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How To Cope With Stress and Self-Esteem | 3 Tips


Coping With Stress and Self-Esteem

Raising self-esteem is one of the most common stress issues that we face when discovering how to cope with stress effectively. Your self-esteem and your self-confidence are directly related, yet they are independent issues. From self-esteem challenges, you might find a need for a different approach to stress management, so below you’ll find 3 tips that will help you.

Do you remember the first encounters you had with self-esteem issues?

For example, I remember when I was a teenager, I really suffered a lot from lack of self-esteem issues. I would avoid dates and such to the point that I would feel sick to my stomach just thinking about talking with “potential dates” or going out in social gatherings. I was extremely introverted and rather quiet when it came to socializing.

I was also embarrassed about nearly everything including my height, my weight, my skin and even my voice, which caused me to avoid all possible contact with the opposite sex. Can you remember any self-esteem issues like that?

Having a family with a strong bond was really helpful. I remember my older brother telling me that he also had self-esteem issues and had also gone through embarrassment concerning the opposite sex when he was my age. No matter how alone you might feel, you’re never the only one going through these types of issues.

Self-Esteem in Men and Women

In this respect, there is no difference between males and females because we all need to practice new ways to cope with stress of this nature. One of the greatest tools I’ve discovered is to stay positive and employ laughter therapy because it goes a long way in keeping your positive energy up to par.

Positive thinking to solve self-confidence and self-esteem issues in men and women can go a long way. When you maintain a positive attitude, you can achieve greater results in anything from work, studies, family relations, to even personal relationships.

How To Let Your Mind Tools Help You With Your Self-Esteem

Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Enhance Your Self-Esteem

how to cope with stress and self-esteem imageLet Go of Your Inner Critic and Focus on Your Qualities

I had to stop thinking of what was wrong with me and focus on what is good that made me stand out. I found out that I can shine my best when I engage in sports; I excelled in swimming so I decided to focus my positive energy to improve my craft. Soon enough, I was able to build my confidence enough to meet new friends who frequent the pool, who were also athletic types, like me.

Let A Positive Outlook Be Your Best Friend

Make each day a new day to build your new inner self-confidence and to discover and affirm new positive things about yourself. When I slowly began to enjoy school because of my new self-esteem from sports, I then let that positive energy dwell in other areas of my life. I started thinking about what else I could do to make school life better instead of wallowing in pity.

I have learned that when a person feels positive on the inside, it instantly reveals itself on the outside. If you attach yourself to one really good thing about yourself, you can let that positive energy spread to enhance other areas of your life, with effectiveness and ease.

Keep Good Company

When we surround ourselves with negative thoughts and energy, we tend to feel down as well. This is one of the major reasons why stress management techniques are so vitally important.

When is the last time you did a spring cleaning of the company you keep?
There is no time like the present to take a good inventory of the people you spend your time with.
Let the April showers shower the negative people out of your regular routine so that you can be sure to have May flowers in full blossom.

Breaking free from my usual company made me feel much better about myself, so look for some ways to create more private time that you spend getting to know and cultivate your new inner self more. Embrace your capacity to smile more and laugh more and soon you will find yourself feeling better about yourself and the world around you, as well.

These types of techniques not only enhance your self-esteem, but they also make stress management much easier to accomplish by placing you in the right mindset to overcome any challenge!

Here’s to your self-esteem success!

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Team You: Positive Self-Talk To Help Yourself Succeed



Positive Self-Talk for Success

Team You: Target Your Team To Win

Most people sell themselves short. They do everything they think is right, but still find themselves coming up short when it comes to being where they want to be in life. Positive self-talk is a way to change that pattern.

The problem is that we often fail to realize that winning is not the product of an external force but the consequence of an internal disposition.

Managing stress is easier with positive self talk imageWith a positive mindset you can transform your team from any sad streak to a glad streak. And given this fact, you can use the right focus to turn TEAM YOU into a winning team. It’s time to let positive words help you to gain the right focus.

