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How To Manage Stress To Gain Success: 10 Benefits From A Case Study and A Formula


How To Manage Stress To Gain Success: 10 Benefits From A Case Study and A Formula

I knew I wanted things to be different, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting those different results. Have you ever felt this way about things in your life? If so, then this case study and resulting formula, which yields at least 10 major benefits, will help you.

To begin with, here’s a bit of background information. Knowing how to manage stress effectively and practicing ways of managing stress effectively are two very different things. I know that all habits, both the good and the not so good, begin with the human mind and all actions are simply a result of that beginning. With this knowledge, I set out to make a change in both areas:

How To Manage Stress to Gain Success The Inner: Mind


The Outer: Habits

You see, too often, there seems to be a conflict going on between the inner and the outer. To me, it feels something like an tug of war.
The mind comes up with so many great ideas to incorporate and that’s great…just until it’s time to try them.
Then I would find how hard it is to break old, stubborn habits!
I’m talking habits so stubborn to break that they make becoming a black belt in karate just to learn how to break cement actually seem quite easy in comparison.

There were 2 areas that I saw needed improvement:

The first was a Twitter membership that I’d opened over a year ago. I’d done very little to cultivate its growth. To be honest with you, I hadn’t much understood how it worked when I started my membership, so I just kind of let it sit there.
Second, I’ve had years of weight gain around the holiday season. But by the end of 2011, I knew I didn’t want to see the same results from the same habits in January 2012.

The Case Study

So I based this case study around 2 main goals:

1. Social media growth. Twitter was the only main focus, but later you’ll see how this goal inadvertently included Facebook and Klout. My goal was to gain at least 1,000 Twitter followers who are related to my interests in life.

2. Weight increase during holiday time. My goal was to not have the big fluctuations in size that I’d always had in the past. I wanted to be able to fit my clothes in January without hearing the sound of my buttons popping faster than the way popcorn pops in a hot skillet.

These 2 areas have nothing to do with each other, but their bond was that both areas needed a big change in habits.

I began this challenge around November of 2011 with 123 followers on Twitter (yep, you guessed it, mom, dad, siblings, cousins, etc…), and a rather stable weight. Although I must admit, I’ve always battled with the weight gaining blues, so making it over the holiday hump was not going to be easy. I’m the type who’d rather jump out of a plane than give up delicious holiday food!

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessSo, I did some research and to cut a very long story short, I found some great articles in publications like The Science Daily, such as creative visualization for better eating habits and also creative visualization for goal accomplishment.

In addition, I’d heard about the Harvard University study made on 2 groups: 1 group who only visualized playing the piano and the other group who actually studied on pianos. I have to admit, I was astonished by the facts that I read everywhere, especially what I found here.

Actually, I found more proof and facts than space would permit me to publish in this post.

Science had actually proven the correlation between what you see in your mind and the experiences that those images lead you to live in your outer world. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a fact seeker. Not that I don’t believe testimonies like Erin Henry’s powerful story of how positive affirmations can change your life, but if science can back up these ideas, all the better!

The Formula

All of this is what lead me discover this formula that I’d like to share with you:


Practicing How To Manage Stress The Right Way Is How You Get The Pigs Flying In Your Life

Have you ever heard that expression “I’ll believe that when I see pigs fly”?
If there are situations where you feel like it’s more probable to see pigs fly, then know that from today on, you can get the “pigs flying” in your life. You have the power within you to learn how to manage stress effectively and accomplish more than you can imagine.

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessI sure felt like it would be easier to see pigs fly rather than get the big changes I wanted to see in the results of the objectives of this case study. Time had shown me that no matter what diet I tried before the holidays, I would always have to hold my breath just to fit into my clothes come January. On the other hand, with Twitter, I didn’t even have a clue as to how that platform worked.

So these were both, very challenging areas.

But something odd happened. In researching so many different facts, I discovered something I’ll call “deciphering your code”. So just what is deciphering your code and how can it help you?

