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Positive Words and Their Effect On Your Life


How Positive Words Can Change Your Outlook


“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.” – Mark Twain

It is true what we’ve heard that the very words we use can change how we are perceived by others and how we perceive ourselves. Knowing that this is true gives you added incentive to use positive words, both when speaking about yourself and when addressing others, as well.

Can You Create a Positive Outlook on Life?

Dr. Seligman is a psychologist who leads the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. He has had a long and distinguished career treating depression through techniques designed to adjust the way people view their situation.

His hypothesis was that many people suffered from learned helplessness which kept them from achieving desired success. By implementing a routine which, among other things, required individuals to actually document on a daily basis their successes, he developed an effective treatment protocol; this was dubbed learned optimism.

We can all take a lesson from this practice. Too often people focus on the negative aspects of a day and ignore those things which went well. Changing that pattern to embrace positive thinking may take practice, but it is extremely helpful in altering one’s perspective.

Which Benefits Will A Positive Attitude Give You?

There has been much concrete research correlating a positive attitude and health, so there no doubt as to the power of positive words. In a study conducted in Australia related to post-operative pain, it was found that when nurses used negative words to describe discomfort, patients reported more pain than if the nurses used neutral or positive words. This same technique can be applied to the psychological pain you encounter when dealing with all types of people from the colleagues who are less than cooperative to the instigating next door neighbor. It’s the difference between saying “I can’t stand the fact that my colleague is never on-time” or rephrasing that idea to reflect positive words by saying “My colleague continues to help me gain more patience”. With the former idea, you might feel stressed and irritated, but with the latter idea, you free your mind to focus on an aspect of your character which is gaining more power. By cultivating a positive attitude, you can see that you have gained something valuable thru the wait. Thus, that time spent waiting for your collegue can then be put to much more positive and practical good use.

Personal Development Goals: The World Around You

It’s also useful to remember that using positive words and presenting a positive attitude can have a profound effect upon both you and those around you too. Optimistic people are generally more successful and happier than those who are pessimistic. One study even found optimism may even offer some level of protection from mental and/or physical illness (Taylor et al., 2000). This is one of the reasons why we propose Laughter Therapy to help you maintain a positive outlook on life. It is natural to desire to have better family relations, more productivity in your profession and a healthy social life, so why not employ every technique you can to attain these fundamental goals? Even if you’ve never tried Laughter Therapy before, now is a great time to start!

Steps Toward Positive Words

If you are searching for a way to increase your positive vocabulary, the below is a process that can really help you alot and it is fairly simple to apply.

• Evaluate how often you use negative or pessimistic language throughout your day.
• Find ways to rephrase negative language in a positive fashion. For example, rather than tell people what
they can’t do, help them see what they can do. This applies to yourself, as well!

• Start each day with positive affirmations. Pick your own or find a positive quote on our quotes pages. Repeat them throughout the day to help you keep your thoughts on track.
• Each night, write down three things that went well during your day or that you liked about your day.

Your New Positive Outlook On Life! 

Dale Carnegie said “If we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable.” Simply becoming aware of the negative thoughts you may have previously inadvertently allowed to become part of your day will help you to decrease them. It’s beginning the process of pinpointing these negative thoughts that is so fundamental and paramount to your being able to see where you can implement your positive affirmations and inspirational words. Are the negative thoughts things you say to yourself while rushing out of the door or while having dinner? Are they most seen when you’re relaxing and joking with friends or perhaps, spoken by the gathering spot in the office? Look for where these negative thought creep into your life so that you’ll have a clear idea of where you can eliminate them from your life. By taking small steps, such as using more positive, inspirational words, you can change your perceptions over time, allowing yourself to enjoy life more fully.

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What Can A Positive Attitude Do For You? Find Out Here!


The Power of a Positive Attitude

The Mayo Clinic recently reported on several of the benefits of a positive attitude. According to their findings, optimistic people enjoy the following advantages:

• Lower levels of distress and depression
• Greater resistance to the common cold
• Longer life spans
• Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
• Better methods of stress relief
• Greater physical and psychological health

While the researchers remain unsure as to why having a positive outlook on life conveys such advantages, they prove that optimists are more likely to make healthier choices. Positive people may also decrease the effect of stress hormones on their bodies simply by dealing with stress better. When looking at life in a positive way, you can be happy about your experience in life because that’s what allows you to recognize a mistake when you’ve made it again. That can be your first step to making a positive change, by seeing the mistake repeated and embracing it with a positive attitude, instead of beating yourself up over it.

