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5 Stress Relieving Solutions for Decision Making and Better Stress Management


Solutions For Decision Fatigue: Stress Relief Now

I hope that given that today is Friday, the biggest choice in your decision making process is going to be how to practice managing stress effectively by making a lot of fun decisions for your enjoyable weekend! :-) Maybe Stress Busters: 10 Great Things To Do Over The Weekend can help you with those decisions!

But we all know that all too often, decision making is anything but fun. As a response to your comments on the previous post 3 Keys To Remember Before Making Decisions, requesting that I write more about this topic, as promised, I dedicate this post to your requests.

Life is always going to be about the continuous action of making decisions. You make many decisions consciously, but often, even unconsciously, you are always making decisions. This fact means that learning how to manage stress concerning decision making, is vital.

The 1 Area We Forget In The Decision Making Process

But there’s one very major area that you might tend to neglect when considering effective stress management for your decision making process. Actually, this part of the process tends to be ignored because of its innate functioning in and throughout the decision making process.

That major area is: THE BRAIN.

Brain fatigue means stress relief is needed imageThe brain, like the rest of the body can easily get exhausted during times of intense activity, hectic schedules, and even low glucose.

But unlike the body, brain exhaustion is not as noticeable. When you feel most exhausted from even the simplest of things, that’s when you might have a case of: decision fatigue.

When this happens, it can really distort your human ability to make sound decisions. So to know how to manage stress effectively, it’s a very good idea to address brain fatigue, as well.

Many people I know, including myself, consistently experience brain fatigue, but most times, we are not even aware of it. I just know that the more selections I have to make during the course of day, the harder it gets for me to pick out best choices.

Stress Management and the Decision Making Process

As a stress management technique, you can sometimes decide to take a shortcut and do whatever comes first to your mind. Or in certain times, you might even avoid a decision as a means for relieving stress instead of occupying your brain with the fatigue required to think through the decision making process.

To tell you the truth, I’ve done this many times myself, but if you apply this strategy, it can cause more fatigue in the long run.
Do you ever get that feeling that your self-control seems to dwindle after making a series of decisions?

For example, after you’re done making the big decisions about what to buy at the grocery store, it’s those little temptations at the checkout counter that seem so easy to give in to, even if you’re on a diet.

The strain of choosing so many items on your list can seem to take away even the strongest willpower to resist temptation for many of the smaller things.

This is why having good stress management skills means finding solutions to decision fatigue.

5 Solutions for Decision Fatigue

  1. Make sure you start a day that is packed with decisions, eating a hearty breakfast. You might select specific “anti-stress” vitamin rich foods so that you have that extra boost to help you. (Check out: Anti-Stress Vitamin Rich Foods To Manage Stress.)
  2. Reschedule if need be, but make sure you don’t have the most important decisions being made late in the day, when you may have physical fatigue, which only compounds the effect of mental brain fatigue.
  3. A realistic choice that is taking the world by storm today is the idea of taking a power nap. If you cannot reschedule your decisions to the hours when you have maximum brain activity, then work around them by taking a power nap before going into the decision making process.
  4. Try to get out and take a brisk walk right before a big decision making experience. The oxygen to your brain will help give you the quick fix you need and keep you more alert. 20 minutes is suggested and you should walk at an upbeat pace.
  5. Once facing the decision making process, try eating a piece of fruit or chocolate immediately before. This too, will give you a burst of energy and help wake up your brain from brain fatigue.

Although decision fatigue has long been prevalent in our society, very few people are acquainted with it so much as to know how to avoid it and solve it. Yet, decision fatique nearly always has some role in everyone’s decision making process at one time or another.

Solutions for Decision Fatigue = Effective Stress Management

But you can start learning how to manage stress over decision fatigue and therefore, plan ahead so that it doesn’t place a detour in your objectives and outcomes.

Planning ahead of time and avoiding situations where you have to make too many decisions at the same time, when it’s concerning things you can avoid, is also a very effective way to manage stress. The decision making process is quite complex, so try not to compile too much together.

Understanding the right time to begin the decision making process will be better for you if you also take a look into your personal biorhythms. This means favoring the moments when you know that your mind is most fresh as opposed to those regular moments when you know you are likely to feel more fatigued.

By employing good stress management techniques and continually discovering how to manage stress effectively, even brain fatigue can be conquered! Decision making can be something that’s done without stress and you can actually come to enjoy the process. After all, to have so many choices available to you, is a good thing in life.

Tell us about the fatigue you’ve had with the decision making process in the comments section and quite possibly, you’ll see a post entirely dedicated to solutions for you, too!

If you know someone that this could help, please remember to share it with them, thanks!

Wishing you a lovely stress free weekend!
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Stress Busters: 10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend!


Stress Busters: Get The Most Out Of Your Weekend!

