to you to keep you safe and help you see danger signs, but when it’s counter productive to your decision making process and hence, your growth as an individual, new measures must be taken. As reported in this article, Harvard Business Review on How To Manage Your Inner Critic, even people with much success report difficulty with managing the stress of their inner critic. Exploring how to manage stress effectively takes on many forms, but it’s something that affects us all.

Much of this boils down to your inner belief systems. As you’ve read here on Laughs Heal, we’ve covered and will continue to cover ways to change your belief systems. In Positive Affirmations Won’t Work For You Unless…, you discovered the difference between positive affirmations that work and those that don’t. You also have a case study with How To Manage Stress To Gain Success: A Formula with 10 Benefits.

These are helpful in understanding and having a plan of action to change your belief systems, along with many other articles in our archives. But the inner critic is a not so obvious source of stress in defeating the success of your inner belief systems.

So continuing to examine ways to improve your inner belief systems, we must address your inner critic. You inner critic is not only a huge source of stress, but it also makes discovering how to manage stress effectively, more important. Thank goodness there are solutions!

Here Are 3 Basic Solutions for Silencing Your Inner Critic:
The 3 R’s

1. Recognize Your Inner Critic

Use The 3 R’s
To Silence Your
Inner Critic:

When you recognize which voice is your inner critic from the good judgement which keeps you from dangerous situations, you will have accomplished a huge step! Once you know the difference, you can see where your inner critic might just be fear of stepping out of your comfort zone to accomplish new goals. However, you know that your inner critic cannot keep you from accomplishing new goals, unless you allow it to.

Once you complete this step, you have the power back in your hands. You can change your decision making process to include activities which help you to step out of your comfort zone and overcome that voice that tries to tell you that you can’t.

2. Release Your Inner Critic

Having recognized that the voice was only your inner critic, it is easier to face it head on and then release it from your consciousness. It’s amazing how many people are not even aware of the fact that they have an inner critic and this only makes that source of stress stronger. Ignoring the inner voice has never resolved the negative, pessimistic results it produces.

By recognizing and releasing it, you acknowledge that it was there, but you let it go. Once you do that, you are ready to take action in the opposite direction of what your inner voice was telling you.

3. Reconstruct Your Inner Voice To Relay Self-Confidence

Steps #1 and #2 give you clarity and clean out the dust of the old thought patterns which were not doing you any good. Step #3 reinforces the bonus benefits you get from the first 2 steps by creating new habits of thought patterns. It’s just as easy to say something nice to yourself as it is to let the inner critic have its way, so by reclaiming your power over your thoughts, it gets easier to choose the thoughts you really want to keep about yourself.

No one can define you like you can! Choose to define yourself with positive words and you will see positive results.

You Can Win Over Your Inner Critic and Manage Stress Effectively!

These are well tested methods for creating new inner belief systems and have been used in many different philosophies throughout time. When your decision making process is hampered by your inner critic, you can look at it just as a simple way of your inner voice telling you that you’re ready for a change.

You can change the habits of your inner voice! You can discover how to go through the decision making process without any negativity or undue pessimism. Surely positive self-talk will go a long way in helping you to change these patterns and solidify your choice to conquer your inner critic.

Laughter therapy will also help you to keep a light hearted approach towards this change. Learning how to manage stress means looking at all of the sources of stress in your daily life and your inner critic is one source of stress which can be defeated.

Let your next decision making process be that of choosing to take action to get rid of your inner critic. It will help you to lead a much more balanced and satisfying lifestyle.

Here’s to your inner self-confidence success!

Which areas of dealing with your inner self critic and belief systems have been the most challenging for you? Comment on it and we can come up with some helpful tools for you!

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Anti Stress: The 1 Vitamin You Need To Manage Stress Effectively


How To Manage Stress The Natural Way

how to manage the stress of the winter bluesLast week, I suggested some tools that you can use when you’ve got a bit of the blues in 7 Tools To Help You Manage Stress When You’re Sluggish.

Today we’re going to look at some of the reasons why you might feel sluggish. I really want to help you get the pep in your step and back into your grove!