How To Decipher Your Code and Apply It

To decipher your code is to gather all of the good images and emotions from great moments of success in your life. Those are the moments that you have already deciphered your code for success. Those are the moments that you’ve tasted victory! Then you apply your success code by retaining those images in your mind like a DVD.

Finding those moments of victory is a really simple and fun exercise!

Simply ponder on anything victorious in your life. It can be anything, like: the feelings you had when you got your first driver’s license, or the feelings you had when you completed your first job successfully or even the video game you won last night.
Then you apply it by playing through these moments of success in your life, as if you’re watching a DVD in your mind. This is the DVD that you will apply to your daily activities.

Referring back to the beginning of this post, we discussed where habits begin…in the mind. So to reprogram your habits more easily, you can start by placing different thoughts in your mind. This is what changed my results surrounding the objectives of this case study…..but I discovered so much more….

Many people are participants aboard the ship of your life,

but you have the power to steer your vessel to

set new waves of energy throughout the ocean.

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessYou see, you have more power within you to change any situation in your life than anyone else in the world. You may deal with irate bosses, uncooperative colleagues and many other family situations which make teamwork a challenge, but while those people may be members on the ship of your life, no one has the power to steer that vessel like you can.

By playing through the DVD of your success code, you are steering your vessel through your emotional level of victory. This is the point from which you want to project energy onto your new challenges. Projecting energy from your emotional level of victory is a powerful action that sets new waves of energy in the ocean of your experiences.

Try this in the morning: when you wake up, take a minute to remember a moment of victory before you get out of bed. When I did this, what happened was, it changed the feelings I had while getting out of bed, as well as my vision towards the day. I found it easier to wake up with a smile and start the day with a better mood. I got those benefits even after nights when I had not slept the amount of hours I prefer to sleep.

Throughout the day, try this: simply continue taking a minute here and there to “see” the victorious moments of your success code DVD. When you do this, it gives you a better perspective on your current objectives. Then comes the momentum, which gives you even more positive energy to produce new results.

If you take even as little as 2 minutes at different intervals throughout your day to review your DVD, this will remind you that “you did it!”. That’s the type of energy you need. The more you play your DVD throughout the day, the more powerful the projection of energy you gain. Focusing on that energy before performing routine habits will give you a new plan for changing them.

When discovering how to manage stress with new methods, you set a wonderful metamorphosis into action by playing this success code DVD through your mind. New habits like practicing the 3 P’s with positive self-talk become easier to grasp.

How Your Deciphered Code Sets Your New Trail To Blazing With Vitality

The 10 Benefits

If you regularly play your mental DVD of your deciphered success code, you’ll notice yourself getting these 10 big benefits:

  1. Strong MotivationHow to manage stress to gain success image

  2. Increased Energy

  3. Powerful Momentum

  4. Success Over Negativity

  5. Inner Direction and Guidance

  6. Focus and Concentration

  7. Feelings of Fulfillment

  8. Feelings of Accomplishment

  9. Insight, Inspiration and Intuitiveness

  10. New Belief Systems


Case Study Results

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessI played my DVD through at least 3 times a day, spending just minutes reliving those great moments.

As a result, I noticed that I wasn’t going overboard on the delicacies during the holiday parties and even new information on how to build a twitter following, all of a sudden, became visible.

I’m pretty sure they were always there, but with the negative energy of confusion about how Twitter worked, I probably hadn’t really seen them. Just like the willpower to turn down overloading on special holiday treats was always present, but it had most likely eluded me because I hadn’t considered changing that habit from its root…from within my mind, first.
(and no, I didn’t starve through the holidays, either! :-) )

With the new clarity I got, I knew which twitter services would help me to gain real followers who were truly related to my interests in life. I also got great insight to easily see through the “fast follower” unethical schemes which wouldn’t have added any value to my goal of building relationships with people who share my interests in life .

Consequently, my Facebook and Klout numbers increased, as well. Those were just by-products from my Twitter membership though. It was like getting an extra bonus from the formula because I hadn’t even focused on changing those results.

