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4 Tips: How To Manage Stress With Healing Words (Plus 8 Benefits!)


How To Manage Stress With Healing Words: 4 Tips/ 8 Benefits

How to manage stress JournalingThis is the real life story of a friend of mine who has chosen to remain anonymous, but would like to share how she discovered the power of healing words that not only showed her how to manage stress effectively, but also gave her a dramatically different level of new quality in life.

I was full of anxiety, tension and stress after finding out. To add to that, there was the notion that I would have to share this news with my family. This only heightened my already tense nerves.

I did not want to accept the diagnosis that I had been given. I’ve always wanted to live life to the fullest.

You see, I had been diagnosed with a fatal disease, but I was determined not to go down without a fight.

So, after telling my family about my condition, I got up, opened my laptop and wrote: The Second Half of My Life.

How To Manage Stress With Creative Action

After I finishing writing that, I then decided to write about all of the twists and turns that I had experienced in my life. I wrote a lot. I  also opened the internet everyday to read about other people with my condition. I continued this activity for over a year, every single day.

Through all of this, I discovered one of the greatest ways to practice managing stress in a positive manner.

I discovered that my regular writing had become one of the greatest reliefs from the anxiety, tension and stress. Journaling was helping me to live my life to the fullest every day.

How to manage stress JournalingBecause of journaling, I was learning how to manage stress over my diagnosis without having to go into a long, deep, dark depression, as would have been expected. Instead, what I did was to try in the best way that I could, to put every bit of sense into everything that I wrote. This lead me to find inspiration and strength through my experiences, instead of sorrow and self-pity.

The Benefits Of Creativity and Expression

As I was going along in my research of others with similar conditions, I found out how they accessed effective stress management techniques.  I stumbled upon the works of Dr. James Pennebaker, who is chairman and professor of the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas, and author of the book Writing to Heal: A guided journal for recovering from trauma & emotional upheaval.

In his more than 20 years of helping people to overcome the pain, struggle and stress in their lives, he found some results that surprised me.

When he asked people to write for 15-20 minutes a day for 4 days, people received these benefits:

  1. Stronger Immune Systems
  2. Better and Deeper Sleep/Rest
  3. Greater Ability In Social Circles
  4. Improved Overall Health and Well Being
  5. Enhanced Perception and Ability To Evaluate Life
  6. Vision To See How To Use Language As A Healing Tool
  7. Improved Capacity To Think About More Than One Ting At A Time
  8. Students Saw Their Grades Improved

How to manage stress JournalingWhy I Needed These Benefits and What I Did To Get Them

In his works, I found out that there is a relationship between people who had a traumatic experience and the proportion to which these people haad an increasing number of health issues. Reading Dr. Pennebaker’s works showed me how holding back secrets can affect one’s life.
One of the many things I learned to practice in my writing, was to make sure I had constant usage of words like:

Love     |     Joy     |     Happy

For example, in managing stress effectively, it is better to for you to say that you are not happy rather than writing about how sad you are. I learned that there’s a huge difference between saying “I’m not happy with the way my relatives treat me” or saying “I’m really sad about the way my relatives treat me”.

Likewise, writing “I want more joy in my life” is better than writing “my life is dull or unsatisfying”; “I’m looking to find more love” is better than writing “Why do I always find people who treat me badly?”.

4 Tips For Your Creative Journey

An important factor in writing your story is that it has to have an element of reflection towards yourself.
Here are some guidelines in writing that will help you:

  1. Describe your thoughts and feelings towards your experiences. Be a detailed as you can so you can get to your core feelings.
  2. Write about how you reacted when something happened in your life. Your reactions are important to observe.
  3. When you begin to write, let all of your thoughts and feelings flow without thinking of how they appear. This is not an exam you have to hand in. :-)
  4. Read your finished writing and then take a few minutes to simply reflect on how it makes you feel. This will help you to define your state of mind and your improvement a lot better.

How to manage stress JournalingWith these guidelines, my writings became more automatic. Nowadays, I write everything that comes to my mind and remember those parameters automatically because I practice them and keep them by my pc.

As time has passed I’ve begun to realize that I too, get a great deal of relief from expressing all of my thoughts through my journaling. I found that it was a huge stress relief for me and a good way to let every unsaid thought come out in the open with no barriers, boundaries or fears.

