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3 Keys You Need To Remember Before Making Decisions


3 Keys To Good Decision Making

Why is the decision making process suchHow to manage stress with decisions a chore? Most likely because we tend to think that the decision will irrevocably affect the rest of our lives. Thank goodness that’s not always the case. But nonetheless, you can gain a lot from streamlining your decision making process and that’s fundamental in learning how to manage stress effectively.

Even the slightest decision over what to wear for the day can be stressful, especially if you’re also dealing with closet clutter. So how much more mental energy is required when you have to decide on bigger and more important matters? Try these keys to make that process easier for yourself.


Here Are 3 Keys To Remember Before Making Decisions:

1. Apply The Right Framing

Let’s take the analogy of taking a picture. When you look through the lens of the camera, you try to see ifHow to manage stress with decisions the frame is too small or too wide. You check to make sure your focus is where you want it, right?

Now let’s apply that to your decision making process. Do you use a narrow frame when you look at the decision? What do you do to step back in order to see the wider perspective? Sometimes the culprit of the decision making process simply seeing the picture in too narrow or too wide a frame.

With the application of the right framing, you want to take 1 zoom in and 1 zoom out to see the decision more clearly. You want to keep your overall objectives in that picture frame while zooming.

2. Implement Innovative Alternatives

You might have your own preferred idea about the decision to be made, yet keeping an open mind keeps your possibilities for growth open, too.  This decision might be the opportunity for you to think out of the box like a pro so brainstorming ideas with an open mind is an asset. You might forget this in the decision making process because it’s natural to think in your regular patterns of thought.

Try to explore your creative side. Let your preferred decision sit for a minute so that your creative side can bring forth new ideas. This also helps you in practicing how to manage stress with new methods.

For example, let’s take a big decision that you are facing and say you’ve already got your first idea in place. With this principle in mind, you’re going to put that first choice on the burner for a moment, and instead, get your creativity flowing first. A good exercise would be to take the decision and write it out with 4 different ideas. Using a mind map is a really effective tool for this exercise.


3. Keep Your Core Values = You Can Be Happy Either Way

Your core values are highest on your list, so no matter which decisions you make, if they are always in harmony with your core values, then you’ll always be able to be happy about them either way.

How to manage stress with decisionsOne thing is for sure, the power to choose is yours. So if your decision is a reflection of your core values, then you’ll always walk away a winner.

Take a moment and reflect on the things that are most important to you. The key to understanding yourself is to know and understand what you want. Your ideas about life tend to change as you go through life, so it’s always a good idea to examine if or how your core values have changed, as well.

The decisions you made even a year ago, were the result of your consciousness at that time, but haven’t you done a lot of different things in the last 365 days? Use the new input to evaluate your growth and step into your new shoes of the decision making process.


Streamlining your decision making process gives you the wonderful opportunity to do that.

Try these 3 keys to unlock the door of your new possibilities with your decision making process. Discovering how to manage stress effectively encompasses even the most stressful processes, like decision making. But with the ability to zoom effectively, embrace creativity and your core values as they evolve, you will find it easier to approach the decision making process with more tranquility.

Here’s to your decision making success!

What’s the most difficult aspect of making decisions that you face? Let’s about it and ask any questions you might have in the comments section!

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Stress Busters: 10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend!


Stress Busters: Get The Most Out Of Your Weekend!

One of the best ways to really enjoy your T.G.I.F. and ensure that you start next week with a bang is to seeLaughter therapy stress management image to it that happiness is your priority, especially over the weekend.

How many times has your weekend been an endless routine of “the same things, over and over again”?      You might find that cycle a bit mundane, boring and dull.

Well, this is your chance to break free from that cycle and do something different!

If you just try doing something different during this weekend, then you will surely bring new energy and new experiences to your week.

This type of breaking free from the cycle is precisely the type of action that offers you the ability to access new perceptions about your life, and that gives you a lot of new power to manage stress effectively.

So without further adieu, here they are!

10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend!
Stress Busters!

1. Get your laughter therapy on!

When was the last time you went to a comedy club to let yourself be entertained?

Live stand-up comedy is entertaining and fun and if you haven’t been in a while, then now is the time to start laughing on purpose and seeking ways to do so.
*Check out USA Today’s list of the Top 10 Comedy Clubs!