From the new energy levels I got, I found myself taking healthier actions with my eating habits and exercise. My new habits were in harmony with the new body images that were being created in my mind. In essence, I saw a completely different plan of action to execute and got the momentum I needed to execute that new plan of action from applying this formula throughout my day.

How Do You Change Your Inner Belief Systems?

Readers have written in asking “how do you change your belief systems?” Filling your mind with healthyHow to manage stress to gain success images of yourself is surely a very well-proven, well-tested method for achieving that goal.

In fact, creative visualization as a practice, has been working for millions of people across the planet for many, many years.

Yet, sometimes you might not have such a clear idea of exactly what you want to visualize. With the process of tapping into to your emotional energy levels of success, you also get new images of how success looks to you as you grow forth. That’s one of the special things about deciphering your code that I discovered in this case study.





This method of tapping into your previously claimed, achieved victory works great if you have vague ideas about general areas where you would like to see improvement, as well. Those areas where you might not necessarily have a clear picture of how you would like the end result to look, but you just know you want a change.

Your unique DVD works by continually keeping your mind and your highest emotional energy levels focused in the right direction. Then this formula gives you more clarity to see how to keep your life in the direction of your DVD. This is how belief systems are created…..and modified: through your emotions.

These powerful self-images make a valuable difference in the ocean of your life experiences. Those facts and findings are also part of what brought me to the conclusions found in the post positive affirmations will not work for you, unless….. These are the exact self-images that distinguish the difference between the two sets of people in that post.

How To Manage Stress With More Focus On Your Success

How To Manage Stress To Gain SuccessTo get the pigs flying in your life, it’s important for you to know how to manage stress effectively and practice those good habits.

Playing your unique DVD through your mind on a daily basis, you will also be keeping your mind further away from stressful issues and more focused on your power to achieve new goals.

Positive energy begets positive energy.

So do yourself a favor and try this formula for your success over stress with your objectives.
Pick 2 areas where you’d like to see a change, then pick 3 moments during the day where you’ll set aside 2 minutes to practice your new formula for achieving those objectives. You’ll notice a difference in your approach towards your objectives by projecting from success, not defeat, in even as little as 7 days.

When my friends saw me in January, they actually thought I had lost weight over the holidays. (Sure….kind of makes me wonder what they were used to seeing me look like in January :-( , and ever so thankful that I had changed that pattern! :-) ) And today, my social media memberships have grown more than I had expected.

Successful stress management means successful self-management and it all begins with your mind. Beginning your day with your deciphered code of success trains your mind to start the day without carrying over the weight of yesterday. This formula helps you to start from your successful mental state of mind, instead of worries, complaints, or fears.

This helps you to stay in the positive flow of practicing how to manage stress effectively and this action keeps you from the stumbling blocks of the past. The greatest images of yesterday that you keep constant in your mind are the good yesterdays of your deciphered code of success, and that’s the best way to set the waves of the ocean on course for a better tomorrow!

Here’s to your managing stress more effectively with your new formula!

Please share your ideas about this post in the comments section and feel free to ask any questions you might have.
If you know of someone that this could help, don’t forget to share it with them.

Stay tuned…..we have a lot more coming up on this powerful topic!

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How to mange stress: HOME

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Why and How Laughter Therapy Works


Laughter Therapy: Take The Path to Good Health

Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused!

How can something as simple as laughter improve an individual’s overall health? Laughter is a remarkably complex mechanism, and the effects it has are equally complex. Combined with a positive attitude and the practice of visualization, laughter therapy can help people relieve stress, manage pain, overcome illness and live a healthier, more productive life.

What Happens When We Laugh?

Few people think about what happens when they laugh, but laughter actually causes a number of physical and chemical changes in the body. The act of laughing decreases the level of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline while simultaneously increasing levels of endorphins and neurotransmitters. Antibody producing cells increase in number and T-cells, which fight infection, become more effective–boosting your immune response. Some studies even suggest that regular laughter can help you fight off the common cold.

