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Anger Management: Change the Cycle With These 5 Tips and Positive Affirmations


The Cycle Of Anger: You Can Change That Cycle Now

I know many people who have a “mad at the world” attitude, don’t you? To be honest with you, I’ve gone through those phases, as well. You do your best to plan and prepare, then something comes up and spoils it all. You work hard at your job and keep on top of things, then have problems getting the promotion you deserve. You give your children the best you can and they still have difficulties just living life in a good way. The list is endless.

There are so many things that disappoint you when you know you’ve done everything to ensure that you wouldn’t be disappointed and then consequently, you get angry. Many times, not with any singular situation, but with life in general. It all just seems so unfair and useless. It’s certainly not a time in life when you want to even think about positive affirmations.

So what do you do? When I feel down like that, first of all, I know I have to do something to change the cycle and grab some positive thoughts because if not, I can find myself in a downward spiraling cycle which can even result in depression and apathy. Has this ever happened to you? You have a bad morning, getting out of bed on the wrong foot, then that turns into a bad day, then before you know it, you’re whole week is shot! It’s like watching a train wreck…but in slow motion….and while being on the train. Ouch!

How To Change the Cycle of Anger: Coping With Anger Means Coping With Stress

It’s not an easy cycle to change, though I wish I could say it’s easy, but the good news is that it can be done. To start off with, since most likely, you’re not going to be in a place of being able to accept positive thoughts, positive affirmations, much less laughter therapy, it’s a good idea for you to do a quick check of where my perspective is at. Ask yourself questions like:

Am I giving permanent reality to temporary problems? (that one is big!)
Why am I so angry with everyone and everything?
What do you believe that they have done to you? (remember that beliefs can be changed.)

Perhaps what has really occured is a simple misunderstanding where good communication with that person will resolve the problem. As Dan Pallotta puts it in his article in the Harvard Business Review “anti-communication is the source of all misunderstanding, and misunderstanding is the source of 99% of our problems.”

Maybe in some cases, someone really has done you wrong, but one thing is for sure; if you react to their wrong doing by holding onto that anger, then whoever did you wrong will continue to have power over you by conditioning your life.

Perhaps their wrong doing was something that happened over a week ago, but your being angry today conditions the way you treat people and circumstances today, and it’s not so easy to get good results from people and circumstances when you bring anger to the table. Staying angry with someone or something is kind of like “I don’t have a solution, but I sure love this problem”. Take a look at 5 solutions.

Here Are 5 Anger Management Tips:

1. Do something you love:

Getting busy with the model car you’re building or your gardening will give you a positive outlet for all of the extra adrenalin anger produces.

Hay House, Inc.

2. Get outside and take a long, brisk walk:

Distancing yourself from the area will help calm your mental stress and the excercise will calm your physical stress from the situaton.

3. Speak it thoroughly out of your system:

Call an 800 number, your best friend or partner and let them help you to calm down.

4. Invite distractions:

It might sound odd, but this is actually a good time for you to get yourself distracted because anything that can move your mind from that which has angered you, will inevitably help you to calm down.
(Just remember to move your mind back into the process of facing whatever angered you after your anger has subsided.) :-)

5. Pump up the volume:

Listen to some of your favorite music and even sing along because this too, will keep your mind focused on the song you’re singing more than the anger you felt. (Needless to say, this might not be the best time to listen to those songs that have great tunes, but provoke violence.) :-)

What Do You Do When You’re Angry With Yourself?

Also within this cycle are the negative thoughts that you might have towards yourself. You know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by life, right? Times when there just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day to get things done, and this can cause a lot of anger and resentment, as well. How many times have you heard the saying “there is method to my madness”, but the bottom line is that the less organized you are, the more difficult it is for you to get things done.

It’s kind of ironic I make such a bold statement like that because even though I grew up participating in a yearly family activity called “spring cleaning”, to be honest, it’s not something I carried into adult life as a yearly activity. For me, it’s usually more along the lines of “when the closets and drawers look like they’ll explode, I guess it’s time to clean out some things”!:-)

This leads me to this important question: do you harbor negative thoughts about yourself which are about things that you actually have control over? If you find yourself getting excessively angry with yourself over some particular issue in your life, ask yourself: “Can I change this? If so, what can I do to change this?” Positive affirmations were able to bring out better organizational skills and when you use positive self-talk, it helps you get on track much more quickly than getting angry with yourself.

