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10 Tips: How to Manage Stress and Improve The Quality of Your Life


How To Manage Stress Effectively To Improve The Quality of Your Life

How To Manage Stress and Live a Happier LifeYou are aware of the fact that your life can improve greatly by reducing stress and gaining the benefits of effective stress relief, but how do you start.

You’re in the right place and on the right path because simply seeking this type of growth is the first, most important step towards getting these benefits into your life.

With the right stress management techniques, you can deal with difficult situations much more productively and improve the overall quality of your life dramatically.

10 Tips to Improve The Quality of Your Life and Reduce Stress Now:

1. Stop Complaining.

Facts have proven that complaining does not help improve situations. Frankly, complaining actually creates feelings of powerlessness which can only increase, rather than decrease your stress levels.

2. Start Resolving.

Seek productive solutions. Discover what you can improve within yourself. Work with others in your situation to attempt to find the root cause of the problem rather than letting complaints stop the process of solution finding.

When you take action to fix the problem, it will not only eliminate the stress associated with that problem but it will also eliminate your feelings of helplessness, which are created by complaining.

3. Stop Whining.

Whining feeds the feelings of being a victim . It also increases your anger, which would lead to a great need for anger management.

Nearly everyone feels they’ve been treated unfairly at some point in their life, but there comes a time when it’s important to just get off the fence and move on.

Whining specifically helps those around you to see you as inadequate and treat you that way. It often has the opposite effect of what you really desire because it causes loss of respect and loss of self-esteem.

4. Start Empowering.

How To Manage Stress and Live a Happier LifeYou can strengthen your self-esteem speaking confidently about yourself. Pay attention to the dynamics of your voice and nip those whines in the bud! When you speak with an assertive tone to yourself & those around you, you regain the power that whining diminishes.

Practice confidence and you will be confident.
End this vicious circle of whining by viewing your situation and taking a proactive approach towards finding a solution.
CNN published a fascinating article about overcoming complaining and whining through a “venting fast”, so try some of these solutions to help.

5. Stop Blaming Others.

Blaming others is a natural response to many different situations. Shifting the focus of a negative experience away from yourself seems natural but it is not at all productive and it only prolongs agony and feelings of loss of control.

6. Start Taking Control.

Taking control of your life puts you in the driver’s seat. This is important for you to regain the power you let slip through your fingers when you blamed others. Taking control will give you a new vision and new resources for greater solutions.

This type of action demonstrates your confidence and your reliability. Others will be more likely to trust you with more responsibility once they see your capacity to take control instead of placing blame.

7. Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination is cited by many people as a huge problem. However, remember that by putting things off until the last minute, you are effectively creating additional stress in your life. This is an area where effective stress management techniques will do you a world of good and make a huge difference in your happiness in life.

8. Start Planning.

One of the greatest ways that you can learn how to manage stress effectively is to learn how to plan effectively. I struggle with this myself, so I wrote The Only 5 Letter Word You Need To Overcome Procrastination and shared an effective system that can help you.

Giving yourself extra time to complete a project will offer you a good buffer to reduce stress.

9. Stop Harboring Negativity.

How To Manage Stress and Live a Happier LifeEveryone has been treated unfairly or been wronged in some way in their lives but holding on to the negative feelings associated with this is unhealthy. It’s also one of the fastest ways to block your vision from seeing the quality of life that you can efficiently access.

Negative feelings reinforce the habits which lead to the practice of tips #1,3,5, &7.

How many times have you seen something start out as:

“I’m so tired of being overweight” (#1).
Then go to “Why do so many people have a fast metabolism while I’m stuck with a slow metabolism” (#3). Then before you know it, it’s become “Well it’s my supervisor’s fault because with these hours, I don’t have time to make nutritious meals!” (#5).

All of these cycles require precious time and great energy, which leads to the procrastination we find in tip #7.
By implementing steps #2, #4, #6, #8 & this next tip, #10, you give yourself 5 concrete paths to change “being overweight” and discover new, easy to prepare delicious food!