Reshape Your Perspective with Positive Words

If you are not a naturally positive person, it may seem like you are stuck with the way you view the world. The truth is that you can change. No one is suggesting that you spend your day falsely projecting a happy visage–that can actually be more stressful than being yourself. You can, however, learn to use positive words and implement positive thinking in order to affect a change in your moods.

Incorporate some of the following ideas throughout your day in order to change your outlook.

Perform an attitude check periodically.

Are your thoughts mostly positive or negative? If they are negative, make a conscious effort to change their flow.

Find opportunities to laugh.

Laughter is therapeutic on many fronts. Make time for humor in your day, whether with a daily joke, an entertaining program or just by searching for the funny aspect of a particular event.

Use positive words.

If you wouldn’t say something to someone else because it is hurtful or mean, don’t say it to yourself. This basic rule is an excellent way to start positive self-talk. Be kind to yourself and gentle with your speech.

Cultivate positive friendships.

By surrounding yourself with positive people, you can improve your ability to be positive as well. Negative people will drag you down, so eliminate them from your life wherever possible.

Smile at people.

Smiling is a very simple act you can perform each time you meet someone. Not only will it put you in a better frame of mind, those you greet will be more receptive as well.

Positive Thinking Takes Practice


Just like any other skill, learning positive thinking takes practice. If you are unaccustomed to encouraging yourself and speaking positively, you will need to practice your new mindset; the more you practice it, the more natural it will become.

Other things you can do to improve your positive attitude include eating well and getting regular exercise and sleep. It is more challenging to maintain a positive outlook when you are tired or your body lacks essential nutrients. You will also enjoy better health if you treat your body well, so the benefits multiply with little effort on your part.

Remember that you are bound to have some setbacks where you fall back into your old patterns, but persist. The rewards of a positive attitude are immeasurable, so stick with it!

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Understanding the Facts About Stress


                                                        UNDERSTANDING STRESS

Stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of the demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When we feeling stressed by something going on around us, our body react to releasing chemicals into the blood. This chemical give more energy and strength to us, which can be a good thing if their stress caused by physical danger. But it also a bad thing, if the stress is in response to something emotional and there is no outlet for this extra energy or strength.   


When we feel stress:
Stress can change your good judgement, make you feel overwhelmed. Emotional and behavioral symptoms that can accompany excess stress include nervousness, anxiety, changes in eating habits including over eating, loss of enthusiasm or energy, and mood changes, like irritability and depression.

Stress can change your good judgement and make you feel overwhelmed, but there are many effective solutions available.

How stress affects us:      

Stress affects us both of our body and our mind. People under large amount of stress can become tired, sick and unable to concentrate on work. Sometimes, they even suffer the mental breakdowns of stress.
Types of Stress:
There are two types of stress namely:

1.  Short term stress
2.  Long term stress
Physical and Mental Signs:

Short term stress- It occurs like ‘quick bursts’ that is in reaction to something in environment.
Some physical signs for short term stress:
  *Our heartbeat and breathing is  faster
  *More sweating
  *Cold hands, feet or skin
  *If you feel sick to your stomach or ‘butterflies’
  *Tightening our muscles or making us feel tense
  *Your mouth feels dry
  *Having to go to the bathroom frequently
  *Increasing muscle spasms, headaches, fatigue and shortness of breath
Some mental signs for short term stress

  *Interfering with your judgment; causing you to make bad decisions
  *When you see difficult situations as threatening, instead of temporary
  *Reduced enjoyment of simple activities and making you feel bad, even the good things you already have
  *Making it difficult for you to concentrate or deal with distraction
  *Having the state of mind of being anxious, frustrated or angry, unwilling to discuss problems with others
  *Making you feel rejected, unable to laugh, afraid of free time yet unable to work
Some of the physical signs of long term stress are as follows:
  *Changing of appetite, little to no appetite or an insatiable appetite
  *Sleeping habit will change
  *Increased ‘nervous’ behaviors such as twitching, fiddling, talking too much, nail biting, teeth grinding  and other repetitive habits
  *Other illnessness such as asthma, headaches, stomach problems, skin problems, and other aches and pains
  *Change in your sex life, pleasure and performance
  *Making you feel constantly tired and worn out


 Some of the mental signs of Long term stress are as follows:
  *Worrying and feeling anxious on a regular basis
  *Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, confused and unable to make decisions
  *Experiencing mood changes such as depression, frustration, anger, helplessness, irritability, defensiveness, irrationality, overreaction or impatience and restlessness
  *Increasing dependence on food, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs
  *Neglecting important things in life such as work, school and even personal appearance
  *Developing irrational fears of things such as physical illness, natural disasters like thunderstorms and earthquakes, and even being terrified of ordinary situations like heights or small spaces.

