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Managing Stress The Easy Way: A How -To Guide

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Your How To Guide: Manage Stress The Easy Way

Last week, I wrote you a nice post giving you The Top 10 Funniest Websites: How To Laugh Yourself Happy, which I have to admit, really works wonders to get a quick smile on your face! This week, I’d like to start you off with some more resources to help you keep those smiles. There are many ways to learn how to manage stress the easy way, so here’s more for you on that.

Over the weekend, I was really inspired to write you about some easy to use mind tools that we all have, but sometimes forget to practice. This morning I finished that article and I’d like to invite you to take a look at the result of it here: The 1 Action Verb To Take You From Stressed To Refreshed. I’ll tell you now that the action verb is gratitude.

How To Manage Stress With Gratitude

In the article, I explain the difference between using gratitude as the noun that it really is and using it as an action verb, which you can make it. As an action verb, it becomes a fast moving vehicle to take you from one state of mind to another, completely higher level of consciousness. It’s much more powerful than we give it credit for being, and the 4 powerful mind tools you’ll find in that article explain its power with actionable steps which you can take today to get that vehicle driving you in the right direction right now.

Taking action gets you on the fast track to managing stress effectively 300x199 Managing Stress The Easy Way: A How  To GuideThere’s really so much to say about the action that this vehicle of movement sets forth that you can surely look forward to closer examination of the details of this type of process in upcoming material. I’ll also make sure to always give you lots of examples and actionable steps that you can take to get you started in the easiest way there is.

Changing Your Personal Beliefs and Inner Belief Systems

Many readers have written to me and also commented here in the blog about advice on changing their belief systems. The power to create effective and life-changing positive affirmations depends largely on your inner belief systems, so the good news is that this is something which you have complete control over. This is such a vital aspect of the key to not only managing stress effectively but also to living your life to the fullest of joy, that I can assure you that I’ll really dedicate a lot of energy in offering you the best resources possible.

Gratitude as an action verb is a fundamental step towards changing your inner belief systems. You can get so many benefits in every aspect of your life from addressing this theme of gratitude in the direction of changing your inner belief systems. All it takes is the decision to start.

Tips To Show You How To Manage Stress The Easy Way 200x300 Managing Stress The Easy Way: A How  To GuideStart Where You Are
Do What You Can
Use What You Have
-Arthur Ashe

You don’t have to be a great tennis player like Arthur Ashe to put that saying into action. (Thank goodness for that fact! Ahem….speaking for myself, here) There are people all over the world who have overcome enormous difficulties to rise to the occasion of greatness in their lives. That means that you can do it too.

As a matter of fact, later on this week, I have a compelling guest post planned from an author who has not only survived PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome), but has found many keys to living a joyful life in spite of post traumatic stress.

No matter what your situation is, if the power of the universe has brought you to it, then the power of the universe can get you through it, so I strongly encourage you to stick with it so that you get your rainbow after the storm.

You’re not alone. I will be with you every step of the way to nudge you forward on your journey to victory!

Whatever The Power Of the Universe Brings You To
The Power Of The Universe Can Bring You Through

For today, I will leave you with this little 3 minute video that I really like a lot! The article I started over the weekend and finished today turned out to be really meaty, so I didn’t put this video in with that. Let the words in this video remind you of some basic truths about life we don’t look at, but need to know. It’ll take your perspective on how to manage stress  to new heights.

Enjoy it!
How To Let Gratitude Help You Manage Stress
(just clink the link above and it’ll take you to the video.)

Let me close with A HUGE SHOUT OUT OF GRATITUDE TO EACH AND EVERY READER! icon smile Managing Stress The Easy Way: A How  To Guide

Laughs Heal is continually growing and evolving and that’s largely because of YOU and your marvelous support for which I am truly thankful. Thanks to you, today Laughs Heal is shared and read in a community consisting of thousands of people from more than 25 countries and I appreciate each and every one of you!
From my heart,
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Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless ….

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Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless…

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image 1 300x214 Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless ....I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that positive affirmations could work for everybody.

Sadly, that is not the case.

I have friends who I hear saying positive things about themselves, while achieving positive results in their lives.

I also have friends who I hear saying positive things about themselves while sadly, getting little to no positive results in their lives.

What’s the big difference between these groups people?

Why Positive Affirmations Work For Some People But Not All People

The difference is that people who I see getting results are the ones who actually believe that those results are truly possible for them, whereas the one’s who don’t get the results, have a belief system which counteracts all of the hard work they do in using positive affirmations.

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image 2 300x214 Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless ....When in the process of discovering how to manage stress effectively, it is extremely important to understand these differences in order to access your personal power through positive affirmations, most effectively.

You’ll find it helpful to examine these types of differences concerning those important areas of your life in order to see where it’s difficult to use positive affirmations effectively.

Positive Affirmations and Perception

Earlier, we talked about how to manage stress through your perception and showed you examples of how your attitude defines your perception and how your perception then shapes your reality.

So to use positive affirmations effectively towards enhancing your life, it’s fundamental that your attitude about your life be positive, as well. It’s crucial that your inner belief systems agree with whatever you use your positive affirmations to achieve.

Here’s an example of a good way to shape your positive affirmations:

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image 3 199x300 Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless ....“I don’t get stressed with deadlines at work”.

Your inner belief system might not believe that, especially if you tend to procrastinate or have organizational challenges.

Instead, you could try:

“I’m finding better ways to end procrastination and organize my work, so that I can manage stress with deadlines effectively”.

That might be closer to your belief system’s acceptance and can more easily motivate you to try a better approach. That type of hurdle is not too high to jump over, whereas the first example gives you the highest hurdles, from the start.

By shaping your positive affirmations differently you also help yourself to discover how to manage stress effectively.

Reach For The Positive Affirmations That Are Closest To You

    • Instead of “I’m going to the gym 3 times a week”; try “I’m implementing healthy exercises into my regular routines”.


    • Instead of “I’m going to lose 20 pounds by the summer”; try “I’m using a good weight loss plan that’s helping me to lose X amount of pounds a month”.


    • Instead of “I’m going to get a promotion and a raise within 3 months “; try “I’m bringing new quality to my work that will enable me to reach greater heights”.


These types of positive affirmations also keep you focused on your skills and possibilities in life, instead of focusing on the actions and reactions of others.
I think we’ve all seen people focus so much on improving their skills that instead of a promotion, they got a better job, which was an extra benefit gained from their increased capacities!

How to manage stress with positive affirmations image 4 300x199 Positive Affirmations Will Not Work For You, Unless ....Once you have found the more easily attainable ideas for your belief system to grasp, you will gain the necessary momentum and energy to really get the most out of positive affirmations.

It’s that energy and momentum that you will use to quantify your actionable steps towards achieving your goals with much less stress.

What Positive Affirmations Do and What They Don’t

Positive affirmations won’t change your mind about who you believe yourself to be deep down in your heart.
But they are designed to help you create the person you’d like to be by taking one step at a time.

By starting with the smaller, more believable steps, you can truly “say it loud and say it proud” when using your positive affirmations. Then you can move on to the bigger chunks.

It’s by believing what you focus your positive affirmations on at some deep emotional level, that your actionable steps towards that level of fulfillment will be steps that you can really wrap your mind around.

This is the difference between those who affirm and get results and those who affirm but don’t get results.

After you’ve identified the ideas that are closest to your reach, you will be able to effectively apply the techniques on the website much more effectively. This information includes:


How To Use Positive Affirmations

Positive Self-Talk

All of the powerful information that these industry leaders offer you.

Here’s to your success with positive affirmations!


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