10. Start Accepting New Ideas.

By letting go of grudges and negativity and you’ll have so much more free time to make important improvements. Use this new free time wisely by going about the same issues you’ve seen as patterns in your life, but with new ideas and resources with which to conquer them.

If you would like an in-depth look into how to manage stress with decision making and problem solving then you will find a vast resource of additional information by clicking that link which will take you to The Free Management Library.

In closing…

You’d be surprised at how much difference you can see in changing your stress levels with new stress management techniques. The breath of fresh air that new ideas and new methods bring will also get you unstuck from the past habits which only kept you in the cycle of those past habits.

By implementing these 10 stress management techniques you’ll be able to get immediate results. These are extremely important for improving the quality of your life and let’s face it, when you improve the quality of your life, you improve the quality of the time you share with those you love.

Let us know if you’ve there’s anything you particularly identified with in this post or if there’s something you’d like to see covered in more detail by commenting.

Don’t forget to share this with someone you think it could help, as well.

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Here’s to your stress management success!

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Stress Busters: 10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend!


Stress Busters: Get The Most Out Of Your Weekend!

One of the best ways to really enjoy your T.G.I.F. and ensure that you start next week with a bang is to seeLaughter therapy stress management image to it that happiness is your priority, especially over the weekend.

How many times has your weekend been an endless routine of “the same things, over and over again”?      You might find that cycle a bit mundane, boring and dull.

Well, this is your chance to break free from that cycle and do something different!

If you just try doing something different during this weekend, then you will surely bring new energy and new experiences to your week.

This type of breaking free from the cycle is precisely the type of action that offers you the ability to access new perceptions about your life, and that gives you a lot of new power to manage stress effectively.

So without further adieu, here they are!

10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend!
Stress Busters!

1. Get your laughter therapy on!

When was the last time you went to a comedy club to let yourself be entertained?

Live stand-up comedy is entertaining and fun and if you haven’t been in a while, then now is the time to start laughing on purpose and seeking ways to do so.
*Check out USA Today’s list of the Top 10 Comedy Clubs!

2. If getting out to the comedy club is not so easy, then get out your DVDs.

If you gather all of your favorite DVDs of funny movies and run them like a marathon back to back, you will be amazed at how energized and happy they will make you feel!

You can also accomplish the benefits of this activity by going on You Tube and playing your favorite comedian back to back.

3. Set a timed and scheduled vacation from all of your electronic devices.

I was really surprised when during my interview on entrepreneurial stress, Chuck Hawkins, an entrepreneur with pizzazz, mentioned that he and his wife turn off all electronic devices.

All of us have so many things going on in our lives that many times we can easily forget how nice it is to not have to be concerned by automatic notifications, emails and phones ringing.

Schedule a time for your uninterrupted peace.

4. Go see a clown, a mime or some creative performance.

By exposing yourself to new creative input, you will find more intuitive creative output. Plus, seeing someLaughter therapy stress management weekend image type of creative performance will focus you in the moment of silent observation of their performance.

This type of focus is essential to free your mind of your inner ideas in order to be able to come back to them with new energy.

5. Go out for a meal you are accustomed to having at home.

Whether it’s a coffee or a full course dinner, it will be a special treat for you to do something you regularly do, but in a different way.

This is also helpful for gaining muscle and exercising your mind tools for thinking out of the box.

6. Visit a park, a zoo, a lake, an aquarium, or a planetarium.

Communing with nature is a great way to recharge your batteries and relieve stress. You feel a special connection when you are in nature and see how it all flows so perfectly.

Isn’t it amazing how nature manages to do this without the use of electronic devices and to-do lists? Communing with nature can help you rethink the necessity of your electronic usage during your weekend. :-)

7. Bring the sounds of nature and peace into your life.

Since staying completely free of all electronic devices might be a bit much, make sure you are stocked up on the sounds that are conducive to the relaxing, stress-free break of your weekend.

Why leave the park at the park when you can take those sounds with you wherever you go?