One of the best ways to really enjoy your T.G.I.F. and ensure that you start next week with a bang is to seeLaughter therapy stress management image to it that happiness is your priority, especially over the weekend.

How many times has your weekend been an endless routine of “the same things, over and over again”?      You might find that cycle a bit mundane, boring and dull.

Well, this is your chance to break free from that cycle and do something different!

If you just try doing something different during this weekend, then you will surely bring new energy and new experiences to your week.

This type of breaking free from the cycle is precisely the type of action that offers you the ability to access new perceptions about your life, and that gives you a lot of new power to manage stress effectively.

So without further adieu, here they are!

10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend!
Stress Busters!

1. Get your laughter therapy on!

When was the last time you went to a comedy club to let yourself be entertained?

Live stand-up comedy is entertaining and fun and if you haven’t been in a while, then now is the time to start laughing on purpose and seeking ways to do so.
*Check out USA Today’s list of the Top 10 Comedy Clubs!

2. If getting out to the comedy club is not so easy, then get out your DVDs.

If you gather all of your favorite DVDs of funny movies and run them like a marathon back to back, you will be amazed at how energized and happy they will make you feel!

You can also accomplish the benefits of this activity by going on You Tube and playing your favorite comedian back to back.

3. Set a timed and scheduled vacation from all of your electronic devices.

I was really surprised when during my interview on entrepreneurial stress, Chuck Hawkins, an entrepreneur with pizzazz, mentioned that he and his wife turn off all electronic devices.

All of us have so many things going on in our lives that many times we can easily forget how nice it is to not have to be concerned by automatic notifications, emails and phones ringing.

Schedule a time for your uninterrupted peace.

4. Go see a clown, a mime or some creative performance.

By exposing yourself to new creative input, you will find more intuitive creative output. Plus, seeing someLaughter therapy stress management weekend image type of creative performance will focus you in the moment of silent observation of their performance.

This type of focus is essential to free your mind of your inner ideas in order to be able to come back to them with new energy.

5. Go out for a meal you are accustomed to having at home.

Whether it’s a coffee or a full course dinner, it will be a special treat for you to do something you regularly do, but in a different way.

This is also helpful for gaining muscle and exercising your mind tools for thinking out of the box.

6. Visit a park, a zoo, a lake, an aquarium, or a planetarium.

Communing with nature is a great way to recharge your batteries and relieve stress. You feel a special connection when you are in nature and see how it all flows so perfectly.

Isn’t it amazing how nature manages to do this without the use of electronic devices and to-do lists? Communing with nature can help you rethink the necessity of your electronic usage during your weekend. :-)

7. Bring the sounds of nature and peace into your life.

Since staying completely free of all electronic devices might be a bit much, make sure you are stocked up on the sounds that are conducive to the relaxing, stress-free break of your weekend.

Why leave the park at the park when you can take those sounds with you wherever you go?

You can get many of these types of apps and downloads for free in the iTunes apple store.
(One I like is called “Naturespace”. It’s free and even works if your iPad2 is closed, with the cover over it, or if you have a different app open. I find these features nice, and not all apps work in this manner.)
iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store

8. Have a picnic………by candlelight………..in your living room!

Again, what’s at work here is the ability to do something you might have done many times in the past, but in a totally different way.

Maybe you’re used to a picnic in the park in the springtime with plastic glasses and paper plates…many are used to that.

But how many times have you tried drawing the drapes, bringing out your favorite china, your shiniest silverware, and your crystal goblets to sit on your coziest blanket in the middle of your living room with the glow of candles lit?

Trust me on this one…..try it, you will like it!

9. Be a tourist in your own city.

How many attractions are there that you haven’t yet seen? Do you know what it’s like to get a glimpse of Laughter therapy stress management imageyour city only when visiting relatives and friends arrive?

I’ve done that countless times myself and honestly admit that it wasn’t until I took visiting friends that I finally saw attractions like The Statue Of Liberty and The Empire State Building.

Why wait for an occasion? Treat yourself to a new discovery, just for you!

10. Take a walk somewhere you’ve never been.

In discovering something new in order to get new input, you might like to take a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before.

Not only will you be getting a lot of good exercise in the fresh air (which is great for stress relief!), but you’ll also be in the process of discovering a new area. You might even find something you’ve been looking for just by the action of stepping out of the comfort zone of your neighborhood.

I said I would give you 10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend, but here’s a bonus:

11. Go to a pet store just to play with the animals.

Playing with an animal can give you an enormous amount of JOY! You also get feelings of the unconditional love they have for us, so pick your favorite animal and go engage with them up close!
*Caution: You might want to take one of those lovable, furry bundles of joy home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of new ideas for your weekend and that it can be of benefit to you in all that you do.

One of the best ways to manage stress is to make sure you stay balanced and have fun! I hope these ideas can lead you in that direction. Which of these ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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