One of the best ways this positive self-talk helps is to raise your awareness of what you can do to make your positive affirmations really become a realty in your life. Some things that helped me are these new resources I became more aware of, like the specialized organizational assistance I have with software I got here. Sure there are still times when I like a pen and paper, but more and more, software like this increases efficiency, saves time and hey, it’s weightless. You can also get the solution so many of us have found relief in plus new ideas on how to declutter your life by going to: Organize.com. Are you like those of us who have way too many paper documents contributing to clutter? Here’s another useful tool which will resolve that problem for you: TextBridge Pro 11 is the simple and fast way to convert paper into editable electronic documents!

You Can Tweak Your Anger Management Skills

The important thing to remember is that once you identify why you are angry, you can start taking steps to resolve that anger. Sitting with anger for a long time is not a good idea. Anger is a devious companion to have in life. Sure, there are times when anger can be channeled wisely to produce marvelous results of increased drive and determination, but more often than not, anger corrodes your inner happiness and peace.

But if you use a this new approach for coping with anger, the solutions will be easier to grasp and remain in your reach. Once you have a good hold of solutions, you will be in a better mindset. Laughter therapy can help accomplish this for you.

You know those moments when you don’t know if it’s better to laugh or to cry? Choose laughter! Laughter is your tool to get you to a place of peace from which you can begin to access the power of positive affirmations. The American Phychological Association actually lists humor as one of the ways they believe anger can be managed and you can find more on that, including their other suggestions by clicking here, The APA.

Pet therapy is a known fact to help manage anger.

Anger Knocks At The Door, But Peace Answers: Get That Special Place Of Peace

Be nice to yourself, do something good for yourself. There may be people who do things that get you down, but that doesn’t have to keep you down. Try using the power of positive affirmations to lift you up. If you have a situation where you believe someone has wronged you, try saying “I’m not going to let he or she stop me” instead of giving the wrongdoing more power by focusing on that wrongful action. Positive self-talk can really do a lot to help you turn the cycle around. What this little positive affirmation actually does is: it focuses your mind and your thoughts on your power to change the cycle and keeps you out of the reach of a negative cycle of anger. With positive thoughts and positive words in your life, you will automatically find positive actions which are in harmony with your mindset. You can also try journaling about how well you are overcoming that particular situation and writing down the new actions you plan to take so that you can physically see how that negative situation is actually bringing out the best in you. Try a nice, long relaxing bath, a good game of basketball with the fellas or some pet therapy. Managing anger is a lifelong responsibility, so it’s ok for you to give yourself the time you need. If the methods you tried before still brought you to the same results, maybe it’s time to try something new, like some laughter therapy and let the power of positive aaffirmations really start working for you!

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How to manage stress: Home

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Your 5 Day Plan For A More Positive YOU! Take The Challenge!


Make a Plan for Using Positive Words


Set a Date Because Here’s Your Plan: Start Reaping Your Rewards!
When I’m not in my right mind, my left mind tends to get rather crowded, so I have to make some real effort to be positive if I really want to see results. A lot of people say they want to be more positive, but how many are willing to take a serious, measured approach toward obtaining this very feasible goal? In order to succeed with anything in life, you need a plan. Especially for someone new to the idea of using positive words, visualizations and positive affirmations. This can be a challenging process, but it’s also very exciting, so try this 5 day challenge! By formulating a secure strategy right now, you have a much better chance of reaching your goals. Let’s look at some tips that will help you accomplish your objectives.

Day 1


Sit down, either on your own, with your partner or anyone you trust, and set several SMART goals you want to achieve. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym we like to use, meaning:
Sis for specific.
M is for measurable.
Ais for attainable.
Ris for relative.
Tis for time bound.

To determine these goals, you need to effectively and honestly evaluate your current emotional state of mind and select several areas in your life upon which you want to work. Alot is being said about emotional intelligence these days, so it is an important measurment to calculate into your plan of action when remembering to keep S.M.A.R.T. vision for your goals. You might choose to start with your goals for creating greater levels of emotional intelligence so that you will be assisted by that power in achieving your professional, personal, or social goals. Write your goals down, remembering to include a time frame in which you can realistically complete your goals.