You can get many of these types of apps and downloads for free in the iTunes apple store.
(One I like is called “Naturespace”. It’s free and even works if your iPad2 is closed, with the cover over it, or if you have a different app open. I find these features nice, and not all apps work in this manner.)
iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store

8. Have a picnic………by candlelight………..in your living room!

Again, what’s at work here is the ability to do something you might have done many times in the past, but in a totally different way.

Maybe you’re used to a picnic in the park in the springtime with plastic glasses and paper plates…many are used to that.

But how many times have you tried drawing the drapes, bringing out your favorite china, your shiniest silverware, and your crystal goblets to sit on your coziest blanket in the middle of your living room with the glow of candles lit?

Trust me on this one…..try it, you will like it!

9. Be a tourist in your own city.

How many attractions are there that you haven’t yet seen? Do you know what it’s like to get a glimpse of Laughter therapy stress management imageyour city only when visiting relatives and friends arrive?

I’ve done that countless times myself and honestly admit that it wasn’t until I took visiting friends that I finally saw attractions like The Statue Of Liberty and The Empire State Building.

Why wait for an occasion? Treat yourself to a new discovery, just for you!

10. Take a walk somewhere you’ve never been.

In discovering something new in order to get new input, you might like to take a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before.

Not only will you be getting a lot of good exercise in the fresh air (which is great for stress relief!), but you’ll also be in the process of discovering a new area. You might even find something you’ve been looking for just by the action of stepping out of the comfort zone of your neighborhood.

I said I would give you 10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend, but here’s a bonus:

11. Go to a pet store just to play with the animals.

Playing with an animal can give you an enormous amount of JOY! You also get feelings of the unconditional love they have for us, so pick your favorite animal and go engage with them up close!
*Caution: You might want to take one of those lovable, furry bundles of joy home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of new ideas for your weekend and that it can be of benefit to you in all that you do.

One of the best ways to manage stress is to make sure you stay balanced and have fun! I hope these ideas can lead you in that direction. Which of these ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Top 10 Ways You Can Have Stress Free Holidays


Manage Stress During The Holidays: 10 Tips For Instant Results

As the holiday season descends upon us, many of us are already getting out our decorations, planning holiday visits and organizing our shopping lists. There are endless lists to make and endless errands to run, not to mention the many arrivals of out of town relatives. The holidays are that one time of year when everyone deals with managing stress in a vast myriad of ways, but this year, you can choose something new and different and thus, get thru the holidays stress free!

Here Are 10 Ways You Can Manage Stress Effectively at the Holidays:

Hay House, Inc.
1. Do something nice for yourself!

Stress ManagementChances are, you will be quite busy doing a lot of nice things for others, so don’t forget to place yourself on that list too! Cuddling and affection are known to reduce the blood pressure and calm the mind, so hold someone in your arms, or your pet for at least 3 minutes so you can get the stress relieving, calming benefits. Luckily, even hugging trees is beneficial and it relieves stress, so ’tis the season to remember to hug everyone and everything!
Result: Your approach will be more serene and intuitive.

2. Don’t let the holiday blues get you down.

Understand that the holiday blues are normal and everyone goes through them.
Some people are in the blues because of all of the family obligations they will have while others are in the blues because they have no family or are too far. Wherever you look, people have their down moments during the holidays, so realize that you’re not the only one feeling that way and decide to take action to lift your blues. Take a long walk in the fresh air of a park or do some journaling about things you like in your life, then you can apply some laughter therapy. Realize it’s ok to get down, but you don’t want to stay down and taking action will help you.
Result: You will connect with the world around you instead of feeling different from others.

3. Do regular check-ins with yourself to evaluate how you’re doing.

If you’re starting to feel stressed, that’s the time to stop before it gets to be too much. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need a break, then take it. Remember way #1 and be good to yourself. Go get a massage or take a hot bath. The winter gives us less contact with natural sunlight and this can lead to a sluggish feeling, so remember to nuture yourself by getting as much natural sunlight during the day as you can. Let positive self-talk help you by saying to yourself “I’m commited to having a serene holiday season this year!”
Result: You will stay dedicated to your inner intentions.