Laughing can even provide you with an aerobic workout without hitting the gym. Something as simple as laughing 100 times provides the same amount of exercise as 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle–and it is a lot more fun too! Laughter works all of your muscles: respiratory, facial, legs, abdomen and back, while increasing blood oxygenation and flow. Best of all, even fake laughter offers the same benefits, so you can “fake it till you make it” and still reap the rewards!

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Many

Laughter in itself offers many benefits for individuals suffering from many conditions. Medical journals cite the use of laughter and humor as helpful and beneficial to patients with chronic conditions, pain, depression and a number of other ailments. Additionally, laughter has the benefit of being contagious and social. People suffering from long term illness are often isolated, spending a great deal of time in treatment; laughter gives them an outlet which is more than just medically therapeutic.

Positive Words Lead to a Positive Attitude

We are so accustomed to speaking negatively that we often don’t realize when we are doing so. Self-deprecating comments meant to redirect compliments; negative self-image and defeatist attitudes carry over from speech into thought and from thought into belief. Conversely, using positive words when speaking about oneself or facing a challenge creates an atmosphere where success is much more likely. Which kind of lifestyle do you want to have?

Success Feeds on a Positive Outlook

Applying the positive effects of laughter in the workplace makes it a more pleasant place to work. Employees are more likely to face challenges with excitement if they feel good about themselves and their colleagues. Teaching your staff to incorporate positive self-talk, laughter and creative visualization isn’t frivolous; it actually increases performance. These valuable lessons learned at work can carry over into employees’ home lives as well.

It doesn’t take long to create the kind of workplace you want for yourself and your employees. A few minutes a day is all you need to incorporate some simple, effective laughter therapy exercises into your routine, which will aid in stress relief and improve employee results in your office and your family relations in your home.

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How Laughter Therapy Can Improve Your Life Today


How Laughter Therapy Improves Medical Results

People get sick every day; many of them with life-threatening illnesses. Modern medicine has progressed to a point where it can do remarkable things, certainly, but it can’t do everything. The more doctors learn about healing, the more they realize that the patient’s attitude is just as important as the treatment provided. That is why laughter therapy can be so crucial to your health and well-being in even the most ordinary regular events of everyday life. Yes, a laugh a day will help keep your doctor away!

Positive Attitude Is Key to Results

You hear it all the time….when a patient gives up there is very little even the best doctors can do for them to help their recovery. Conversely, you hear stories about patients who are given little hope of survival, yet make it through their illness and go on with their lives in an almost “miraculous” manner. What is the critical factor? Increasingly the medical profession is looking towards patients’ attitudes for answers to this question.

Norman Cousins is a perfect example of how a positive attitude and positive self- talk can achieve remarkable results. Cousins, a well-known journalist and an adjunct professor at UCLA, researched the biochemistry of emotions. He was diagnosed with heart disease and eventually, a painful form of arthritis, but he effectively treated himself with laughter therapy to relieve pain and he encountered marvelous and successful results. You can read the miraculous facts of his story in his book: Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

Creative Visualization Leads to Success

There is more to healing than just laughter. Creative visualization is a remarkably powerful technique when harnessed properly. Charles Fillmore, one of the founders of the Unity School of Christianity, injured his hip in a skating accident as a boy. The damage to his hip caused his right leg to wither until it was over 3 inches shorter than his left. In his forties, he began to practice a routine of deep meditation and positive affirmations which strengthened his leg to the point where he barely limped any more.

If positive thinking and creative visualization can do so much for a 30-year-old injury, can you begin to grasp the powerful effects and the many great things it can do for you in your life today?

Laughter Therapy: A New Form Of Healing For Stress Management And More

Where are Your Wounds?

Few people seem to get through their lives without encountering unexpected obstacles that leave unseen wounds. Whether your injuries are emotional or physical, managing stress through the power of positive thinking and creative visualization can help you bring about the changes you desire.