Spiritual benefits for stress relief:
  *Feel a sense of purpose
  *Valuable inner peace during difficult times
  *Share the burden of tough times with something greater than yourself
  *Sharing of spiritual expressions can help build your relationships with others
  *You can heal from illness or addiction faster.

By reducing stress, you can promote greater cooperation and joy in your relationships and have mental peace. It will also help if you choose to integrate spiritual principles into your daily life.
You can gain stress relief with the right techniques. We shall continue to show you how to efficiently manage stress with proven methods that are highly effective! 

You can gain stress relief with the right techniques.













You can find more information here.

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Aromatherapy Candles: A New Discovery To Enhance Your Positive Thinking Skills!


Light up your mood and your senses with aromatherapy candles!

Of all the aromatherapy products available in the market today, aromatherapy candles are the most popular ones. Available in hundreds of scents, sizes, designs, shapes, colors, and textures, aromatherapy candles are preferred by most people because they are convenient and safer to use.

In fact, by using aromatherapy candles, an ordinary room can turn into a more cozy and inviting place where one can relax. Aside from turning an ordinary setting to an extraordinary one, scented candles can also evoke various memories from the past while transporting you into a place where you can fiend serenity and tranquility.

Unlike the usual candles, aromatherapy candles are known to release small but continuous stream of herbal and floral essences as they burn into the air. As the natural chemicals and essential oils contained in each candle enter your body through breathing, the therapeutic properties of the oil steadily travel in your bloodstream to stimulate the brain.

Compared to the direct use of aromatherapy essential oils through a massage, subtle benefits can only be achieved by lighting an aromatherapy candle. But, the diffusing essential oil in scented candles can aid greatly in the alteration, enhancement, and improvement of one’s state of mind. Aside from veering you away from the toxicities of your environment, burning aromatherapy candles can also give your space a touch of nature as it enlivens and clean the air in your abode.


Unlike other aromatherapy products that require accessories, aromatherapy candles are simpler to use. All you need is a pack of your chosen scent and a match or lighter to unleash powerful and soothing scents that enhances mood, uplifts spirits while relieving tensions. Aside from lighting up the aromatherapy candle, there are various wats to enjoy it. Here are some:

1. To enjoy the best aromatherapy candle, make sure that you buy items that contain “aromatherapy candle” label not just a “scented candle” label. This is an important distinction and can assure you that you will enjoy the benefits of pure essential oils as the candles burn into the air. They should look something like this: (click on the pictures below for more details)

2. Make sure that you select the right candle for the appropriate situation. Know what your purposes are and your desired effects in using a specific aromatherapy candle.

If you wish to invigorate, treat yourself by lighting an invigorating aromatherapy candle that contain mixture of oils from the citrus and mint families such as peppermint, spearmint, basil, eucalyptus, or cedar, rosemary, cinnamon, geranium, cassia, and vanilla to stimulate and revitalize your senses quickly.

If you want to relax, opt for a relaxing aromatherapy candle that contains pure essential oils from lavender, chamomile, patchouli, geranium, and rose that can help you release stress. If you’re creativity is being altered and you’re experiencing mental block, light up a aromatherapy candles that can help you concentrate such as those that contain citrus essential oils like lemon, orange, grapefruit, lemongrass, and bergamot.

And if you want to add atmosphere to your space, opt for aromatherapy candles that contains sensual essential oils like ylang ylang, vanilla, neroli, rose, clary sage, and sandalwood. Another good choice, you can find here:

3. Make sure that you light up aromatherapy candles that can complement each other. Avoid burning candles that compete with the fragrance of other candles because the combination of these can produce a heavy scent that can cause you headache.

4. Make it a routine to light up aromatherapy candles so your body can get used to the therapeutic benefits of various essential oils.

5. In order to enjoy the maximum benefit of an aromatherapy candle, make sure that you choose the candle that is appropriate for your need and desired effect. Thank goodness there are many to choose from in this specific area! You might like some of these:


Whichever your choices, know that these specific types of candles, enhanced with essential oils are there to help you alleviate the everyday stress and enhance your positive thinking skills. Just by taking the time to light a candle while brewing a good cup of tea, is already a way to relax and bring the bring the quieting effects of a peaceful life upon you. It’s making the time to implement these “small treasures” that is important. Once you start with this, it will be much easier to allow the positive thoughts to flow.
Let us know if you try these techniques and how you like them. We will be offering many more, so be sure to check back with us!