Day 2


Get online and select several positive sayings or affirmations you will use from this point forward. Also, set priorities that are in harmony with your new plan. For example, if motivational stories help you, then place finding 3 motivational stories as your priority. Some people are more moved by inspirational movies, so find a few of those to watch during your weekly scheduling of activities. Whatever your source, find your fuel for positive action and set it as a priority in your life.
It is good idea to start your day with at least one positive affirmation. Repetition is most effective, so you may choose to have a particular affirmation for each given day. For example, on Monday you may opt to have work-related quotes, on Tuesday those relating to relationships and so on. If this is the first time for you to actively approach this idea, then you might choose to start off with 1 basic all encompassing affirmation and memorize that to utilize for your daily nutrition of positive words. Yes, we use the words “daily nutrition” because just as we take vitamins for our daily health nutrition, it’s a good idea to think of the positive words we need for our mental and emotional nutrition, as we have daily requirements for those, as well. This type of nutrition has enormous impact for your self-image! Remember to repeat your positive words throughout the day, as well. The more repetition you can give to these inspirational sayings, the more power they will have to be reflected in your life!


Day 3


Start to keep a journal of the positive events that occurred throughout your day. You may have completed a project at work or gone that extra mile at the gym. Perhaps you and your partner worked through some emotional difficulty without yelling. At first this exercise may seem stilted and forced, but over time it becomes easier to find successes to chart. The key is to seek positivity in your life and writing down the positive events in your life directs you to give focus to them as you write. It also gives an enormous boost to your self-esteem as you begin to tangibly see in black and white all of the positive changes that are taking place in your life. It enhances your gratitude and an attitude of gratitude will undoubtedly bring you more happiness and appreciation in your life as you continue to move towards your goals. Actually, these things give you the necessary fuel to accomplish new goals. This is a great way to keep your fuel for positive action at high levels.

Day 4


Continue to use your affirmations, and take another look at your S.M.A.R.T. goals. Will you need any help to achieve some of them? Would a mentor, coach or partner help you stay on track? Could a class give you some additional skills to make one or more of your goals more attainable? We have found a program for improving computer skills online and since it’s helped over 1 million people around the world, it could be useful for you too: Click Here!. This is a good time to find new tools that you will use to help you live a more positive life. If taking an new course would help, there are many you can try, for example: 360training.com- Leading Provider of Continuing Education, Certification & Career Skills and Compliance Solutions This is also a good time to properly assess how these new ideas fit you and your life. Do you see your positive outlook on life changing the way you face life? Have you been consistent with your application? If not, look for ways you can improve on that aspect. Look for how these positive words are reflected in your daily life and remember to enter them into the journaling process you started on Day 3.

Day 5



In addition to the rewards you will receive simply from living in a more positive way, what kinds of tangible incentives would help you keep on track? Small indulgences are wonderful motivators and, if you select the right ones, can actually increase your success, so it’s important to remember to reward yourself. If you have a goal of always looking professional at work, then rewarding yourself for a week of consistent journaling with a new tie, a manicure or a new day planner is a great idea. A book of positive self-talk affirmations by your favorite author may be your reward for facing and conquering a challenge successfully. These inspirational sayings can do alot to keep you on track, so it’s a good idea to surround yourself with them. Again, writing down your plan will help you stick to it and reach the goal. This act of writing is also a form of practice, focus, and consistency.

You’re Done and On Your New Path In Life

The process of changing how you react to life’s tests is a gradual one. In a way it is like cleaning out a particularly cluttered basement. The space has a great deal of potential, but you have to do the work to get all the old junk cleaned out before you can enjoy the new rewards and reap their benefits. Whether you are cleaning out your “vocabulary closet” or your “pessimistic attic”, give yourself credit for every little step, no matter how tiny it might seem. If this 5 Day Plan is a bit fast, then give yourself 1 week for each daily activity and make it a 5 Week Plan. The core issue is to get started and give yourself the time you need to implement these activities as consistent aspects of your daily routine. The kinder you are to yourself by using positive words and images, the smoother your transformation will be into this new optimistic you!

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Creative Visualization: Your Tool To Relieve Stress and Gain Success!


Creative Visualization:

A Stress Management Tool:
Pave Your Way to Success

The use of creative visualization left the Ashram, which was a place where the gurus used to go for their religious retreats and instruction in Hinduism, a long time ago. And thank goodness for that because today, creative visualization is used in corporate settings, in sports settings and for tons of people like you and I as a way to help people move along a desired life path.