A positive outlook can improve your work environment, facilitate every relationship you have or help you greet each day with enthusiasm. Learning to laugh at yourself, or simply incorporating laughter into each day can have untold benefits to your health, your emotional well-being and your productivity. If laughter and positive self-talk can help chronically ill or injured people recover and live better, it can surely help you get the most out of your experiences.

Many of these areas are already addressed in pages on our website. It doesn’t take much time to incorporate some of the ideas you will find here into your daily routine, and the payoff for you is immense.

Start Your Day with Positive Self-Talk

Tomorrow, start your day with a bit of positive self-talk. Rather succumb to the regular routine of groaning about having to go to work, why not try viewing your job as a challenge that you can overcome? Celebrate your ability to get out of bed, congratulate yourself on picking a particularly attractive outfit, an appealing tie or nice jewelry. Repetition will make the practice easier, and the more you encourage yourself the better you will feel.

Laughter exercise is only one part of laughter therapy, but the overall goal is to help you become a happier, healthier, more effective individual in all that you do!

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Creative Visualization: Your Tool To Relieve Stress and Gain Success!


Creative Visualization:

A Stress Management Tool:
Pave Your Way to Success

The use of creative visualization left the Ashram, which was a place where the gurus used to go for their religious retreats and instruction in Hinduism, a long time ago. And thank goodness for that because today, creative visualization is used in corporate settings, in sports settings and for tons of people like you and I as a way to help people move along a desired life path.

When used in conjunction with other stress management techniques such as positive affirmations and of course, positive self-talk, creative visualization takes on even more enormous power as a tool for both individuals and groups doing business as a team. This is an extremely effective tool for anyone who would like to learn how to manage stress effectively and live a happier life.

Why and How Visualization Helps Create a Positive Attitude

Medical doctors tell us that any skill requires a neural pathway be formed in your brain. Some examples of this are looking at the time and practice it takes to learn how to consistently score a free throw in basketball or the same kind of work it takes to routinely feel comfortable giving a public presentation; situations where there is also a high level of pressure. Athletic coaches have discovered that by including visualization techniques they can improve the success rate of their athletes in a wide variety of actions and they’ve proven that with their scores.

It is particularly interesting to notice that simply through the process of imagining yourself accomplishing your goal, you then get the help you need to achieve that goal. Creative visualization increases your optimism towards any goal or objective and this gives you more power to see the actions which keep you in harmony with making your goal a concrete reality.

How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization ImageThis quote from CNN Health explains it well in this quote “Optimism can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe in a positive outcome, you are more likely to act toward it.” Part of the reasoning behind this is that you can visualize a perfect performance thousands of times in your mind without experiencing any physical fatigue because you are laying down. However, your neural map is taking notes of everything that you visualize and that is what moves you towards your goal in a kind of “auto-pilot” simplicity.

There are several steps you can start working with today in order to accomplish this process within your own neural map.

For the purpose of demonstrating the steps, we will use the goal of you making a successful public presentation as our example. But understand that the same steps apply whether it’s your performance on a court or a stage, your dissertation, your job interview or any activity where you would like to ensure successful results of all of your capacities.

Step One: Dissociated Visualization is the Beginning of Positive Thoughts

Close your eyes and look at your objective from a third person perspective. See yourself as a spectator would see you, giving your important presentation without getting flustered. Being part of the audience, you see how others are responding to the speaker (you) with nods and smiles. Everyone is attentive to what you are saying, your notes are in order, and your PowerPoint presentation is attractive and timed perfectly. You see yourself (from the spectator’s point of view) speaking smoothly and fluently from beginning to end. The audience applauds and moves eagerly into the Q and A session.

Positive result: Your brain (neural map) has now begun to lock into place the skills necessary for you to project this effect and feeling upon the spectators of your presentation.

