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3 Keys You Need To Remember Before Making Decisions


3 Keys To Good Decision Making

Why is the decision making process suchHow to manage stress with decisions a chore? Most likely because we tend to think that the decision will irrevocably affect the rest of our lives. Thank goodness that’s not always the case. But nonetheless, you can gain a lot from streamlining your decision making process and that’s fundamental in learning how to manage stress effectively.

Even the slightest decision over what to wear for the day can be stressful, especially if you’re also dealing with closet clutter. So how much more mental energy is required when you have to decide on bigger and more important matters? Try these keys to make that process easier for yourself.


Here Are 3 Keys To Remember Before Making Decisions:

1. Apply The Right Framing

Let’s take the analogy of taking a picture. When you look through the lens of the camera, you try to see ifHow to manage stress with decisions the frame is too small or too wide. You check to make sure your focus is where you want it, right?

Now let’s apply that to your decision making process. Do you use a narrow frame when you look at the decision? What do you do to step back in order to see the wider perspective? Sometimes the culprit of the decision making process simply seeing the picture in too narrow or too wide a frame.

With the application of the right framing, you want to take 1 zoom in and 1 zoom out to see the decision more clearly. You want to keep your overall objectives in that picture frame while zooming.

2. Implement Innovative Alternatives

You might have your own preferred idea about the decision to be made, yet keeping an open mind keeps your possibilities for growth open, too.  This decision might be the opportunity for you to think out of the box like a pro so brainstorming ideas with an open mind is an asset. You might forget this in the decision making process because it’s natural to think in your regular patterns of thought.

Try to explore your creative side. Let your preferred decision sit for a minute so that your creative side can bring forth new ideas. This also helps you in practicing how to manage stress with new methods.

For example, let’s take a big decision that you are facing and say you’ve already got your first idea in place. With this principle in mind, you’re going to put that first choice on the burner for a moment, and instead, get your creativity flowing first. A good exercise would be to take the decision and write it out with 4 different ideas. Using a mind map is a really effective tool for this exercise.


3. Keep Your Core Values = You Can Be Happy Either Way

Your core values are highest on your list, so no matter which decisions you make, if they are always in harmony with your core values, then you’ll always be able to be happy about them either way.

How to manage stress with decisionsOne thing is for sure, the power to choose is yours. So if your decision is a reflection of your core values, then you’ll always walk away a winner.

Take a moment and reflect on the things that are most important to you. The key to understanding yourself is to know and understand what you want. Your ideas about life tend to change as you go through life, so it’s always a good idea to examine if or how your core values have changed, as well.

The decisions you made even a year ago, were the result of your consciousness at that time, but haven’t you done a lot of different things in the last 365 days? Use the new input to evaluate your growth and step into your new shoes of the decision making process.


Streamlining your decision making process gives you the wonderful opportunity to do that.

Try these 3 keys to unlock the door of your new possibilities with your decision making process. Discovering how to manage stress effectively encompasses even the most stressful processes, like decision making. But with the ability to zoom effectively, embrace creativity and your core values as they evolve, you will find it easier to approach the decision making process with more tranquility.

Here’s to your decision making success!

What’s the most difficult aspect of making decisions that you face? Let’s about it and ask any questions you might have in the comments section!

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P.S. I usually don’t post on consecutive days in order to give you more time to let my previous post melt in, but today only happens once every 4 years, so HAPPY LEAP YEAR!

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How To Manage Stress To Gain Success: 10 Benefits From A Case Study and A Formula


How To Manage Stress To Gain Success: 10 Benefits From A Case Study and A Formula

I knew I wanted things to be different, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting those different results. Have you ever felt this way about things in your life? If so, then this case study and resulting formula, which yields at least 10 major benefits, will help you.

To begin with, here’s a bit of background information. Knowing how to manage stress effectively and practicing ways of managing stress effectively are two very different things. I know that all habits, both the good and the not so good, begin with the human mind and all actions are simply a result of that beginning. With this knowledge, I set out to make a change in both areas:

How To Manage Stress to Gain Success The Inner: Mind


The Outer: Habits

You see, too often, there seems to be a conflict going on between the inner and the outer. To me, it feels something like an tug of war.
The mind comes up with so many great ideas to incorporate and that’s great…just until it’s time to try them.
Then I would find how hard it is to break old, stubborn habits!
I’m talking habits so stubborn to break that they make becoming a black belt in karate just to learn how to break cement actually seem quite easy in comparison.