When used in conjunction with other stress management techniques such as positive affirmations and of course, positive self-talk, creative visualization takes on even more enormous power as a tool for both individuals and groups doing business as a team. This is an extremely effective tool for anyone who would like to learn how to manage stress effectively and live a happier life.

Why and How Visualization Helps Create a Positive Attitude

Medical doctors tell us that any skill requires a neural pathway be formed in your brain. Some examples of this are looking at the time and practice it takes to learn how to consistently score a free throw in basketball or the same kind of work it takes to routinely feel comfortable giving a public presentation; situations where there is also a high level of pressure. Athletic coaches have discovered that by including visualization techniques they can improve the success rate of their athletes in a wide variety of actions and they’ve proven that with their scores.

It is particularly interesting to notice that simply through the process of imagining yourself accomplishing your goal, you then get the help you need to achieve that goal. Creative visualization increases your optimism towards any goal or objective and this gives you more power to see the actions which keep you in harmony with making your goal a concrete reality.

How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization ImageThis quote from CNN Health explains it well in this quote “Optimism can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe in a positive outcome, you are more likely to act toward it.” Part of the reasoning behind this is that you can visualize a perfect performance thousands of times in your mind without experiencing any physical fatigue because you are laying down. However, your neural map is taking notes of everything that you visualize and that is what moves you towards your goal in a kind of “auto-pilot” simplicity.

There are several steps you can start working with today in order to accomplish this process within your own neural map.

For the purpose of demonstrating the steps, we will use the goal of you making a successful public presentation as our example. But understand that the same steps apply whether it’s your performance on a court or a stage, your dissertation, your job interview or any activity where you would like to ensure successful results of all of your capacities.

Step One: Dissociated Visualization is the Beginning of Positive Thoughts

Close your eyes and look at your objective from a third person perspective. See yourself as a spectator would see you, giving your important presentation without getting flustered. Being part of the audience, you see how others are responding to the speaker (you) with nods and smiles. Everyone is attentive to what you are saying, your notes are in order, and your PowerPoint presentation is attractive and timed perfectly. You see yourself (from the spectator’s point of view) speaking smoothly and fluently from beginning to end. The audience applauds and moves eagerly into the Q and A session.

Positive result: Your brain (neural map) has now begun to lock into place the skills necessary for you to project this effect and feeling upon the spectators of your presentation.

Step Two: Associated Visualization Leads to Positive Thinking

Now see, or creatively visualize yourself as the presenter. Feel your confidence and surge of positive energy as you step up to the microphone! Imagine the notes in your hands, the projector next to you at the right distance, the lighting is correct and everyone is sitting attentively. You take a few deep, relaxing breaths and start speaking. Your tone is firm, smooth and fluent. Your audience laughs at the jokes you’ve prepared for them. They are clearly enjoying your talk and responding to you in a positive manner. You wrap up your speech confidently and answer questions without hesitation, accept the applause and step off the stage successfully.How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization Image

Positive result: You have just trained your mind (neural map) to focus on all of the positive energy that you will emanate during your speech. Your actions will now find new focus and new inner guidance towards fulfilling that which your mind has now set as the desired result, your successful presentation.

Step Three: Intensified Associated Visualization Provides Stress Relief

In this phase you’re going to expand upon your second exercise. Take it to the deepest level of observation that you can think of, remembering the 5 senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

In this case notice the way sound carries in the room. You might hear a cough or two, hear the rustling of papers or other common sounds. Do you tend to chew gum or a mint right before making a public presentation? Well then, taste the flavor of the gum or the mint. If you are familiar with the room you will be using, you can imagine yourself standing in that space. How does the carpet feel to the touch of the soles of your shoes?

The goal is to make the whole experience familiar, comfortable solidly imprinted in your neural map so that when you do get there, your stress level is so low that you are able to tap into this enormous reserve of positive energy you have built up while doing this exercise.

Positive result: You have solidified your neural map and your auto-pilot function now goes out to bring in everything that is conducive to your achieving your objective.

Learning How To Manage Stress In Your Daily Life Routines: Applying Creative Visualization

If you find that you experience tension or stress every time you perform a certain task, then take note of the fact that creative visualization has the power to alleviate that stress before it starts. Practice going through these steps, starting with just a few minutes for each step. As creative visualization becomes more and more of a habit, you will find it easier to stay focused on the positive picture of you accomplishing your goals a lot more easily.