Step Two: Associated Visualization Leads to Positive Thinking

Now see, or creatively visualize yourself as the presenter. Feel your confidence and surge of positive energy as you step up to the microphone! Imagine the notes in your hands, the projector next to you at the right distance, the lighting is correct and everyone is sitting attentively. You take a few deep, relaxing breaths and start speaking. Your tone is firm, smooth and fluent. Your audience laughs at the jokes you’ve prepared for them. They are clearly enjoying your talk and responding to you in a positive manner. You wrap up your speech confidently and answer questions without hesitation, accept the applause and step off the stage successfully.How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization Image

Positive result: You have just trained your mind (neural map) to focus on all of the positive energy that you will emanate during your speech. Your actions will now find new focus and new inner guidance towards fulfilling that which your mind has now set as the desired result, your successful presentation.

Step Three: Intensified Associated Visualization Provides Stress Relief

In this phase you’re going to expand upon your second exercise. Take it to the deepest level of observation that you can think of, remembering the 5 senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

In this case notice the way sound carries in the room. You might hear a cough or two, hear the rustling of papers or other common sounds. Do you tend to chew gum or a mint right before making a public presentation? Well then, taste the flavor of the gum or the mint. If you are familiar with the room you will be using, you can imagine yourself standing in that space. How does the carpet feel to the touch of the soles of your shoes?

The goal is to make the whole experience familiar, comfortable solidly imprinted in your neural map so that when you do get there, your stress level is so low that you are able to tap into this enormous reserve of positive energy you have built up while doing this exercise.

Positive result: You have solidified your neural map and your auto-pilot function now goes out to bring in everything that is conducive to your achieving your objective.

Learning How To Manage Stress In Your Daily Life Routines: Applying Creative Visualization

If you find that you experience tension or stress every time you perform a certain task, then take note of the fact that creative visualization has the power to alleviate that stress before it starts. Practice going through these steps, starting with just a few minutes for each step. As creative visualization becomes more and more of a habit, you will find it easier to stay focused on the positive picture of you accomplishing your goals a lot more easily.

Here is a diagram to help illustrate how this process works. You can double click it to read the process up close:

How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization Image

Creative visualization gives you more power to reach your goals while eliminating stress and tension, as well.

As researchers on creative visualization at Vanderbilt University advise, there is no perfect right way or wrong way to practice creative visualization, so try practicing your use of this great tool in a number of different ways. You can try creative visualization practice while lying down, while sitting in your favorite chair, with your eyes open, with your eyes closed, in silence, with the stereo on. What’s important is that you practice it. Then with practice, you will gain experience in what suits you best.

It’s quite normal if at first, things like the traffic outside, your neighbor’s barking dog or even the usually pleasant sound of the birds chirping, tend to enter your mind before the sounds you are now choosing to pre-create by living your ideal situation before it happens. That’s ok, just don’t give up on it. Persist with these steps and you will find it easier and easier to block out all of the sounds which don’t pertain to your creative visualization exercise.

How Do You Stop Worrying? Use Creative Visualization

“Why spend time worrying about what you don’t want” ?

You can also look at it this way: how much time do you spend worrying about the outcome of making that presentation, giving that dissertation, or going to that job interview? A friend of mine said something that’s very true and I’d like to share it with you: “Why spend time worrying about what you don’t want” ?, which seems to sum it up in a nutshell….makes a lot of sense, too.

I don’t know about you, but most often, when I spend time “wondering about” the outcome of any given situation, I don’t always tend to see it in the best light. Often, spending time “wondering” is what opens the gateway for fear because wondering can easily turn to worrying. Creative visualization is a tool that will help you to eliminate the fear and help get you into the action of doing what you want to do. By living your actions of accomplishment first within your mind’s neural map, you have built-in images of relaxation toward your goals, instead of fear or tension.

Do you ever wonder about how some moment in time will turn out, then find yourself imagining the worst possible scenarios? I think we all do this from time to time, so this is why taking action to set up a positive path for your mind to follow will help you so much. It will kick in just when you need it!

Begin Practicing Your New Stress Management Skills Today!