I no longer have to hide my emotions or smother my feelings under a complacent smile. What an immense  joy that discovery is for my life today.

I hope it gives you great joy, too.


What an inspiration it was for me to read her words. I wish to thank my friend for stopping by to share this inspiration with us today. I’m continually discovering wonderful new methods on how to manage stress effectively. I also believe that Dr. Pennebaker’s methods not only offer you a great way to to use healing words to relieve tension and stress, but that this can also help heal your life, as well.

If you’d like some more tips on some great healing methods, then drop by 8 Healthy Solutions To Help You Manage Stress Effectively and take your pick from some fun ideas!

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How To Manage Stress For Young Girls? Empower Them With New Video Resources!


How To Manage Stress: Something Special For Young Girls

A New Way To Empower Young Girls Online

How to manage stress for kidsOnce upon a time there was a young girl who possessed great talent in singing. Her only problem was that she was afraid to be in front of the camera and she did not know how to manage stress effectively. So her solution was to cover her face with a towel and sing her heart out underneath it.

Today, there is a better solution.

This young girl was encouraged and nurtured by a special group of her peers, found at a new social gaming site called Sweety High.  She was given help and courage by her peers, and through this, came out of her nutshell. Subsequently, that little girl discovered how to come out of her comfort zone and she actually faced the camera, too.

A Community Helping Kids Learn To How To Manage Stress Effectively

Sweety High is an online community that aims to help all the teens to manage stress effectively. It’s a valuable resource for girls 8 to 16 years old, especially in this age of bullying. It is also a fun online gaming site that lets the girls accumulate points and rewards to make their experience there more refreshing and exciting.

How to manage stress for kidsSweety High’s co-founder, Veronica Zelle is greatly inspired and thankful for the benefit her site gives to teens. She’s gratified by her participation in making a safe online sanctuary for tweens and teens. Precaution is also a necessary act to follow in order to maintain order and prevent cyber bullying. This for sure would helps parents to feel feel secure about their children’s activity online.

I recently read an article in Child Development which addressed a very real problem that we as a society face with the obsession kids have with online video games. In this article, video game addiction as a stress management tool was uncovered. When taken too far, video game addiction can be just as destructive to the community as any addiction, and we’ve all read the stories in the newspapers which vividly illustrate that fact.

This is why a healthy solution of online games with a foundation based on empowering and strengthening youngsters is so important and why I wanted to share this discovery with you today.

A Place Where Video Games Are Safe and Healthy

I think the games that they have created online will be a big hit to all the teens out there, as the ones currently taking advantage of these benefits will tell you. They have made it a point to make girls find the creative side of them while also getting rewarded while doing so. The site was made for girls only mainly because girls get to encourage each other every time they get together, most especially when in a creative environment.

Teen girls are also learning how to manage stress with the help of their best buddies. Sweety High also serves as a stress relief center for girls who have problems coping on the outside world. It implements stress management techniques so as to make the girls feel much better about themselves and the world around them.

A Way To Counteract The Stress Of Bullying

How to manage stress for kidsDuring this age, when some may encounter bullying which may be a result from having girls get together with groups of boys, it’s especially important that these girls know they have somewhere where they can turn for help. Girls at this age may not know how to act properly when they are around boys and they
might even react in somewhat of a different manner from their usual selves.

Upon playing one of their online games, the girls get to earn hearts as a form of currency every time they move from one level to another. This is particularly symbolic. They also get to vote for that one girl of who they think deserves their support in a contest or for her creativity. Upon voting, they are giving
up their hearts that in turn gets to be accumulated on a karma bank that gives them a chance to win amazing prizes. It’s a total win-win situation and the girls love it!

Sweety High teens also enjoy the liberty of uploading and posting their beautiful creations like writing, photography, videos, and artwork online that will not just showcase their talent and help them express the courage in showcasing it, but also give them yet another chance to win fabulous prizes.

I learned that one of the participants even won the grand prize from a contest where she was allowed to spend one whole day with the world renowned musician Greyson Chance. She was also given the chance to participate and perform on one of his musical concerts, too.