Napoleon Hill first introduced the concept of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) in 1937, as the result that you get from using positive self-talk.

Team You Keeps You In The Evolutionary Process of Progress

Why try positive self-talk for yourself? This is the right habit for you to employ for yourself to get TEAM YOU where you want to be in life. Positive self-talk changes the way you feel about yourself and that’s what changes the way you interact with others in the world around you. This is also the right habit that you need to cultivate in order to effectively manage stress so that you can stay in the flow of rising to new heights in life.

Positive self-talk will keep you in the constant flow of “the evolutionary process of progress”, which is a desire located at the core essence of all humanity.

How does positive self-talk work to enhance your life?

As soon as you set a goal, then achieve it, you’re off to set new goals and achieve those too. So you already know how the evolutionary process of progress works. Remember when you used to measure every inch that you grew when you were a child? That’s how, even as children, we desire to stay in “the evolutionary process of progress”.

Team You, through PMA and positive self-talk, is simply your internal GPS system which keeps you on the right track in life. It also protects you from the detours that lack of attention to good stress management techniques can cause.

Team You is a valuable philosophy that will allow you to assess your strengths and weakness and determine how to get yourself ready to stay in your winning game!

Professional Athletes and Positive Self-Talk

You can deal with stress by using positive self talk imageThe legendary football coach Vince Lombardi was a master of positive self-talk. He knew that if he reinforced certain messages with positive words, both he and his players would always be ready to handle the competition.

One of his most highly quoted phrases says that “confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”

Think about that phrase as you examine your own level of confidence.

Do you have a positive attitude even when the people or things around you don’t seem so positive? Would you want yourself on your team or as team captain?

If not, it is time to make the necessary changes to transform yourself into someone you would! How do you go about this? You use the three P’s:

3 P’s To Improvement

• Positive Self-Talk

• Positive Reinforcement

• Practice

Positive self-talk is the foundation for a positive attitude; a positive attitude is the structure for positive words; and positive words make Team You a winning team!

You can cope with stress better with positive self talk imageGetting “amped” for the big game is not just something that applies to professional athletes, but much to the contrary. It applies to you and  your big interview, your big meeting with your new client, your big presentation, your hot date, and all of the most important moments in your life.

Anyone who regularly engages in positive self-talk can pep themselves into feeling good through the use of positive words. As a result, the better you feel, the better the quality of your life is going to be.

Positive reinforcement is essential to strengthening those attitudes, behaviors and self-confidence that you want to exhibit.

When Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger feels that his offensive linemen have done a good job of protecting him, he buys them new suits and takes them out to dinner.

Positive Self-Talk Helps Change Behavior Patterns

You can use this tool to reward yourself for good behavior and increase the likelihood of doing them again. For example, set goals according to the following schedule:

• Macro:         What would you like your big picture to look like?

• Micro:          Where can you implement ideas from your big picture into your life right now?

• Mini Micro:    Which actionable steps are becoming your new habits/How are you going to start?

Write them down and every time you meet a goal, give yourself a reward. Just like you find in the article 8 Easy Stress Relief Solutions, many types of therapy are useful for positive reinforcement, so find which ones suit you the most.

Buy those shoes you’ve had your eye on for a while, go get that new suit or indulge in a delicious dessert! Whatever it is, exercise the self-discipline to treat yourself only when you’ve done something to make your team a better one. This way you’ll look forward to treating yourself and continually display the behaviors that will continually transform your life.

How to manage stress with positive self talk imageIt’s good to remember that just like with any useful skill, you need to practice positive self-talk. How you perform in practice is how you’ll perform under pressure. It’s all about forming the right set patterns of habit for yourself.

This type of habit forming pattern is the same skill that proficient musicians utilize to go out on stage in front of great masses of people with precision and mastery. Likewise, the more you practice positive self-talk, the better you’ll be at doing it and the easier it will be for you to do.