Here is a diagram to help illustrate how this process works. You can double click it to read the process up close:

How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization Image

Creative visualization gives you more power to reach your goals while eliminating stress and tension, as well.

As researchers on creative visualization at Vanderbilt University advise, there is no perfect right way or wrong way to practice creative visualization, so try practicing your use of this great tool in a number of different ways. You can try creative visualization practice while lying down, while sitting in your favorite chair, with your eyes open, with your eyes closed, in silence, with the stereo on. What’s important is that you practice it. Then with practice, you will gain experience in what suits you best.

It’s quite normal if at first, things like the traffic outside, your neighbor’s barking dog or even the usually pleasant sound of the birds chirping, tend to enter your mind before the sounds you are now choosing to pre-create by living your ideal situation before it happens. That’s ok, just don’t give up on it. Persist with these steps and you will find it easier and easier to block out all of the sounds which don’t pertain to your creative visualization exercise.

How Do You Stop Worrying? Use Creative Visualization

“Why spend time worrying about what you don’t want” ?

You can also look at it this way: how much time do you spend worrying about the outcome of making that presentation, giving that dissertation, or going to that job interview? A friend of mine said something that’s very true and I’d like to share it with you: “Why spend time worrying about what you don’t want” ?, which seems to sum it up in a nutshell….makes a lot of sense, too.

I don’t know about you, but most often, when I spend time “wondering about” the outcome of any given situation, I don’t always tend to see it in the best light. Often, spending time “wondering” is what opens the gateway for fear because wondering can easily turn to worrying. Creative visualization is a tool that will help you to eliminate the fear and help get you into the action of doing what you want to do. By living your actions of accomplishment first within your mind’s neural map, you have built-in images of relaxation toward your goals, instead of fear or tension.

Do you ever wonder about how some moment in time will turn out, then find yourself imagining the worst possible scenarios? I think we all do this from time to time, so this is why taking action to set up a positive path for your mind to follow will help you so much. It will kick in just when you need it!

Begin Practicing Your New Stress Management Skills Today!

How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization Image
Action has always been and might always be one of the best sources you’ve got within you to defeat fear, so take positive action and let creative visualization help you by keeping you focused, inside your mind and outside by leading you to the right actions to take and the right way that you would like for your 5 senses to react. With practice you will be able to face even your most difficult challenges with equanimity, peace and vitality.

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Don’t miss your opportunity to engage with these 27 leaders ranging from: cutting edge authors, health, holistic, and sustainability lifestyle leaders, and speakers/documentary filmmakers in the mindful spirituality sector. You will gain not only a completely new perspective on using creative visualization to reach your goals, but you will also gain a whole new perspective on your entire life and your unlimited possibilities in life!
Sign up today while you still have time to get a ticket because this power-packed weekend will totally transform you!

Here’s to your creative visualization success!
P.S. Be sure to check out: How To Manage Stress 101: The 5 BEST Ways To Ruin Your Career Fast! because a part from the comical twist, you’ll find some people who used creative visualization to create success, and it might just surprise you! :-) !

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How to manage stress: Home

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Be Careful….. Travel Stress Can Affect Your Vacation Too!





The last time I got ready to go on vacation, I actually looked like my passport picture! So you can just suffice it to say I really needed that vacation, and I certainly did not want anything messing it up. Most people do not associate the word stress with vacation. In fact the word stress usually precedes the need for a getaway. But life is complicated and stress seems to weave its way into everything you do. Vacation stress, although rarely discussed, is certainly something that occurs when planning the vacation, going on the vacation and coming home. It’s a really good idea to think of planning your strategy for dealing with travel stress before you leave so that your vacation can be full of more up time. By addressing these issues now, you already know what to expect and how to handle it, afterall, you will always be traveling for some reason or another, so why not get some good tactics in your handy toolbox so that you can travel smoothly? These tips sure helped me alot, and I hope they can be helpful to you too. How to manage stress/travel

How to manage stress/vacation

You can plan around vacation stress so that you are better prepared.


When planning a vacation, you must focus on the plans.