The virtue that the makers of Sweety High works on is truly a refreshing way of helping young girls, most especially teens, to see their potential and embrace their innate talents. They get to learn from an early age on exactly how to manage stress effectively to overcome their fears and access victory!

Sweety High helps in fulfilling their every wish and inspiring them to make the best of what they have. It gives young girls a great way to feel empowered, courageous and victorious and these are the qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives!

Here’s to successful stress management for kids!

You can find more links to assist you here: Great stress management tools: links


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Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless ….


Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless…

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that positive affirmations could work for everybody.

Sadly, that is not the case.

I have friends who I hear saying positive things about themselves, while achieving positive results in their lives.

I also have friends who I hear saying positive things about themselves while sadly, getting little to no positive results in their lives.

What’s the big difference between these groups people?

Why Positive Affirmations Work For Some People But Not All People

The difference is that people who I see getting results are the ones who actually believe that those results are truly possible for them, whereas the one’s who don’t get the results, have a belief system which counteracts all of the hard work they do in using positive affirmations.

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image When in the process of discovering how to manage stress effectively, it is extremely important to understand these differences in order to access your personal power through positive affirmations, most effectively.

You’ll find it helpful to examine these types of differences concerning those important areas of your life in order to see where it’s difficult to use positive affirmations effectively.

Positive Affirmations and Perception

Earlier, we talked about how to manage stress through your perception and showed you examples of how your attitude defines your perception and how your perception then shapes your reality.

So to use positive affirmations effectively towards enhancing your life, it’s fundamental that your attitude about your life be positive, as well. It’s crucial that your inner belief systems agree with whatever you use your positive affirmations to achieve.

Here’s an example of a good way to shape your positive affirmations:

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image“I don’t get stressed with deadlines at work”.

Your inner belief system might not believe that, especially if you tend to procrastinate or have organizational challenges.

Instead, you could try:

“I’m finding better ways to end procrastination and organize my work, so that I can manage stress with deadlines effectively”.

That might be closer to your belief system’s acceptance and can more easily motivate you to try a better approach. That type of hurdle is not too high to jump over, whereas the first example gives you the highest hurdles, from the start.

By shaping your positive affirmations differently you also help yourself to discover how to manage stress effectively.

Reach For The Positive Affirmations That Are Closest To You

    • Instead of “I’m going to the gym 3 times a week”; try “I’m implementing healthy exercises into my regular routines”.


    • Instead of “I’m going to lose 20 pounds by the summer”; try “I’m using a good weight loss plan that’s helping me to lose X amount of pounds a month”.


    • Instead of “I’m going to get a promotion and a raise within 3 months “; try “I’m bringing new quality to my work that will enable me to reach greater heights”.


These types of positive affirmations also keep you focused on your skills and possibilities in life, instead of focusing on the actions and reactions of others.
I think we’ve all seen people focus so much on improving their skills that instead of a promotion, they got a better job, which was an extra benefit gained from their increased capacities!

How to manage stress with positive affirmationsOnce you have found the more easily attainable ideas for your belief system to grasp, you will gain the necessary momentum and energy to really get the most out of positive affirmations.

It’s that energy and momentum that you will use to quantify your actionable steps towards achieving your goals with much less stress.

What Positive Affirmations Do and What They Don’t

Positive affirmations won’t change your mind about who you believe yourself to be deep down in your heart.
But they are designed to help you create the person you’d like to be by taking one step at a time.

By starting with the smaller, more believable steps, you can truly “say it loud and say it proud” when using your positive affirmations. Then you can move on to the bigger chunks.

It’s by believing what you focus your positive affirmations on at some deep emotional level, that your actionable steps towards that level of fulfillment will be steps that you can really wrap your mind around.

This is the difference between those who affirm and get results and those who affirm but don’t get results.

After you’ve identified the ideas that are closest to your reach, you will be able to effectively apply the techniques on the website much more effectively. This information includes:


How To Use Positive Affirmations

Positive Self-Talk

All of the powerful information that these industry leaders offer you.

Here’s to your success with positive affirmations!


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3 Tips For A Great Valentine’s Day! Celebrate YOU!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

How To Manage Stress on Valentine's DayToday is the day of one of the sweetest celebrations of the year, Valentine’s Day.