4. Keep it simple.

You might tend to do too much during the holiday season, so it’s a good time to ask yourself if everything you always do during the holidays is really necessary. As a society, many times we get so caught up in getting the right gifts, cooking the right food, and having the right decorations that we forget the true meaning of the holiday season. If you keep it simple, it’s easier to align yourself with the essence of the holidays and thereby, cultivate ideas that are in harmony with the true simplicity of the holiday season, which makes managing stress during the holidays a lot easier.
Result: You will see what’s really important and gain deeper perspective.

5. Make a firm decision.

If you decide right now, here, today, that you will not stress over whatever you have stressed over at past holiday seasons, chances are, you won’t. Many times, it takes making a conscious decision about what your holiday season really means to you, then sticking with it. This can also be applied to the things you feel you “have to do”. If you feel you have to do something undesireable, then ask yourself if the world would end if you didn’t do it. Chances are, it might only create some waves in the sea, but “smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors”. If you practice managing stress well during your holidays, know that you’ll have that extra ability for other matters during the year, as well.
Result: You will gain inner courage, strength and peace by eliminating unnecessary stress.

6. Forget the past pains.

This one might be a little tough to apply, but creative visualization can help you! If you’ve decided you will go to that relative’s house knowing that that is the relative who always insults you, then put way #5 into action by deciding that you will let those painful words go in one ear and out the other. Set up your game plan in advance and visualize yourself making your new responses. Maybe when that relatve starts, you’ll see that as your cue to go walk the dog or take out the trash.
Result: You will free yourself from past burdens.

7. Practice saying “No, that’s not something I can do right now”.

Too many times you might feel stressed because you have taken on too much. You have even more obbligations and duties during the holidays season, so that’s even more reason why it’s important to practice saying no. Take this holiday season as an opportunity for you to excercise your capacity to set boundaries and chances are, your boundaries will be respected next holiday season, as well.
Result: You teach others how to respect your time and energy.

8. Do something totally different!

Sometimes a diversion from “the usual routine” or something spontaneous is all you need to loosen up and gain new perspective. Consider going away for the holidays. Do you remember the fabulously funny movie Home Alone? Maybe it’s time to try spending the holiday season in a different city (without leaving behind your kids!), or a great time to try hiking in the mountains.
Result: You open your mind to accept and receive new rewarding experiences!

9. Eat specific food.

Instead of french fries and pizza, try eating more rice and pasta because these types of carbohydrates will give you serotonin, which is the hormone which sends happy feelings to your brain. If you’re at the mall, instead of getting some potato chips, try almonds which will in turn, give you mood stabilizing hormones like dopamine. Even chocolate contains the important stress relieving magnesium and is also known to lower stress levels. You can read more on that at this source.
Result: By taking care of your inside, your outside will be stronger, feel better!

10. Make frequent foot massages.

All you need is an old sock and 2 tennis balls. Then run your bare feet over the tennis balls in the sock and indulge in the pleasurable feeling! You will be massaging over 7,000 endorphines which will invigorate as well relax you!
Result: By remembering to be good to yourself, you will have a much more positive attitude about all of the other things you will be doing for others.

Managing stress during the holidays is a challenge for most people, but if you can try new ways to manage stress at a time like the holidays, then you will have an edge on managing stress during the whole year, as well!

Let us know which ways you’re going to apply this holiday season, or feel free to share some new tips with us in the comments section.

We look forward to seeing which practice you will commit to in the comments section! You’ll notice that by just commenting on your commitment, you will (even without necessarily realizing it) honor your decision as opportunities to implement your commitment will “coincidentally” appear. That’s what’s happened with me on countless occasions. One thing is for sure, life always shows the areas to be improved upon until action is taken to improve them, so I hope you get some great results!