2. If getting out to the comedy club is not so easy, then get out your DVDs.

If you gather all of your favorite DVDs of funny movies and run them like a marathon back to back, you will be amazed at how energized and happy they will make you feel!

You can also accomplish the benefits of this activity by going on You Tube and playing your favorite comedian back to back.

3. Set a timed and scheduled vacation from all of your electronic devices.

I was really surprised when during my interview on entrepreneurial stress, Chuck Hawkins, an entrepreneur with pizzazz, mentioned that he and his wife turn off all electronic devices.

All of us have so many things going on in our lives that many times we can easily forget how nice it is to not have to be concerned by automatic notifications, emails and phones ringing.

Schedule a time for your uninterrupted peace.

4. Go see a clown, a mime or some creative performance.

By exposing yourself to new creative input, you will find more intuitive creative output. Plus, seeing someLaughter therapy stress management weekend image type of creative performance will focus you in the moment of silent observation of their performance.

This type of focus is essential to free your mind of your inner ideas in order to be able to come back to them with new energy.

5. Go out for a meal you are accustomed to having at home.

Whether it’s a coffee or a full course dinner, it will be a special treat for you to do something you regularly do, but in a different way.

This is also helpful for gaining muscle and exercising your mind tools for thinking out of the box.

6. Visit a park, a zoo, a lake, an aquarium, or a planetarium.

Communing with nature is a great way to recharge your batteries and relieve stress. You feel a special connection when you are in nature and see how it all flows so perfectly.

Isn’t it amazing how nature manages to do this without the use of electronic devices and to-do lists? Communing with nature can help you rethink the necessity of your electronic usage during your weekend. :-)

7. Bring the sounds of nature and peace into your life.

Since staying completely free of all electronic devices might be a bit much, make sure you are stocked up on the sounds that are conducive to the relaxing, stress-free break of your weekend.

Why leave the park at the park when you can take those sounds with you wherever you go?

You can get many of these types of apps and downloads for free in the iTunes apple store.
(One I like is called “Naturespace”. It’s free and even works if your iPad2 is closed, with the cover over it, or if you have a different app open. I find these features nice, and not all apps work in this manner.)
iTunes, App Store and Mac App Store

8. Have a picnic………by candlelight………..in your living room!

Again, what’s at work here is the ability to do something you might have done many times in the past, but in a totally different way.

Maybe you’re used to a picnic in the park in the springtime with plastic glasses and paper plates…many are used to that.

But how many times have you tried drawing the drapes, bringing out your favorite china, your shiniest silverware, and your crystal goblets to sit on your coziest blanket in the middle of your living room with the glow of candles lit?

Trust me on this one…..try it, you will like it!

9. Be a tourist in your own city.

How many attractions are there that you haven’t yet seen? Do you know what it’s like to get a glimpse of Laughter therapy stress management imageyour city only when visiting relatives and friends arrive?

I’ve done that countless times myself and honestly admit that it wasn’t until I took visiting friends that I finally saw attractions like The Statue Of Liberty and The Empire State Building.

Why wait for an occasion? Treat yourself to a new discovery, just for you!

10. Take a walk somewhere you’ve never been.

In discovering something new in order to get new input, you might like to take a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never been to before.

Not only will you be getting a lot of good exercise in the fresh air (which is great for stress relief!), but you’ll also be in the process of discovering a new area. You might even find something you’ve been looking for just by the action of stepping out of the comfort zone of your neighborhood.

I said I would give you 10 Great New Things To Do Over The Weekend, but here’s a bonus:

11. Go to a pet store just to play with the animals.

Playing with an animal can give you an enormous amount of JOY! You also get feelings of the unconditional love they have for us, so pick your favorite animal and go engage with them up close!
*Caution: You might want to take one of those lovable, furry bundles of joy home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of new ideas for your weekend and that it can be of benefit to you in all that you do.

One of the best ways to manage stress is to make sure you stay balanced and have fun! I hope these ideas can lead you in that direction. Which of these ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Stress Management Through The Eyes of An Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurial Stress Management

Hay House, Inc.
Entrepreneurial Stress Management ImageWelcome to a very special interview held with the remarkably amazing powerhouse of positive get-up-and-go- energy, Chuck Hawkins! Chuck is the Director of The Hustle Harder Marketing Group, and an inspirational, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He has produced exceptional results for his clients, who come from a vast array of business sectors. His captivating work consists in managing the growth and development of his clients’ businesses while fine tuning and enhancing the capacities of his clients so that the end result is an enormous achievement of epic peaks of success, for both his clients and their companies.