It’s a time to celebrate love, a time to celebrate compassion, a time to celebrate respect.

Many people who are involved in this wonderful time to celebrate can make it a time to celebrate themselves as well.


Because although many times, celebratory moments can be stressful when searching for the right gift, the right card and remembering to not forget anyone, when you know how to manage stress, you can let this be a a time for your pure celebration of love……stress-free!

While surfing the web, I’ve uncovered some rather particular celebratory ideas which really stood out. For example, over at Your Tango, a digital media company dedicated to love and relationships, I found it quite interesting that their resident love expert, Melanie Gorman was loving sent a love poem for Valentine’s Day because usually we tend to think of celebrating Valentine’s Day with those closest to us. (i.r.l.)

These types of random acts of kindness are surely appreciated by the recipients, yet it’s often the giver of these random acts of kindness who receives the greatest benefit.

In a different example, maybe you’d like to be whisked away by exotic travel to a new romantic destination. If so, then the CNN report will show you exotic travel locations worth making plans to visit with your significant other. They’ve given you 10 Sweetest Places For A Valentine’s Proposal and I can assure you that those are 10 of the most wonderful places to take your significant other even if you’re not proposing!

However, with all that you will be doing during on this sweet holiday, I would like for you to remember the first place for you to direct your love, compassion and respect.

Remember to honor YOURSELF for this Valentine’s Day!

Since our focus here at Laughs Heal is on showing you how to manage stress effectively through the use of non toxic, non invasive, all natural methods like laughter therapy, among others, I think it’s important for you to remember to make a date with yourself, as well.

Here are some ideas of things you can do to show your love for yourself, which also do wonders to lower your stress levels and enhance your feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment with your life:

3 Tips For A Great Valentine’s Day: Discovering How To Manage Stress

How To Manage Stress? Dance!1. Set a date with YOU at your favorite coffee shop, trendy restaurant, or cozy spot at home.

Here is where you will indulge yourself in not only eating your tastiest treats with your favorite warm beverage, but you will also take a “Time Out” from external disturbances.
Use this time to read your favorite magazines, inspirational stories, or books. Nurture yourself during this private time and lavish yourself with the stories that add vitality to your thinking process.

2. Write yourself a love letter.

Yes, write down the things you really love about yourself! The more specific you can be, the better. Then seal this love letter away in some special place you might call “your rainy day” spot. This is the letter you will open and read when you are feeling down. I’ve done this many times and found that it really helps you to keep an open mind when things “aren’t so smooth”. It will help you to remember all of the good things about yourself when you really need some fast positive energy.

3. Dance!

Get your favorite playlist together and go to a room where you can be alone and not weary of who sees you. Then pump up the volume and dance yourself happy! Dancing is a great aerobic activity and through this process, endorphins are released. Why are endorphins so good for you? Because endorphins act as neurotransmitters which tell your brain and your body that you are happy. Essentially, your dancing with yourself, alone, where you don’t have to worry of how others view your dancing skills, will lift your spirits and chemically give you a sense of well-being, happiness and joy!

In closing, I will leave you with a beautiful poem by one of my favorites, Lord Byron. This marvelous piece of work is brought to you by The Poetry Foundation and you might want to check it out if you’d like to wow your significant other with a romantic poem.

How To Manage Stress PoetryShe walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow’d to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair’d the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

- Lord Byron

Here’s to your Valentine’s Day success, pleasure and joy!

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10 Tips: How to Manage Stress and Improve The Quality of Your Life


How To Manage Stress Effectively To Improve The Quality of Your Life

How To Manage Stress and Live a Happier LifeYou are aware of the fact that your life can improve greatly by reducing stress and gaining the benefits of effective stress relief, but how do you start.

You’re in the right place and on the right path because simply seeking this type of growth is the first, most important step towards getting these benefits into your life.

With the right stress management techniques, you can deal with difficult situations much more productively and improve the overall quality of your life dramatically.

10 Tips to Improve The Quality of Your Life and Reduce Stress Now:

1. Stop Complaining.

Facts have proven that complaining does not help improve situations. Frankly, complaining actually creates feelings of powerlessness which can only increase, rather than decrease your stress levels.