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How To Manage Stress From Your Closet Clutter: 4 Tips


How To Manage Stress From Your Closet ImageIs Your Closet A Jungle? 4 Tips To Manage Stress From Your Closet

You can learn how to manage stress from your closet’s jungle because there are new tools to help you tame that jungle!

How many times have you been late for work, an important date, or even a casual meeting with friends simply because you opened your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear?This has happened to me all too many times, so I know how it feels.

That feeling of anxiety while rushing, all the while feeling like the perfect outfit eludes you, is very common and quite stressful these days. In understanding and managing stress effectively, it is very useful to see where you may have unnecessary stress in your life. This is why it’s a good idea to examine your closet. Your trip to the closet just might be one of those areas that needs effective stress management, given that this type of stress often affects people of every gender, field, background and nation.

How To Manage Stress From Your Closet ImageAfterall, the fashion world and it’s many publications, like Voguehave supplied you with so many appealing looks, styles, colors, designs and fabrics to choose from that it’s no wonder it becomes difficult to select just the right garment for any given occasion.

You want to look your best all the time and you want to stay current with your style of dressing, so this can naturally lead to closet overload.

Your closet may have the latest hot look from every past season plus all of the current ones as well, but what does this mean when it comes down to actually finding something that you really need?

Always free shipping with Heels.com

How To Manage Stress: Emotional, Motivational, Monetary Attachment

Having a nice variety of articles in your closet can mean a lot of stress because such a great variety brings feelings of being overwhelmed by such a mass amounts of outfits. Have you ever felt like your closet was about to explode because it is too stuffed with items? The surprising thing about this feeling is that it is self-imposed because most of the items in your closet are items that you really don’t need any longer.

They may have emotional value, being perfectly planned for a special moment yet to come, monetary value that cost an arm and a leg to purchase, or even motivational value, representing what you will fit into once those last 10 pounds are lost, but the real question is: What value do they offer you today, right now?

How To Manage Stress From Your Closet Image

Jill Martin, co-authored with Dana Ravich on a new book designed to take the stress out of the mess. This was featured on The Today Show where she stated “You should always look like you’re about to run into your ex”.

Within that context, do those garments and their emotional, monetary or motivational value fit the bill?

If not, those garments will serve you best by being in someone else’s closet thereby giving you the psychological, visual and physical space to actually see the items you really do need. By trying this tip, you will find it easier to focus on your consideration of the plausible choices you have.

Remember, junk is all the stuff you’ve kept for years and then throw away 2 weeks before you actually find a use for it! :-) But hey…then, you’ll be off to get new stuff to keep!
It’s ok, it’s just a part of life’s cycle.
(If you would like to learn how you can change cycles like those, then don’t miss this event below!)
Hay House, Inc.

End Closet Clutter: 4 Tips To Manage Stress In Your Wardrobe:


1. Get rid of anything you have not worn in the last 2 years.

2. Get rid of anything that has stains, holes, or needs “beyond repair” type of mending.

3. Get rid of anything that does not fit properly, whether too tight or too loose.

4. Get rid of anything that is not current or timeless. It’s true that fashion repeats itself, but do you want your sound peace of mind to have to wait that long?

(Ok, if we’re talking that gorgeous Dior top that is still in great condition, or that suit which you wore when you landed your first big job, then those go in the attic to rough the wait!) Reduce Clutter and Get Things in Order with Everything Storage at Organize.com! SAVE $5 OFF orders over $75 with Promo Code: 5OFF75

Famous Words To Live By

Remember Oscar Wilde’s famous words while eliminating the unnecessary stress in your closet, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art”, and you can be both!How To Manage Stress From Your Closet Image

There are many positive ways to relieve stress associated with searching for the perfect outfit in your closet and transform the trip to your closet into a positive and fulfilling experience. Not only is managing your closet a good way to get dressed in a more time efficient manner, it’s also an effective tool in managing stress.

If you would like to try Jill and Dana’s 12 step program to recover control of your closet, then simply click on their book below:

Get the tips and tricks used by top professionals in the industry of organization: Click Here!