There were 2 areas that I saw needed improvement:

The first was a Twitter membership that I’d opened over a year ago. I’d done very little to cultivate its growth. To be honest with you, I hadn’t much understood how it worked when I started my membership, so I just kind of let it sit there.
Second, I’ve had years of weight gain around the holiday season. But by the end of 2011, I knew I didn’t want to see the same results from the same habits in January 2012.

The Case Study

So I based this case study around 2 main goals:

1. Social media growth. Twitter was the only main focus, but later you’ll see how this goal inadvertently included Facebook and Klout. My goal was to gain at least 1,000 Twitter followers who are related to my interests in life.

2. Weight increase during holiday time. My goal was to not have the big fluctuations in size that I’d always had in the past. I wanted to be able to fit my clothes in January without hearing the sound of my buttons popping faster than the way popcorn pops in a hot skillet.

These 2 areas have nothing to do with each other, but their bond was that both areas needed a big change in habits.

I began this challenge around November of 2011 with 123 followers on Twitter (yep, you guessed it, mom, dad, siblings, cousins, etc…), and a rather stable weight. Although I must admit, I’ve always battled with the weight gaining blues, so making it over the holiday hump was not going to be easy. I’m the type who’d rather jump out of a plane than give up delicious holiday food!

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessSo, I did some research and to cut a very long story short, I found some great articles in publications like The Science Daily, such as creative visualization for better eating habits and also creative visualization for goal accomplishment.

In addition, I’d heard about the Harvard University study made on 2 groups: 1 group who only visualized playing the piano and the other group who actually studied on pianos. I have to admit, I was astonished by the facts that I read everywhere, especially what I found here.

Actually, I found more proof and facts than space would permit me to publish in this post.

Science had actually proven the correlation between what you see in your mind and the experiences that those images lead you to live in your outer world. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a fact seeker. Not that I don’t believe testimonies like Erin Henry’s powerful story of how positive affirmations can change your life, but if science can back up these ideas, all the better!

The Formula

All of this is what lead me discover this formula that I’d like to share with you:


Practicing How To Manage Stress The Right Way Is How You Get The Pigs Flying In Your Life

Have you ever heard that expression “I’ll believe that when I see pigs fly”?
If there are situations where you feel like it’s more probable to see pigs fly, then know that from today on, you can get the “pigs flying” in your life. You have the power within you to learn how to manage stress effectively and accomplish more than you can imagine.

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessI sure felt like it would be easier to see pigs fly rather than get the big changes I wanted to see in the results of the objectives of this case study. Time had shown me that no matter what diet I tried before the holidays, I would always have to hold my breath just to fit into my clothes come January. On the other hand, with Twitter, I didn’t even have a clue as to how that platform worked.

So these were both, very challenging areas.

But something odd happened. In researching so many different facts, I discovered something I’ll call “deciphering your code”. So just what is deciphering your code and how can it help you?

How To Decipher Your Code and Apply It

To decipher your code is to gather all of the good images and emotions from great moments of success in your life. Those are the moments that you have already deciphered your code for success. Those are the moments that you’ve tasted victory! Then you apply your success code by retaining those images in your mind like a DVD.

Finding those moments of victory is a really simple and fun exercise!

Simply ponder on anything victorious in your life. It can be anything, like: the feelings you had when you got your first driver’s license, or the feelings you had when you completed your first job successfully or even the video game you won last night.
Then you apply it by playing through these moments of success in your life, as if you’re watching a DVD in your mind. This is the DVD that you will apply to your daily activities.

Referring back to the beginning of this post, we discussed where habits begin…in the mind. So to reprogram your habits more easily, you can start by placing different thoughts in your mind. This is what changed my results surrounding the objectives of this case study…..but I discovered so much more….

Many people are participants aboard the ship of your life,

but you have the power to steer your vessel to

set new waves of energy throughout the ocean.

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessYou see, you have more power within you to change any situation in your life than anyone else in the world. You may deal with irate bosses, uncooperative colleagues and many other family situations which make teamwork a challenge, but while those people may be members on the ship of your life, no one has the power to steer that vessel like you can.