Self-Confidence Is Contagious

By training and disciplining yourself to practice your positive self-talk regularly, you will find yourself performing well under pressure and managing stress will get much easier to do for you. The more often you give yourself a chance to exhibit your new confidence and positive attitude, the more you will show others that you are the coach of a winning team, and the more they’ll want to keep you around.

Remember, confidence is contagious, and positive self-talk promotes your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Engaging in the 3 Ps will inevitably lead you to the 4th P: The Power of Positive Thinking. Having built up your confidence and self-esteem with positive self-talk and reinforced winning behaviors with positive reinforcement, you will have prepared yourself to understand that the power of positive thinking on a much deeper level.

These are the skills that will take Team You anywhere you want to be!

Here’s to your positive self-talk success!

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How To Deal With Anger: Anger Management Solutions: 8 Tools


Anger Management: Symptoms and Solutions

How to manage stress and anger ImageAll sorts of things can trigger pessimism and anger in us from traffic jams, to the sound of a new born baby crying.

But do you want to live life in a state of constant negativity, stress and anger?

Many times, we have all succumbed to the type of anger that drives us to say and do things we normally would not.

It is when you lose control over your thoughts and feelings, that your irritability and anger can do some major damage, but if you learn the right techniques of stress and anger management, you can effectively avoid the damage of anger.


Anger Management – How to Notice Before Your Anger Turns to Rage

Do you raise your voice when things go a bit downhill? Sometimes, people who are normally mild-mannered turn into yellers during a conflict. Perhaps, this article on 10 Secrets To Effective Conflict Management can help you.

When anger turns to rage, it can happen suddenly, where one moment you are self-controlled and soft-spoken, but the next, you find your voice several octaves higher and many decibels louder. Your vocal tone and pitch, along with the words that come out of your mouth provide key indicators of whether you are a prime candidate for good anger management tools.

Anger Management Image

Anger is often a prime trigger for stress.

Another stress symptom to keep in mind when monitoring your anger and stress levels is your body language.

Your fists may clench, your jaw may tighten, and your muscles might become tense. There is a definite need for good anger management tools immediately when you feel these types of stress symptoms.

Below is a list of common “Warning Signs” that will assist you greatly in recognizing when an explosive episode is nearing:

• Do you feel overwhelmed during an argument?
• Do you feel out of control?
• Do you have difficulty focusing on your thoughts?
• Do you have feelings of hostility?

There Is A Better Way To Manage Anger Effectively

8 Anger Management Tips For Immediate Positive Results

If you are experiencing any of the above, this might be a good time to take a look at how to recover your coping skills for proper stress and anger management. What we have seen to be very helpful for others is for you to try to shift your way of thinking and most importantly your environment.

You might be wondering how to have positive thoughts when you feel another raging episode of anger coming, and the solutions are actually quite simple, though not always so easy to do when emotions are flaring. However, these tools get easier to practice as soon as you start the habit of practicing them.

Below are some very useful tools for you to try: How to cope with anger Image

8 Quick&Simple Anger Management Tips:

  1. Do not accuse or blame others for the way you feel.
  2. Treat others graciously even if they are irritating.
  3. Keep from saying something hurtful and unnecessary.
  4. Do not take your anger out on those around you.
  5. Think things through thoroughly before you react.
  6. Allow yourself a time-out to gather yourself together.
  7. Do not expect more from others than they can give.
  8. Avoid making important, definitive, decisions until tranquility has returned.


Keep Your Anger Management Tips Handy

Anger Management Tips Image

Anger management activities help you find an optimistic solution.

Actually, you can apply these anger management techniques to just about everything in life. The fact is that everyone finds themself struggling with anger at some point in life. It is all too common for people to face problems with each other based on simple things that get taken out of hand. Yet, that does not minimize the need for solutions or the frustration that might be felt.

Remember, irritations will never cease, so help yourself to apply the right techniques in order to effectively manage stress and anger.

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