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Be Careful….. Travel Stress Can Affect Your Vacation Too!





The last time I got ready to go on vacation, I actually looked like my passport picture! So you can just suffice it to say I really needed that vacation, and I certainly did not want anything messing it up. Most people do not associate the word stress with vacation. In fact the word stress usually precedes the need for a getaway. But life is complicated and stress seems to weave its way into everything you do. Vacation stress, although rarely discussed, is certainly something that occurs when planning the vacation, going on the vacation and coming home. It’s a really good idea to think of planning your strategy for dealing with travel stress before you leave so that your vacation can be full of more up time. By addressing these issues now, you already know what to expect and how to handle it, afterall, you will always be traveling for some reason or another, so why not get some good tactics in your handy toolbox so that you can travel smoothly? These tips sure helped me alot, and I hope they can be helpful to you too. How to manage stress/travel

How to manage stress/vacation

You can plan around vacation stress so that you are better prepared.


When planning a vacation, you must focus on the plans.

How to manage stress/vacation planningThis can get hectic as the internet offers so many options for you to choose from. It’s great! But also very time consuming. Things that used to be so simple are now so complex given the creation of the internet. You want to go to Seattle? Well there are hundreds of ways to do it. The benefits of laughter will surely help you in the planning of your vacation getaway if you can laugh at these mind-boggling aspects, rather than feel overwhelmed by them. This is what incorporating laughter therapy into everyday experiences is all about, and a surefire way to keep the need for stress relief at bay. After all, laughter is free, but your vacation isn’t. Something free and healthy is sure to help alleviate the stress of planning, packing, doing and going, and when planning for the costs of your vacation, you can surely benefit form the vast amounts of assistance you will find readily available on the internet. One such advantage is having your own dedicated personal travel concierge 24/7, especially when you find such cost-efficient assistance readily available for you, such as that offered by:
,so why not leave the hassle to them? This way, you can effectively eliminate one major cause of travel stress before you begin your travel plans .


Maintain optimism when traveling and arriving at your destination.

Think of the wonderfully soft bed you will be sleeping in or the chocolate that is sure to be on your pillowHow to manage stress/hotel reservations when you arrive.  These positive thoughts can really change your disposition while standing on line at the airport! Usually, that’s when most people say “I want stress relief now”! So, it’s a good time to implement your positive affirmations, too. By bringinig your positive thoughts and positive words into every process during stressful moments, you will form wonderful new habits.  Once you begin to unpack, (and hopefully you have already taken advantage of the speical offers available to you at: Great Deals on Luggage, Backpacks, Bags, and Accessories at LuggageGuru.com!, remember that you have everything you need to make for a great break from the hectic life you have come to know. Believe it or not, studies have shown that going to a new place and leaving the comfort of your surroundings can be a cause of stress, even if it’s your vacation. We tend to like our comfort zones even if the regular routine seems to be stressful, so even though a change in environment can take you out of your comfort zone at the beginning, as you warm up to your new surroundiings, you will feel more at ease. Once again, the benefits of laughter will save the day. Understand that everyone feels a bit like a stranger in a strange land, at first. That’s totally normal. Give yourself time to get acquainted with your new surroundings and make up in your mind that you’re going to have a great time! Laugh because the party has just begun and know you are on the road to fun!


Did You Remember To Pack Ample Optimism?

Optimism is a great tool to help you navigate the stresses of car rentals, checking in, even realizing you left your favorite outfit at home. Vacation stress can in no way outweigh the pleasures in store for you, so please remember to keep that in mind and say it to yourself no matter how many times you see Murphy’s Law in action. Maintain an optimistic stance by engaging in pleasurable activities like laughter; at yourself, at the situations presented, etc. Whether you are on a sunny beach, or a lighthouse in Maine, look at the beauty that surrounds you and smile. The more you smile, the closer you are to laughter! How to manage stress on vacation

How to manage stress/vacation

Remembering to pack your optimism along with your other favorite articles will give you a better vacation experience.....for those around you too!

People often wonder, how can a vacation be stressful?

How to manage stress/vacation Once you arrive at your destination, it is expected that your stress will melt away. But you are in a new place, surrounded by new people and this coupled with your traveling can be very stressful. Remain optimistic and remind yourself how lucky you are to be away from the daily grind and how good it feels to embark on new discoveries. By speaking these positive words onto your travel activities, you will lighten your load significantly. Laughter is a great tool. It’s highly effective, easy to apply and absolutely free. It’s very simple, but the hard part is remembering to use it when your flight might be delayed, or your hotel reservation is lost, etc; all situations which using the above mentioned service genius offers, would instantly assist you in managing. So remember in those trying moments to look for ways to incorporate laughter therapy. Laugh at how lovely you feel and let the stress go. Negative thinking may rear its ugly head, and it usually tries to, but simple laughter, relaxed breathing, and positive affirmations, knowing that all of the problems will be resolved, will send negativity on its way.