For example, at this time of year, it’s quite common to feel the winter blues. Actually, this symptom has been defined as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or S.A.D.) and it’s characterized by feelings of depression and increased feelings of pessimism.

It can actually happen during any of the changing season, yet it’s highly prevalent in the winter.

Discover How To Manage Stress From The Inside Out

One thing you might forget to look at is the amount of natural vitamin resources you’re giving your body during these changing seasons. If you notice that you have a peak of depression, anxiety, and stress most often during the changing of the seasons, then a good all natural way to counteract that effect is to examine the foods you’re putting into your body.

how to manage the stress of the winter blues imageOf the various vitamins that are important to maintain a healthy balance in life, there is 1 vitamin in particular that is known for its stress busting capacities.

In fact, this is the 1 vitamin that has been dubbed the “anti-stress” vitamin because of its powerful capacity to convert food into energy. This is the 1 vitamin you want to be sure not to have a deficiency in so that you are capable of putting your best foot forward.

The 1 Vitamin You Need To Manage Stress Effectively: Vitamin B


The B vitamins have an enormous ability to counteract the effects of fatigue, stress and anxiety and one of the ways they do this is by their influence on the production of serotonin. It’s your level of serotonin that determines the mood you feel and that has a profound impact on your ability to manage stress effectively.

If you want to play cards, you’ll want a full deck. If you want to learn how to manage stress effectively, you’ll want to give yourself all of the natural “feel good” hormones that your body needs. Why play the game of life with half a deck of cards?

Foods Containing High Levels of Vitamin B: The Delicious Way To Manage Stress Effectively


The Anti Stress Vitamin: Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

how to manage stress with delicious delightsYogurt

The Anti Stress Vitamin: Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin B1

how to manage stress with delicious delightsAsparagus
Romaine Lettuce
Brussels Sprouts

The Anti Stress Vitamin: Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin B6

how to manage stress with delicious delightsYam
Calf liver

The Delicious Way To Discover How To Manage Stress More Effectively

Take advantage of nature’s resources and cook yourself up a feast fit for a vitamin king and queen! If you’ve noticed a feeling of sluggishness, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, anxiety which are chief indicators that your stress levelsare higher than normal, then it might be easier than you think to start healing that condition.

These natural anti-stress, vitamin rich foods will help you. Not only will they give you greater capacity to manage stress more effectively, but they will also give you a healthier body, as well.

Here’s to your stress management success!

Which of these foods are going to be on your menu for increased vitamin b this season? Let us know in the comments.
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How To Manage Stress: HOME

*Disclaimer: If you decide to take dietary supplements, consult with your doctor first.

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Stress Symptoms: Understanding the Facts About Stress and Stress Relief


Understanding Stress:
The Facts and What You Can Do

Stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of the demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. In discovering how to manage stress effectively, it’s important for you to know what to look for in any type of stressful issue in your life so that you can take the right steps to prevent the negative results of stress.

When you feel stressed by something going on around you, your body reacts by releasing chemicals into your bloodstream. Eating foods containing “the anti-stress vitamin” can surely help to keep your body balanced. The chemicals your body releases when stressed can give you more energy and strength, which can be a good thing if your stress is caused by physical danger.

But it can also be a bad thing if your stress is in response to something emotional and you haven’t planned a positive outlet for this extra energy or strength. This is why it’s so important to address your stress levels, understand which stress symptoms are most prevalent, and set a positive plan of action into motion so that you can effectively reduce stress and live a better quality of life.

Stress Responses: What Happens When You’re Stressed?

Stress can change your good judgement and make you feel overwhelmed. Emotional and behavioral symptoms can accompany excess stress levels and many are included below. This is a good list of stress symptoms that you’ll want to be aware of. To understand the facts about stress, you need to know what to look for.

At the same time, it’s important for you to know that if you find yourself experiencing any of the stress symptoms on the lists below, you can reverse these stressful effects. These stress symptoms might be present in your life today, but it doesn’t have to stay that way tomorrow.

For example, 8 solutions for stress relief is a great way to find some plan of action that suits you find comfortable. You can also gain a lot of insight from looking into the words that surround your life through checking out 4 tips on how to manage stress plus 8 benefits.