The Hustle Harder Marketing Group’s Mission:

Chuck and the Hustle Harder Marketing Group can take you from any point at which you are currently at with your professional life and your personal qualities, and work with you on both levels to bring out the business you’ve always wanted to create and the person you’ve always wanted to be! His personal story (found above the Motivation section) is a firm testimony of the fact that he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk! In the Results section, you’ll read testimony of what he can do to get you walking the walk, too!

I’ve been fortunate to obtain this interview with Chuck, (which was conducted electronically through email conversations) because he is so busy helping others that it was not so easy to create the time. But I’m thrilled that he was able to concede us a moment to share with you the ways in which he approaches stress management as an entrepreneur, which is different from the employee/employer workplace stress where someone else handles the not so easy situations.

Here’s What’s In Store For You!

He’s going to give you insights into what has helped him to overcome the stress of running a business while making quality time for family. As an entrepreneur, he carries many responsibilities within the company, and as a family man, his responsibilities are no lighter, so his methods might surprise you! (and inspire you!)

Sit back and relax while you enjoy Chuck’s charismatic and contagious positive energy! He’s going to take you through some tips that we can all benefit from applying!

Kim: What forms of stress management have you and your wife utilized in the past and found to be successful?

Chuck Wow! That’s how you kick off an interview! Initially, we thought that WE could manage stress together, and to an extent we can. We’ve learned that sometimes we need to unplug: turning off the cell phones, shut down the laptops etc., Plus we take time to enjoy the silly little things like our favorite breakfast places, or dinners.

Sometimes it’s more of a communicative balancing act and letting us both have our time separately.
I like quiet time, time to read, work on little projects or maybe going to shoot some pool, which has always been a secret passion of mine.
My wife likes to have her time WITHOUT THE KIDS, she likes the usual pamper time. Things like personal care and exercise.
Of course we spend our time together in prayer for and with each other, as well. After 7 years of marriage, you learn the value of quiet time.
Oh! How could I forget!! My wife and I both have an immense love for music, so sometimes, we’ll go for a drive and listen to a few good albums on the ipod.

Kim: I don’t know that many couples who actually “turn off cell phones AND shut down laptops, so that’s a great tip right there! I also like that you two take pleasure in the “silly little things” and the “music therapy” you mentioned. Moving on to more personal information…. Congratulations on your recent 7 year wedding anniversary celebration! In the seven years that you’ve been married, what has helped keep your marriage so strong?

Chuck: Well, my personality is pretty laid back, so laughter is an absolute must for me. I try to find humor in EVERYTHING. Whether it’s the news anchor stumbling over his or her “breaking news report” or something one of my daughters said, life in general is pretty funny if you take the time to enjoy it.

As a couple, I think I try to make my the wife laugh at least once or twice a day. I remember my father (who’s been married 40+ years) saying that “if a man couldn’t make a woman smile, he was worthless. :-)

**NOW THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT IS JUST MY OPINION** but I think that women and men carry stress differently. My wife deals with the kids a lot more, and since being a mother never stops. So she’s on the job considerably more than I am (although I’m working on it).

But in our marriage, I have to say that we’ve learned from a lot of situations that the best thing to do, is to learn to simply enjoy the moment. We laugh at a lot of things, ourselves, politics, old movies, our kids. I think it helps to take the edge off of everything that life can throw at you.

Kim: 40+ years of marriage is a huge accomplishment, so many kudos to your parents! I also like your father’s principle of teaching you to help make your partner laugh every day. We can all gain something from that lesson, male or female. Please tell us about how you apply stress management in the various areas of your busy life and hectic schedule.