By playing through the DVD of your success code, you are steering your vessel through your emotional level of victory. This is the point from which you want to project energy onto your new challenges. Projecting energy from your emotional level of victory is a powerful action that sets new waves of energy in the ocean of your experiences.

Try this in the morning: when you wake up, take a minute to remember a moment of victory before you get out of bed. When I did this, what happened was, it changed the feelings I had while getting out of bed, as well as my vision towards the day. I found it easier to wake up with a smile and start the day with a better mood. I got those benefits even after nights when I had not slept the amount of hours I prefer to sleep.

Throughout the day, try this: simply continue taking a minute here and there to “see” the victorious moments of your success code DVD. When you do this, it gives you a better perspective on your current objectives. Then comes the momentum, which gives you even more positive energy to produce new results.

If you take even as little as 2 minutes at different intervals throughout your day to review your DVD, this will remind you that “you did it!”. That’s the type of energy you need. The more you play your DVD throughout the day, the more powerful the projection of energy you gain. Focusing on that energy before performing routine habits will give you a new plan for changing them.

When discovering how to manage stress with new methods, you set a wonderful metamorphosis into action by playing this success code DVD through your mind. New habits like practicing the 3 P’s with positive self-talk become easier to grasp.

How Your Deciphered Code Sets Your New Trail To Blazing With Vitality

The 10 Benefits

If you regularly play your mental DVD of your deciphered success code, you’ll notice yourself getting these 10 big benefits:

  1. Strong Motivation

  2. Increased Energy

  3. Powerful Momentum

  4. Success Over Negativity

  5. Inner Direction and Guidance

  6. Focus and Concentration

  7. Feelings of Fulfillment

  8. Feelings of Accomplishment

  9. Insight, Inspiration and Intuitiveness

  10. New Belief Systems


Case Study Results

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessI played my DVD through at least 3 times a day, spending just minutes reliving those great moments.

As a result, I noticed that I wasn’t going overboard on the delicacies during the holiday parties and even new information on how to build a twitter following, all of a sudden, became visible.

I’m pretty sure they were always there, but with the negative energy of confusion about how Twitter worked, I probably hadn’t really seen them. Just like the willpower to turn down overloading on special holiday treats was always present, but it had most likely eluded me because I hadn’t considered changing that habit from its root…from within my mind, first.
(and no, I didn’t starve through the holidays, either! :-) )

With the new clarity I got, I knew which twitter services would help me to gain real followers who were truly related to my interests in life. I also got great insight to easily see through the “fast follower” unethical schemes which wouldn’t have added any value to my goal of building relationships with people who share my interests in life .

Consequently, my Facebook and Klout numbers increased, as well. Those were just by-products from my Twitter membership though. It was like getting an extra bonus from the formula because I hadn’t even focused on changing those results.

From the new energy levels I got, I found myself taking healthier actions with my eating habits and exercise. My new habits were in harmony with the new body images that were being created in my mind. In essence, I saw a completely different plan of action to execute and got the momentum I needed to execute that new plan of action from applying this formula throughout my day.

How Do You Change Your Inner Belief Systems?

Readers have written in asking “how do you change your belief systems?” Filling your mind with healthyHow to manage stress to gain success images of yourself is surely a very well-proven, well-tested method for achieving that goal.

In fact, creative visualization as a practice, has been working for millions of people across the planet for many, many years.

Yet, sometimes you might not have such a clear idea of exactly what you want to visualize. With the process of tapping into to your emotional energy levels of success, you also get new images of how success looks to you as you grow forth. That’s one of the special things about deciphering your code that I discovered in this case study.





This method of tapping into your previously claimed, achieved victory works great if you have vague ideas about general areas where you would like to see improvement, as well. Those areas where you might not necessarily have a clear picture of how you would like the end result to look, but you just know you want a change.

Your unique DVD works by continually keeping your mind and your highest emotional energy levels focused in the right direction. Then this formula gives you more clarity to see how to keep your life in the direction of your DVD. This is how belief systems are created…..and modified: through your emotions.