Managing Stress of the Entire Vacation Experience: Once Returning

You’ve had a wonderful time. You’ve laughed, you’ve enjoyed yourself immensely but the vacation stress is back, but in a different form because now you have to do a reverse trip and go home. Unpacking, planning, even scheduling a meal can be stressful. You’re looking forward to going home. Take a few deep breaths. You’ve had a wonderful relaxing time full of laughter and great memories! The negativity will take a back seat if you determine to let optimism and the positive thoughts from the great time you’ve had on your fabulous vacation prevail!

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Surviving This Age Of Mass Technology







Online Pc & Mac Stress

It’s become so popular and so taken for granted that you can hardly imagine your life without it. From the minute you wake up, arrive at your workplace, technology, particularly the Internet, encompasses your daily life. You love it, or maybe you hate it, but you depend on it, and can’t survive a day without it. It is no wonder that online PC/ Mac stress is such a common malady that plagues our society today! More and more people are getting online these days so searching for someone who does NOT include technology in their life is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Today it’s more common to “chat” with an absolute stranger who lives on a differnt continent every single day, yet go weeks without even saying “hi” to your next door neighbor, in person. Just the other day, I even found myself entering a password on my microwave oven, for crying out loud!     



Everyone marches to the tune that technology has given us and this means that online stress must be addressed.

 Today’s young people are becoming increasingly computer literate at younger ages than ever before. They thrive on social networking, watching videos, chatting, online games and even research for homework assignments. There is a strong possibility that classroom learning will eventually become extinct, replaced by man-made technological systems. We have to practically fight with our kids to get them away from the computer. A child who sits before a monitor can be engaged and intrigued by his or her activity for hours! The ultimate punishment to a kid nowadays is no longer just depriving them of dessert or outside playtime. The most horrendous punishment imaginable today is banning kids from using the computer.  Yet, if you imagine the benefits your children can obtain by spending those hours in front of a screen with positive words and positive affirmations, then you can see to it that your children gain more benefits from their time spent in front of computers.     

 As reasonable adults, can we even fathom going a single day without sending or receiving a text message or email, whether the intention is for work or leisure? Well, if you find yourself emailing your colleague in the cubicle next to yours to ask if they’re ready to go to lunch, it might be kind of difficult to imagine even a day without modern technology. God forbid that your computers break down, contract a much dreaded virus or malfunction in some other way that you are ill-equipped to remedy. It is a scenario that has the power to ruin your entire day, although I have heard a few colleagues say “my computer doesn’t get bugs, it just gets random features on occasion”. It’s been said that artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity, and when computers break down, it’s not so easy not to feel stupid, especially if you have a tempermental computer, like mine. Every single problem it has mysteriously vanishes just as soon as the repair person arrives right outside the door. (yes, payment for exery outgoing call for assistance, is expected.) Not only could your work suffer, but your peace of mind can be momentarily destroyed as well. You can feel agitated as you anxiously await the moment that your beloved technology is restored. PC/ Mac stress is inevitable for most of us, even the anxiety resulting from a disruption in our service. 


It's not easy to stay stress free if your computer breaks in the middle of a busy day.


 As an age that is literally dependent on technology and the Internet, it’s a good idea to remind yourself to take breaks from using your electronic devices for just work and sending and receiving personal email. How about treating yourself to an uplifting, inspiring site from which you can extract positive words to memorize to alleviate daily stress? There are websites like this one on which you can find encouraging quotes uttered by famous individuals from Shakespeare to Norman Vincent Peale. Never underestimate the power of not only positive thinking, but also positive words and affirmation! And if it’s paperwork on your PC or Mac that’s stressful, by all means, get the assistance you need: Have a Mac? QuickBooks Comes Built for Mac OS – Looks & Works as Expected. Easy to Learn & Use. Buy Now and Save 20% + Free Shipping.

Despite the stress from hours spent online, you can decide to be uplifted and empowered online.


The Value of Technology


 Technology has HUGE entertainment value – that is one of its most irresistible features. If you can log onto a comic video site after an otherwise mundane work day, you will reap the benefits of laughter without ever leaving your comfort zones. Psychologists have tried for years to educate us on the benefits of laughter. Technology makes these benefits readily accessible, including humor. So why not take advantage of this benefit today? Give yourself a 5 minute break to watch your favorite stand-up comedian.


 Despite our deep, abiding adoration for our Macs and PCs, technology brings its own set of stressors. On any given day, you might accidentally delete or lose important files, or suffer the injustice of having them corrupted. I’ve been through that, and know few people who haven’t. You might feel the excruciating pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Our backs, shoulders and eyesight may suffer from prolonged hours seated before a monitor. Why not use the same vehicle to assist you in managing stress?

We can choose to let technology help us laugh with distant friends while viewing the same video.


 The solution may be to get medical attention in some cases; but if you take frequent breaks and fill your mind with positive affirmations, you are bound to get those benefits and feel better. It is not unusual to see post-its with positive affirmations stuck to a computer monitor, especially in the workplace. You can even load cherished, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations onto your screen-saver. This insures that they are the first words you see whenever you log on, so that will set a good tone for whatever you do once you’re logged in.


 Technology is here to stay. As such, we might as well work on new ways to use it in positive, life-enhancing ways.
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