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Surviving This Age Of Mass Technology







Online Pc & Mac Stress

It’s become so popular and so taken for granted that you can hardly imagine your life without it. From the minute you wake up, arrive at your workplace, technology, particularly the Internet, encompasses your daily life. You love it, or maybe you hate it, but you depend on it, and can’t survive a day without it. It is no wonder that online PC/ Mac stress is such a common malady that plagues our society today! More and more people are getting online these days so searching for someone who does NOT include technology in their life is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Today it’s more common to “chat” with an absolute stranger who lives on a differnt continent every single day, yet go weeks without even saying “hi” to your next door neighbor, in person. Just the other day, I even found myself entering a password on my microwave oven, for crying out loud!     



Everyone marches to the tune that technology has given us and this means that online stress must be addressed.

 Today’s young people are becoming increasingly computer literate at younger ages than ever before. They thrive on social networking, watching videos, chatting, online games and even research for homework assignments. There is a strong possibility that classroom learning will eventually become extinct, replaced by man-made technological systems. We have to practically fight with our kids to get them away from the computer. A child who sits before a monitor can be engaged and intrigued by his or her activity for hours! The ultimate punishment to a kid nowadays is no longer just depriving them of dessert or outside playtime. The most horrendous punishment imaginable today is banning kids from using the computer.  Yet, if you imagine the benefits your children can obtain by spending those hours in front of a screen with positive words and positive affirmations, then you can see to it that your children gain more benefits from their time spent in front of computers.     

 As reasonable adults, can we even fathom going a single day without sending or receiving a text message or email, whether the intention is for work or leisure? Well, if you find yourself emailing your colleague in the cubicle next to yours to ask if they’re ready to go to lunch, it might be kind of difficult to imagine even a day without modern technology. God forbid that your computers break down, contract a much dreaded virus or malfunction in some other way that you are ill-equipped to remedy. It is a scenario that has the power to ruin your entire day, although I have heard a few colleagues say “my computer doesn’t get bugs, it just gets random features on occasion”. It’s been said that artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity, and when computers break down, it’s not so easy not to feel stupid, especially if you have a tempermental computer, like mine. Every single problem it has mysteriously vanishes just as soon as the repair person arrives right outside the door. (yes, payment for exery outgoing call for assistance, is expected.) Not only could your work suffer, but your peace of mind can be momentarily destroyed as well. You can feel agitated as you anxiously await the moment that your beloved technology is restored. PC/ Mac stress is inevitable for most of us, even the anxiety resulting from a disruption in our service. 


It's not easy to stay stress free if your computer breaks in the middle of a busy day.


 As an age that is literally dependent on technology and the Internet, it’s a good idea to remind yourself to take breaks from using your electronic devices for just work and sending and receiving personal email. How about treating yourself to an uplifting, inspiring site from which you can extract positive words to memorize to alleviate daily stress? There are websites like this one on which you can find encouraging quotes uttered by famous individuals from Shakespeare to Norman Vincent Peale. Never underestimate the power of not only positive thinking, but also positive words and affirmation! And if it’s paperwork on your PC or Mac that’s stressful, by all means, get the assistance you need: Have a Mac? QuickBooks Comes Built for Mac OS – Looks & Works as Expected. Easy to Learn & Use. Buy Now and Save 20% + Free Shipping.

Despite the stress from hours spent online, you can decide to be uplifted and empowered online.


The Value of Technology


 Technology has HUGE entertainment value – that is one of its most irresistible features. If you can log onto a comic video site after an otherwise mundane work day, you will reap the benefits of laughter without ever leaving your comfort zones. Psychologists have tried for years to educate us on the benefits of laughter. Technology makes these benefits readily accessible, including humor. So why not take advantage of this benefit today? Give yourself a 5 minute break to watch your favorite stand-up comedian.


 Despite our deep, abiding adoration for our Macs and PCs, technology brings its own set of stressors. On any given day, you might accidentally delete or lose important files, or suffer the injustice of having them corrupted. I’ve been through that, and know few people who haven’t. You might feel the excruciating pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Our backs, shoulders and eyesight may suffer from prolonged hours seated before a monitor. Why not use the same vehicle to assist you in managing stress?

We can choose to let technology help us laugh with distant friends while viewing the same video.


 The solution may be to get medical attention in some cases; but if you take frequent breaks and fill your mind with positive affirmations, you are bound to get those benefits and feel better. It is not unusual to see post-its with positive affirmations stuck to a computer monitor, especially in the workplace. You can even load cherished, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations onto your screen-saver. This insures that they are the first words you see whenever you log on, so that will set a good tone for whatever you do once you’re logged in.


 Technology is here to stay. As such, we might as well work on new ways to use it in positive, life-enhancing ways.
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