These powerful self-images make a valuable difference in the ocean of your life experiences. Those facts and findings are also part of what brought me to the conclusions found in the post positive affirmations will not work for you, unless….. These are the exact self-images that distinguish the difference between the two sets of people in that post.

How To Manage Stress With More Focus On Your Success

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessTo get the pigs flying in your life, it’s important for you to know how to manage stress effectively and practice those good habits.

Playing your unique DVD through your mind on a daily basis, you will also be keeping your mind further away from stressful issues and more focused on your power to achieve new goals.

Positive energy begets positive energy.

So do yourself a favor and try this formula for your success over stress with your new projects. Pick 2 areas where you’d like to see a change, then pick 3 moments during the day where you’ll set aside 2 minutes to practice your new formula for achieving those changes. You’ll notice a difference even in as little as 1 month.

When my friends saw me in January, they actually thought I had lost weight over the holidays. (Sure….kind of makes me wonder what they were used to seeing me look like in January :-( , and ever so thankful that I had changed that pattern! :-) ) And today, my social media memberships have grown more than I had expected.

Successful stress management means successful self-management and it all begins with your mind. Beginning your day with your deciphered code of success trains your mind to start the day without carrying over the weight of yesterday. This formula helps you to start from your successful mental state of mind, instead of worries, complaints, or fears.

This helps you to stay in the positive flow of practicing how to manage stress effectively and this action keeps you from the stumbling blocks of the past. The greatest images of yesterday that you keep constant in your mind are the good yesterdays of your deciphered code of success, and that’s the best way to set the waves of the ocean on course for a better tomorrow!

Here’s to your managing stress more effectively with your new formula!

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Stay tuned…..we have a lot more coming up on this powerful topic!

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How to mange stress: HOME

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How To Manage Stress For Young Girls? Empower Them With New Video Resources!


How To Manage Stress: Something Special For Young Girls

A New Way To Empower Young Girls Online

How to manage stress for kidsOnce upon a time there was a young girl who possessed great talent in singing. Her only problem was that she was afraid to be in front of the camera and she did not know how to manage stress effectively. So her solution was to cover her face with a towel and sing her heart out underneath it.

Today, there is a better solution.

This young girl was encouraged and nurtured by a special group of her peers, found at a new social gaming site called Sweety High.  She was given help and courage by her peers, and through this, came out of her nutshell. Subsequently, that little girl discovered how to come out of her comfort zone and she actually faced the camera, too.

A Community Helping Kids Learn To How To Manage Stress Effectively

Sweety High is an online community that aims to help all the teens to manage stress effectively. It’s a valuable resource for girls 8 to 16 years old, especially in this age of bullying. It is also a fun online gaming site that lets the girls accumulate points and rewards to make their experience there more refreshing and exciting.

How to manage stress for kidsSweety High’s co-founder, Veronica Zelle is greatly inspired and thankful for the benefit her site gives to teens. She’s gratified by her participation in making a safe online sanctuary for tweens and teens. Precaution is also a necessary act to follow in order to maintain order and prevent cyber bullying. This for sure would helps parents to feel feel secure about their children’s activity online.

I recently read an article in Child Development which addressed a very real problem that we as a society face with the obsession kids have with online video games. In this article, video game addiction as a stress management tool was uncovered. When taken too far, video game addiction can be just as destructive to the community as any addiction, and we’ve all read the stories in the newspapers which vividly illustrate that fact.

This is why a healthy solution of online games with a foundation based on empowering and strengthening youngsters is so important and why I wanted to share this discovery with you today.

A Place Where Video Games Are Safe and Healthy

I think the games that they have created online will be a big hit to all the teens out there, as the ones currently taking advantage of these benefits will tell you. They have made it a point to make girls find the creative side of them while also getting rewarded while doing so. The site was made for girls only mainly because girls get to encourage each other every time they get together, most especially when in a creative environment.

Teen girls are also learning how to manage stress with the help of their best buddies. Sweety High also serves as a stress relief center for girls who have problems coping on the outside world. It implements stress management techniques so as to make the girls feel much better about themselves and the world around them.

A Way To Counteract The Stress Of Bullying

How to manage stress for kidsDuring this age, when some may encounter bullying which may be a result from having girls get together with groups of boys, it’s especially important that these girls know they have somewhere where they can turn for help. Girls at this age may not know how to act properly when they are around boys and they
might even react in somewhat of a different manner from their usual selves.