How To Manage Stress:Use Creative Visualization Image
Action has always been and might always be one of the best sources you’ve got within you to defeat fear, so take positive action and let creative visualization help you by keeping you focused, inside your mind and outside by leading you to the right actions to take and the right way that you would like for your 5 senses to react. With practice you will be able to face even your most difficult challenges with equanimity, peace and vitality.

Would you like to have help in your creative visualization mapping from 27 leaders in the industry?

Now you a chance to mix and mingle, meet and greet with the tops in this field during what will surely be the weekend to change your life! Get your details here:
I Can Do It Ignite! an information packed weekend conference to occupy your mind with 20 minute bursts of incredible wisdom!

Don’t miss your opportunity to engage with these 27 leaders ranging from: cutting edge authors, health, holistic, and sustainability lifestyle leaders, and speakers/documentary filmmakers in the mindful spirituality sector. You will gain not only a completely new perspective on using creative visualization to reach your goals, but you will also gain a whole new perspective on your entire life and your unlimited possibilities in life!
Sign up today while you still have time to get a ticket because this power-packed weekend will totally transform you!

Here’s to your creative visualization success!
P.S. Be sure to check out: How To Manage Stress 101: The 5 BEST Ways To Ruin Your Career Fast! because a part from the comical twist, you’ll find some people who used creative visualization to create success, and it might just surprise you! :-) !

Please feel free to share your ideas with us by leaving a comment in our BLOG.

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Conquering Work Stress!

Do you feel over stressed at work? Maybe a better question might be who doesn’t feel stressed at work because 80% of Americans report feeling stressed at their place of work. With this staggering number, finding a new job is not the answer to getting rid of stress. It would be better to learn new tools that can help you manage stress in a better way. Have you ever tried tools such as creative visualization and affirmation? Well, if you haven’t, then you might want to give them a try because used together, they will provide you will a powerful plan of action to relieve your work related stress, thereby improving your capacity to work more efficiently and live more vibrantly!

Managing Stress In The Workplace
There are many different methods that you can use to help relief the pressures of stress you are feeling at work. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises and message therapy are good tools that you can use. They can help you learn to calm down quickly and effectively. Implementing aromatherapy in your workspace will also effectively soothe your mind and offer stress relief.

You can also relieve stress by being selective about which issues you fight for. Things are going to happen at the workplace they are not fair, you do not like and are just plain wrong, but you can only let so much bother you. You will have to learn to let some things go and learn to determine what is important and what is not. Do you have too much paperwork at work? This can help you: Save up to 20% by Upgrading to Quickbooks Pro or Premier 2012. Reduce Paperwork and Save Time.


Your Thoughts Make A Big Difference In Your Stress Levels

Another great way to help fight stress is to learn to visualize your thoughts in a creative and effective manner. There has been a lot of research in the area of positive thinking and creative visualization and how your thoughts can control certain outcomes. The theory is that if you imagine yourself being less stressed and successful at work, that will become your reality.

This mode of thinking is used as a popular training technique by many professional athletes as a force to keep them going even when things get tough. It creates a “can do” attitude within yourself and keeps you reaching for your goals. This can help you to effectively manage stress by allowing you to focus on what you can do, instead of the things you cannot do or people you cannot change.

Learning to effectively manage your stress is a must if you are going to be successful in any work setting. A good way to start this is to organize your workload into smaller and more manageable steps. This will allow you to stay on top of your work better and can help prevent you from over scheduling yourself.

Personal Care Is Fundamental
It is also important to take care of yourself outside the office. Unless absolutely necessary, you should leave your work at the office and relax at home, because you need to have time to rejuvenate from day to day. Getting a good night’s sleep, eating right and daily exercise can go a long way in helping you to obtain stress relief in your life.

Workplace stress in inevitable and in every type of work environment. The only way to reduce your work related stress is to learn how to recognize your stress and how to appropriately handle it. Here, we will continue to cover the best tools to help you conquer your stress once of for all.

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