Chuck: Well, here is how I would describe the way I manage stress, in relation to the 3 most important areas of my life:

a. In our marriage: The best part about being married is the fact that you have someone, so you don’t necessarily have to go through things by yourself. I’m grateful for that.
I think if you appreciate laughter, you’ll realize it’s an unspoken language that helps to relieve pressure from just about any situation.

b. In business: When someone is in what I like to call “HUSTLE MODE” it’s not so easy to find time to laugh because of the laser focus on reaching goals.
That being said, it’s important to steal away moments and laugh at funny moments in the office or one of my secret stress busters which is to go look up resumes and critique the opening statements.
Also my sister is an outlet for my stress during work. We can text each other a single line from a movie that we watched as kids and without warning or anything, we crack up laughing!
Instantly that moment during work is made lighter.

c. In social activities: Anytime I’m not working, I’m all about fun!
I don’t always show it, but I have a really laid back, nonchalant attitude so it takes a lot to get me worked up. When the pressure does build up, as someone who prides myself as a networker, I find that laughter helps to open people up.
It gives you the opportunity to build new partnerships and relationships.

Kim: I have to say, you covered all 3 areas quite well and now you’ve got me wondering if my sister and I could try that text message idea you suggested in order to help us to take a load off, too! What do you do when you find that you and your wife aren’t on the same page with family decisions?

Chuck: Umm, this is NOT a funny question! :-) But I also know that you say it like it is, Kim! When we’re not on the same page with family decisions, honestly, I weigh my options.
Sometimes it’s better to be happy, than to be right.
I’d like to believe that if it’s not a major decision, then we can be pretty good at compromising. Sometimes just agreeing to disagree helps a lot.
We try to live by the bible verse that suggests for you to not let the sun go down while you’re still angry.

Kim: You’re right, Chuck! It wasn’t the funniest question, but you know I want to ask the questions our readers want to know and I thank you for baring your soul with us! “Being happy is more important thank being right” is a great way to view situations! Motivating and helping others to achieve their goals is your main focus, a vision we both share. How did this focus come about for you and who or what motivates you the most?

Chuck: Wow, there are 2 parts to this answer:

For the sake of time, I’ll give you the short version, so here’s my story. You see, I was extremely successful in the real estate industry before the crash. Here in California there was tons of money to be made, and I worked hard for my share. However, I was young, and when you make a lot of money at a young age, typically you spend a lot of money…usually more than you make. I didn’t realize that the industry of real estate was cyclical, so needless to say, we lost everything.

Then I was introduced to the industry of network marketing, the doors of personal development and the principals of success. We were able to do very well in that industry, but more importantly I was able to see how many people have a thirst for the motivation, and inspiration in all aspects of their life, not just with their jobs and finances. I think there is something unique, transparent and timeless about the way I’m able to deliver that information…and yes, of course I’m a bit partial!

The Motivation

Now as for who motivates me, at the end of the day, it’s my family.
My wife and daughters mean the world to me, and as a young man, I watched my father, a former Navy Seal, do everything that he could to provide for my sister and me. My goal in life is to do the exact same but on a level that leaves a legacy for my children’s children. Day to day though, I find inspiration in the small, simple things.

The Results

Recently I was fortunate to help a young lady find the energy and time to launch her own business. She had a passion for cooking and baking but felt trapped in her job. Within just 7 months of working with her, she was able to pay her brand new mortgage with her business from home, and is well on track to retire at the ripe age of 35. The joys in helping people identify what they are born to do AND find the courage to pursue it…that’s an endless source of inspiration. Call me naïve, but I sincerely believe that everyone wants more in some aspect of their life, and my goal, my passion, my intention at all times, is to help them find it because when you know WHY you do something, the energy and internal motivation to Hustle Harder will find you as well.

Many thanks to you, my friend, for your candid honesty and transparency! You’ve given us so many valuable methods to apply for all things in our lives. I’ve learned a lot from your inspirational words and really identify with your values, which you share so well and with so many. Thank you, again for having taken the time out of your busy schedule to share with us!

Chuck Hawkins on Stress Management ImageChuck Hawkins is a fresh face with an impressive living resume to the genres of motivational speaking, networking and wealth building. His work is to help you succeed at what you do and his motivational techniques will guide you into a new stream of productivity, efficiency and exceptional quality for any project that you plan to build. You can contact Chuck through his blog at: The Hustle Harder Marketing Group and tweet him at Twitter! Another great way to connect with Chuck is through Facebook!

Chuck has been kind enough to remain available in case you have any questions that I didn’t cover, so please feel free to place them in the comments section of this post (the button is up top) and Chuck’ll be happy to respond to you personally.

If you don’t have a question but would like to share your ideas about this interview and its contents, then please feel free to comment and I’ll respond to you personally.

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