Upon playing one of their online games, the girls get to earn hearts as a form of currency every time they move from one level to another. This is particularly symbolic. They also get to vote for that one girl of who they think deserves their support in a contest or for her creativity. Upon voting, they are giving
up their hearts that in turn gets to be accumulated on a karma bank that gives them a chance to win amazing prizes. It’s a total win-win situation and the girls love it!

Sweety High teens also enjoy the liberty of uploading and posting their beautiful creations like writing, photography, videos, and artwork online that will not just showcase their talent and help them express the courage in showcasing it, but also give them yet another chance to win fabulous prizes.

I learned that one of the participants even won the grand prize from a contest where she was allowed to spend one whole day with the world renowned musician Greyson Chance. She was also given the chance to participate and perform on one of his musical concerts, too.

The virtue that the makers of Sweety High works on is truly a refreshing way of helping young girls, most especially teens, to see their potential and embrace their innate talents. They get to learn from an early age on exactly how to manage stress effectively to overcome their fears and access victory!

Sweety High helps in fulfilling their every wish and inspiring them to make the best of what they have. It gives young girls a great way to feel empowered, courageous and victorious and these are the qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives!

Here’s to successful stress management for kids!

You can find more links to assist you here: Great stress management tools: links


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Stress Management and Money: 3 Tips


Your 3 Step Plan To Manage Stress Concerning Your Money

Stress Management Money Freedom ImageWhen thinking about your money and your financial situation, do you notice your mood swinging into a “down the hill” sort of way? (see: symptoms of stress/stress management) Would you like to have stress relief from your past ideas concerning money? Effective stress management means facing those situations which make you feel uneasy (even to the point of nauseousness) with full steam. So get ready to tackle this ferocious tiger, which you will turn into a house cat with your courage to begin!

Let’s begin by stating an irrevocable fact: 2012 does not have to be like 2011 or any of the years before. You can make a difference this year and take your financial standing by the horns! It’s important to believe deep down in your heart that things can and will be different as this belief in your capacity to make a difference will propel you forward.

3 Ways You Can Manage Stress Concerning Money:

1. Review your financial goals for this year.

Schedule time for yourself to write out how you would like to see this year differ from the previous years. Schedule this the same way you would schedule and honor a dentist appointment because it’s that important in order for you to really make this year different from the previous years. Would you like to see your savings change? Then set out a plan for it—but on paper because this will help you to focus and commit.

money managementI don’t know about you, but I had heard the motto PAY YOURSELF FIRST for years, but it wasn’t until I actually sat down and set out a strategy to do so that it became attainable. You need actionable steps to take, so program that into your lifestyle. Even saving $1.00 a day is just $35.00 dollars a month, but that will be $365.00 dollars saved at the end of the year which you might have let slip through your fingers were you not consciously aware (through the form of writing out your plan) of your new commitment.

Start small and make a commitment. It’s better to know you can easily reach a set figure than to set a goal which is so high that it becomes more difficult to process. Whatever plan you use for your smaller commitment will essentially be part of any bigger plan you’ll have, but it’s the commitment to yourself which is key.
*Note: If you tend to procrastinate this first step, then read end procrastination and apply those techniques to help you get started.

2. Review your mental mindset.

This is more than just seeing the glass half full or half empty. This is all about your core ideas concerning money.

money managementDeep down, do you believe that money is there to serve you or do you serve money and most importantly how do your ACTIONS reflect your mental mindset? Also take a look at how you’ve perceived money over the years to see if you’ve always felt there was never enough or if there were times when you were satisfied with your income and money management. This type of reflection is important for your moving forward in managing stress effectively concerning your money management because it will show you the areas we’re going to clean out, change and improve on in the next step.

If credit cards and loans are a big problem, then you might want to consider reshaping your mental mindset about what you really need….and what you don’t. You don’t need debt and you don’t need stress from debt, so it’s a good idea to look for which patterns of behavior are not in harmony with your overall financial goals. Is the new car really something to take you from point A to point B, or is it to impress your _____fill in the blank. Make a defining statement of who you are and use positive affirmations to help you keep your eye on your real and true goals in life. The bottom line: impressing anyone out there cannot and will not ever compare to the great impression you will gain within yourself from reaching your financial goals!