Is having too many paper documents causing you a lot of clutter? Well, here’s your solution to that too:
TextBridge Pro 11 is the simple and fast way to convert paper into editable electronic documents!

After all of this work to get yourself clutter free, don’t forget to do something nice for yourself!
FREE Skin Care and Beauty Gift from Beauty Bridge while supply last; orders over $75 receive a free gift of $6.50 value .

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How to manage stress: Home

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What Is The Definition Of Stress?


What Is Stress:


What is the definition of stress, many people ask. Many people define stress in many ways.

Basically, stress is: being out of harmony with oneself and the world around us.

To effectively manage stress, it is important to be cognizant of the causes of stress and to understand that good health and stress management strategies are important issues to address in order to gain and maintain a high quality of life.  One of the biggest, if not the biggest cause of stress in our society today is financial pressure.  When the bills just keep stacking up and there is not enough money coming in, one cannot help but fret over how to make ends meet.  This is also the leading cause of fighting amongst couples.

At the same time, there are people in countries that live on very, very little and yet, they have a high quality of life in that they are happy and satisfied with the life they have. Money cannot buy happiness, yet the devil’s advocate would say “it sure makes misery a lot more comfortable”! However,, even financial stress can be measured and improved.

Another major stress inducer is on-the-job or work related stress.  This could come in many forms; not getting along with our boss, excessive work hours, not enough work hours, tension amongst co-workers, and probably the biggest of them all, fear of being terminated. Stress management in business situations is necessary for all people who are in the work force; so along with work skills, in today’s business world, it’s a good idea to take your stress management skills.

Strained relationships are also high on the list.  This can be with our significant other, a sibling, a parent, our children.  These are especially hurtful types of stress because they involve people that we love the most.

Health and Stress Management

And we certainly cannot forget the stress that health-related issues can cause.  When a person learns that they are suffering an illness or disease, no matter how major or minor, this can definitely be a huge concern, which can cause stress.  Especially if it is something beyond their control.  In other words, something we can’t exercise or diet or modify our way out of is extremely challenging. Our self-esteem will usually decrease significantly and this can leave us full of negativity.  This form of stress, along with financial stress, are the two main forms of stress that cause insomnia, a great problem in our society today.

Now that we have delved into some of the types of stress, let’s look at some possible solutions.  Professionals trained in this field will usually advise things like a healthy diet, yoga, meditation, physical exercise, and other forms of relaxation techniques.  There are even devices called stress balls that are used to relieve tension in the hands.  Studies have proven that when we are able to relieve tension in our hands, this leads to relief throughout the body. In fact, these types of antique practices have been used for centuries, although you can find a modern version of cinese stress balls easily online today:

The same goes for reflexology in relieving the stress and tension from your body through the nerve endings in your feet.

Refelxology is not only good for our feet, it’s good for the whole body!

This feels good not only in your feet, but also throughout your entire body.  Reading a motivational or inspirational story can be a good stress-reliever, as will give you hope, just as listening to motivational audio books are great choices too.  These things work wonders when done on a regular basis.

Learning to be very careful with your time management is paramount to stress relief, as well.  Finding ways to make time for your family, for exercise, and most of all for yourself is key to coping with stress. 

All in all though, the two most important things you can do to help kick stress to the curb, and begin to activate your coping strategies are:

1. Restore your self-esteem (see how laughter therapy and self-esteem are correlated here)

2. Eliminate negativity (take a look at how much positive self-talk can do for you here)

You might find it helpful to seek help in order to accomplish these goals, but they are fully attainable goals. The good care of your health and your stress management strategies should go hand in hand because these are essential elements for your overall sense of satisfaction and happiness in life. Throughout this website, we will continue to explore the most effective forms of help that are available. Remember that you are always making decisions on how to deal with the issue of stress, though you might be deciding mostly by default.  Now is the time to deliberately and consciously become willing to take active steps to relieve stress.

When we learn to effectively relieve stress, we lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Here are some books from which people all over the world have gained alot of strength for managing stress:





Here are some products that are specially formulated to relieve stress:





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