What’s most important is that you make a decision to become more aware of the stress levels in your life. Studies have proven that if you simply make the decision to reduce the amount of stress levels in your life, that decision will help you in discovering how to manage stress more effectively.

How Stress Affects Us:

How to manage stress when you feel overwhelmed

Stress can change your good judgement and make you feel overwhelmed, but there are many effective solutions available.

Stress affects your mind, body and soul. People under large amount of stress can become tired, sick and unable to concentrate on work. Sometimes, they even suffer the mental breakdowns simply because of stress.

Types of Stress Symptoms:

There are basically two types of stress symptoms to look out for:

1.  Short term stress symptoms
2.  Long term stress symptoms

Stress Symptoms: The Physical and Mental Signs of Stress:

Short term stress symptoms: These occur like ‘quick bursts’ that are in reaction to something in your environment. These bursts usually don’t last for very long, but they can seriously deter your balance and undermine your self-confidence in the moment they happen. It’s important to look for these types of stress symptoms so that you can be more aware of the new directions and the new habits that you want to see unfold in your life.
Long term stress symptoms: These occur over a long duration of time and are most often the effects of short term stress symptoms which were not effectively addressed and resolved. Look at the list below and if you find yourself suffering from any of these stress symptoms, start getting some help in changing those habits today.

Physical Signs of Short Term Stress Symptoms:

  •  Your heartbeat and breathing get  faster
  •  You feel more sweating, perspiration
  •  You get cold hands, feet or skin
  •  You feel sick to your stomach or the ‘butterflies’
  •  You get tightening in your muscles or feel tense
  •  Your mouth feels dry
  •  You have to go to the bathroom frequently
  •  You feel increasing muscle spasms, headaches, fatigue or shortness of breath

Mental Signs of Short Term Stress Symptoms:

  •  Interference with your judgment, when you to make rash decisions
  •  When you see difficult situations as threatening, instead of temporary
  •  Reduced enjoyment of simple activities, feeling badly, even about the good things you already have
  •  When you have difficulty concentrating or dealing with distraction
  •  Having the state of mind of being anxious, frustrated or angry, when you’re unwilling to discuss problems with others
  •  When you feel rejected, unable to laugh, afraid of free time yet unable to work

Physical Signs of Long Term Stress Symptoms:

  • Any Change in your appetite: little to no appetite or even an insatiable appetite
  • When you notice your sleeping habits have changed
  • If you get increased ‘nervous’ behaviors such as twitching, fiddling, talking too much, nail biting, teeth grinding  and other repetitive habits
  • If you find more difficulties with feeling good such as: more asthma, headaches, stomach problems, skin problems, and other aches and pains
  • When you see a change in your sex life, pleasure and performance
  • If you feel constantly tired and worn out

Mental Signs of Long Term Stress Symptoms:

  •  You find yourself worrying and feeling anxious on a regular basis
  •  You feel out of control, overwhelmed, confused and unable to make decisions
  •  You experience mood changes such as depression, frustration, anger, helplessness, irritability, defensiveness, irrationality, overreaction or impatience and restlessness
  •  You have an increased dependence on food, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs
  •  You neglect important things in life such as work, school and even your personal appearance
  •  You develop irrational fears of things such as physical illness, natural disasters like thunderstorms and earthquakes, you might even feel terrified of ordinary situations like heights or small spaces

Spiritual Benefits for Relief from Stress Symptoms:

  •  You feel a new sense of purpose inside
  •  You gain valuable inner peace during difficult times
  •  You can share the burden of tough times with something greater than yourself
  •  Your sharing of spiritual expressions helps build your relationships with others
  •  You can heal from illness or addiction faster and more effectively
How to manage stress effectively

You can gain stress relief with the right techniques

By reducing stress, you promote greater cooperation and joy in your relationships. Stress relief gives you mental peace. Laughter therapy is a great method to help you regain mental balance and physical relief from stress. It can also help if you integrate spiritual principles into your daily life.
You can gain stress relief with the right techniques. Here at Laughs Heal, we’ll continue to show you how to manage stress effectively with best proven methods!


Here’s to your successful stress management!

Get more tools to help you manage stress more effectively here: Tools To Get From Stress To Laughter!

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