*NOTE: It’s a good idea to start with micro financial goals as explained well in The Simple Dollar.
**If living large is the only way for you, then check out some tips on how to do so without infringing on your mental mindset and financial goals at: Wisebead.

3. De-clutter

It’s strange how this works, but when you physically get rid of clutter and chaos in your home and office, that becomes the catalyst for ridding yourself of the clutter in your mind, as we spoke of in step #2.

This article in Leo Babauta’s Site illustrates this point with great clarity in point number 13. Again, the note on micro goals can help you a lot, so you might want to start with something small, like a drawer or 1 bookshelf.

money managementWhen starting fresh and managing stress concerning your finances, remember that having “visual thought space” is important to help you in organizing and achieving your new plan. You really need this type of de-cluttering in order to do what you set out to do the objectives we discussed in step #1.

We’ve written about closet clutter earlier and that’s a good guideline to help you to get rid of the things you don’t need or use. One of the best things about using the philosophy from the closet clutter relief article for “any other type of clutter” is that it trains your mind to let go of emotional attachment to physical possessions and let’s face it, stress management is useful for your money management mainly because of physical possessions. Freeing yourself from strong emotional attachment to these “things” (many of which, were lined up for the goodwill anyways) get you moving forward in the right direction of getting your money to work FOR you, instead of just working for money.

Poor is a state of mind, broke is only a temporary condition.

We’ll be covering much more on this important topic, given the amount of stress which stems from issues pertaining to this topic, so be sure to sign up for the latest news at the top left corner of this page, bookmark our site or get the rss feed so you can keep abreast of the new developments.

In the meantime, we have something very exciting and very special to inform you about which will surely help you in every facet of life!

Get yourself turbo charged on your new path in obtaining your financial success and so much more that you’ve desired towards improving the quality of your life. Join us in I IGNITE! Stress management will be a lot easier after attending this incredibly powerful event!
Here are the details:

I Can Do It Ignite! an information packed weekend conference to occupy your mind with 20 minute bursts of incredible wisdom!

This is your chance to personally interact with 27 of the most influential leaders in the industry of empowerment. You will come away from this event transformed and energized to achieve more than you ever have before!

If you’re not on the west coast, then grab your ticket for this spectacular event in Atlanta!
money managementHay House, Inc

Please let us know your ideas about this topic in the comments section, share this post with someone you think it could help and drop by and say hi on facebook! You can also tweet with us on Twitter.

Here’s to the best of your stress management success!

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Top 10 Ways You Can Have Stress Free Holidays


Manage Stress During The Holidays: 10 Tips For Instant Results

As the holiday season descends upon us, many of us are already getting out our decorations, planning holiday visits and organizing our shopping lists. There are endless lists to make and endless errands to run, not to mention the many arrivals of out of town relatives. The holidays are that one time of year when everyone deals with managing stress in a vast myriad of ways, but this year, you can choose something new and different and thus, get thru the holidays stress free!

Here Are 10 Ways You Can Manage Stress Effectively at the Holidays:

Hay House, Inc.
1. Do something nice for yourself!

Stress ManagementChances are, you will be quite busy doing a lot of nice things for others, so don’t forget to place yourself on that list too! Cuddling and affection are known to reduce the blood pressure and calm the mind, so hold someone in your arms, or your pet for at least 3 minutes so you can get the stress relieving, calming benefits. Luckily, even hugging trees is beneficial and it relieves stress, so ’tis the season to remember to hug everyone and everything!
Result: Your approach will be more serene and intuitive.

2. Don’t let the holiday blues get you down.

Understand that the holiday blues are normal and everyone goes through them.
Some people are in the blues because of all of the family obligations they will have while others are in the blues because they have no family or are too far. Wherever you look, people have their down moments during the holidays, so realize that you’re not the only one feeling that way and decide to take action to lift your blues. Take a long walk in the fresh air of a park or do some journaling about things you like in your life, then you can apply some laughter therapy. Realize it’s ok to get down, but you don’t want to stay down and taking action will help you.
Result: You will connect with the world around you instead of feeling different from others.