2. Start Resolving.

Seek productive solutions. Discover what you can improve within yourself. Work with others in your situation to attempt to find the root cause of the problem rather than letting complaints stop the process of solution finding.

When you take action to fix the problem, it will not only eliminate the stress associated with that problem but it will also eliminate your feelings of helplessness, which are created by complaining.

3. Stop Whining.

Whining feeds the feelings of being a victim . It also increases your anger, which would lead to a great need for anger management.

Nearly everyone feels they’ve been treated unfairly at some point in their life, but there comes a time when it’s important to just get off the fence and move on.

Whining specifically helps those around you to see you as inadequate and treat you that way. It often has the opposite effect of what you really desire because it causes loss of respect and loss of self-esteem.

4. Start Empowering.

How To Manage Stress and Live a Happier LifeYou can strengthen your self-esteem speaking confidently about yourself. Pay attention to the dynamics of your voice and nip those whines in the bud! When you speak with an assertive tone to yourself & those around you, you regain the power that whining diminishes.

Practice confidence and you will be confident.
End this vicious circle of whining by viewing your situation and taking a proactive approach towards finding a solution.
CNN published a fascinating article about overcoming complaining and whining through a “venting fast”, so try some of these solutions to help.

5. Stop Blaming Others.

Blaming others is a natural response to many different situations. Shifting the focus of a negative experience away from yourself seems natural but it is not at all productive and it only prolongs agony and feelings of loss of control.

6. Start Taking Control.

Taking control of your life puts you in the driver’s seat. This is important for you to regain the power you let slip through your fingers when you blamed others. Taking control will give you a new vision and new resources for greater solutions.

This type of action demonstrates your confidence and your reliability. Others will be more likely to trust you with more responsibility once they see your capacity to take control instead of placing blame.

7. Stop Procrastinating.

Procrastination is cited by many people as a huge problem. However, remember that by putting things off until the last minute, you are effectively creating additional stress in your life. This is an area where effective stress management techniques will do you a world of good and make a huge difference in your happiness in life.

8. Start Planning.

One of the greatest ways that you can learn how to manage stress effectively is to learn how to plan effectively. I struggle with this myself, so I wrote The Only 5 Letter Word You Need To Overcome Procrastination and shared an effective system that can help you.

Giving yourself extra time to complete a project will offer you a good buffer to reduce stress.

9. Stop Harboring Negativity.

How To Manage Stress and Live a Happier LifeEveryone has been treated unfairly or been wronged in some way in their lives but holding on to the negative feelings associated with this is unhealthy. It’s also one of the fastest ways to block your vision from seeing the quality of life that you can efficiently access.

Negative feelings reinforce the habits which lead to the practice of tips #1,3,5, &7.

How many times have you seen something start out as:

“I’m so tired of being overweight” (#1).
Then go to “Why do so many people have a fast metabolism while I’m stuck with a slow metabolism” (#3). Then before you know it, it’s become “Well it’s my supervisor’s fault because with these hours, I don’t have time to make nutritious meals!” (#5).

All of these cycles require precious time and great energy, which leads to the procrastination we find in tip #7.
By implementing steps #2, #4, #6, #8 & this next tip, #10, you give yourself 5 concrete paths to change “being overweight” and discover new, easy to prepare delicious food!

10. Start Accepting New Ideas.

By letting go of grudges and negativity and you’ll have so much more free time to make important improvements. Use this new free time wisely by going about the same issues you’ve seen as patterns in your life, but with new ideas and resources with which to conquer them.

If you would like an in-depth look into how to manage stress with decision making and problem solving then you will find a vast resource of additional information by clicking that link which will take you to The Free Management Library.

In closing…

You’d be surprised at how much difference you can see in changing your stress levels with new stress management techniques. The breath of fresh air that new ideas and new methods bring will also get you unstuck from the past habits which only kept you in the cycle of those past habits.

By implementing these 10 stress management techniques you’ll be able to get immediate results. These are extremely important for improving the quality of your life and let’s face it, when you improve the quality of your life, you improve the quality of the time you share with those you love.

Let us know if you’ve there’s anything you particularly identified with in this post or if there’s something you’d like to see covered in more detail by commenting.

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Here’s to your stress management success!

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