How to manage stress/vacation planningThis can get hectic as the internet offers so many options for you to choose from. It’s great! But also very time consuming. Things that used to be so simple are now so complex given the creation of the internet. You want to go to Seattle? Well there are hundreds of ways to do it. The benefits of laughter will surely help you in the planning of your vacation getaway if you can laugh at these mind-boggling aspects, rather than feel overwhelmed by them. This is what incorporating laughter therapy into everyday experiences is all about, and a surefire way to keep the need for stress relief at bay. After all, laughter is free, but your vacation isn’t. Something free and healthy is sure to help alleviate the stress of planning, packing, doing and going, and when planning for the costs of your vacation, you can surely benefit form the vast amounts of assistance you will find readily available on the internet. One such advantage is having your own dedicated personal travel concierge 24/7, especially when you find such cost-efficient assistance readily available for you, such as that offered by:
,so why not leave the hassle to them? This way, you can effectively eliminate one major cause of travel stress before you begin your travel plans .


Maintain optimism when traveling and arriving at your destination.

Think of the wonderfully soft bed you will be sleeping in or the chocolate that is sure to be on your pillowHow to manage stress/hotel reservations when you arrive.  These positive thoughts can really change your disposition while standing on line at the airport! Usually, that’s when most people say “I want stress relief now”! So, it’s a good time to implement your positive affirmations, too. By bringinig your positive thoughts and positive words into every process during stressful moments, you will form wonderful new habits.  Once you begin to unpack, (and hopefully you have already taken advantage of the speical offers available to you at: Great Deals on Luggage, Backpacks, Bags, and Accessories at LuggageGuru.com!, remember that you have everything you need to make for a great break from the hectic life you have come to know. Believe it or not, studies have shown that going to a new place and leaving the comfort of your surroundings can be a cause of stress, even if it’s your vacation. We tend to like our comfort zones even if the regular routine seems to be stressful, so even though a change in environment can take you out of your comfort zone at the beginning, as you warm up to your new surroundiings, you will feel more at ease. Once again, the benefits of laughter will save the day. Understand that everyone feels a bit like a stranger in a strange land, at first. That’s totally normal. Give yourself time to get acquainted with your new surroundings and make up in your mind that you’re going to have a great time! Laugh because the party has just begun and know you are on the road to fun!


Did You Remember To Pack Ample Optimism?

Optimism is a great tool to help you navigate the stresses of car rentals, checking in, even realizing you left your favorite outfit at home. Vacation stress can in no way outweigh the pleasures in store for you, so please remember to keep that in mind and say it to yourself no matter how many times you see Murphy’s Law in action. Maintain an optimistic stance by engaging in pleasurable activities like laughter; at yourself, at the situations presented, etc. Whether you are on a sunny beach, or a lighthouse in Maine, look at the beauty that surrounds you and smile. The more you smile, the closer you are to laughter! How to manage stress on vacation

How to manage stress/vacation

Remembering to pack your optimism along with your other favorite articles will give you a better vacation experience.....for those around you too!

People often wonder, how can a vacation be stressful?

How to manage stress/vacation Once you arrive at your destination, it is expected that your stress will melt away. But you are in a new place, surrounded by new people and this coupled with your traveling can be very stressful. Remain optimistic and remind yourself how lucky you are to be away from the daily grind and how good it feels to embark on new discoveries. By speaking these positive words onto your travel activities, you will lighten your load significantly. Laughter is a great tool. It’s highly effective, easy to apply and absolutely free. It’s very simple, but the hard part is remembering to use it when your flight might be delayed, or your hotel reservation is lost, etc; all situations which using the above mentioned service genius offers, would instantly assist you in managing. So remember in those trying moments to look for ways to incorporate laughter therapy. Laugh at how lovely you feel and let the stress go. Negative thinking may rear its ugly head, and it usually tries to, but simple laughter, relaxed breathing, and positive affirmations, knowing that all of the problems will be resolved, will send negativity on its way.


Managing Stress of the Entire Vacation Experience: Once Returning

You’ve had a wonderful time. You’ve laughed, you’ve enjoyed yourself immensely but the vacation stress is back, but in a different form because now you have to do a reverse trip and go home. Unpacking, planning, even scheduling a meal can be stressful. You’re looking forward to going home. Take a few deep breaths. You’ve had a wonderful relaxing time full of laughter and great memories! The negativity will take a back seat if you determine to let optimism and the positive thoughts from the great time you’ve had on your fabulous vacation prevail!

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