3. Do regular check-ins with yourself to evaluate how you’re doing.

If you’re starting to feel stressed, that’s the time to stop before it gets to be too much. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need a break, then take it. Remember way #1 and be good to yourself. Go get a massage or take a hot bath. The winter gives us less contact with natural sunlight and this can lead to a sluggish feeling, so remember to nuture yourself by getting as much natural sunlight during the day as you can. Let positive self-talk help you by saying to yourself “I’m commited to having a serene holiday season this year!”
Result: You will stay dedicated to your inner intentions.

4. Keep it simple.

You might tend to do too much during the holiday season, so it’s a good time to ask yourself if everything you always do during the holidays is really necessary. As a society, many times we get so caught up in getting the right gifts, cooking the right food, and having the right decorations that we forget the true meaning of the holiday season. If you keep it simple, it’s easier to align yourself with the essence of the holidays and thereby, cultivate ideas that are in harmony with the true simplicity of the holiday season, which makes managing stress during the holidays a lot easier.
Result: You will see what’s really important and gain deeper perspective.

5. Make a firm decision.

If you decide right now, here, today, that you will not stress over whatever you have stressed over at past holiday seasons, chances are, you won’t. Many times, it takes making a conscious decision about what your holiday season really means to you, then sticking with it. This can also be applied to the things you feel you “have to do”. If you feel you have to do something undesireable, then ask yourself if the world would end if you didn’t do it. Chances are, it might only create some waves in the sea, but “smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors”. If you practice managing stress well during your holidays, know that you’ll have that extra ability for other matters during the year, as well.
Result: You will gain inner courage, strength and peace by eliminating unnecessary stress.

6. Forget the past pains.

This one might be a little tough to apply, but creative visualization can help you! If you’ve decided you will go to that relative’s house knowing that that is the relative who always insults you, then put way #5 into action by deciding that you will let those painful words go in one ear and out the other. Set up your game plan in advance and visualize yourself making your new responses. Maybe when that relatve starts, you’ll see that as your cue to go walk the dog or take out the trash.
Result: You will free yourself from past burdens.

7. Practice saying “No, that’s not something I can do right now”.

Too many times you might feel stressed because you have taken on too much. You have even more obbligations and duties during the holidays season, so that’s even more reason why it’s important to practice saying no. Take this holiday season as an opportunity for you to excercise your capacity to set boundaries and chances are, your boundaries will be respected next holiday season, as well.
Result: You teach others how to respect your time and energy.

8. Do something totally different!

Sometimes a diversion from “the usual routine” or something spontaneous is all you need to loosen up and gain new perspective. Consider going away for the holidays. Do you remember the fabulously funny movie Home Alone? Maybe it’s time to try spending the holiday season in a different city (without leaving behind your kids!), or a great time to try hiking in the mountains.
Result: You open your mind to accept and receive new rewarding experiences!

9. Eat specific food.

Instead of french fries and pizza, try eating more rice and pasta because these types of carbohydrates will give you serotonin, which is the hormone which sends happy feelings to your brain. If you’re at the mall, instead of getting some potato chips, try almonds which will in turn, give you mood stabilizing hormones like dopamine. Even chocolate contains the important stress relieving magnesium and is also known to lower stress levels. You can read more on that at this source.
Result: By taking care of your inside, your outside will be stronger, feel better!

10. Make frequent foot massages.

All you need is an old sock and 2 tennis balls. Then run your bare feet over the tennis balls in the sock and indulge in the pleasurable feeling! You will be massaging over 7,000 endorphines which will invigorate as well relax you!
Result: By remembering to be good to yourself, you will have a much more positive attitude about all of the other things you will be doing for others.

Managing stress during the holidays is a challenge for most people, but if you can try new ways to manage stress at a time like the holidays, then you will have an edge on managing stress during the whole year, as well!

Let us know which ways you’re going to apply this holiday season, or feel free to share some new tips with us in the comments section.

We look forward to seeing which practice you will commit to in the comments section! You’ll notice that by just commenting on your commitment, you will (even without necessarily realizing it) honor your decision as opportunities to implement your commitment will “coincidentally” appear. That’s what’s happened with me on countless occasions. One thing is for sure, life always shows the areas to be improved upon until action is taken to improve them, so I hope you get some great results!

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