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How Laughter Therapy Can Improve Your Life Today


How Laughter Therapy Improves Medical Results

People get sick every day; many of them with life-threatening illnesses. Modern medicine has progressed to a point where it can do remarkable things, certainly, but it can’t do everything. The more doctors learn about healing, the more they realize that the patient’s attitude is just as important as the treatment provided. That is why laughter therapy can be so crucial to your health and well-being in even the most ordinary regular events of everyday life. Yes, a laugh a day will help keep your doctor away!

Positive Attitude Is Key to Results

You hear it all the time….when a patient gives up there is very little even the best doctors can do for them to help their recovery. Conversely, you hear stories about patients who are given little hope of survival, yet make it through their illness and go on with their lives in an almost “miraculous” manner. What is the critical factor? Increasingly the medical profession is looking towards patients’ attitudes for answers to this question.

Norman Cousins is a perfect example of how a positive attitude and positive self- talk can achieve remarkable results. Cousins, a well-known journalist and an adjunct professor at UCLA, researched the biochemistry of emotions. He was diagnosed with heart disease and eventually, a painful form of arthritis, but he effectively treated himself with laughter therapy to relieve pain and he encountered marvelous and successful results. You can read the miraculous facts of his story in his book: Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

Creative Visualization Leads to Success

There is more to healing than just laughter. Creative visualization is a remarkably powerful technique when harnessed properly. Charles Fillmore, one of the founders of the Unity School of Christianity, injured his hip in a skating accident as a boy. The damage to his hip caused his right leg to wither until it was over 3 inches shorter than his left. In his forties, he began to practice a routine of deep meditation and positive affirmations which strengthened his leg to the point where he barely limped any more.

If positive thinking and creative visualization can do so much for a 30-year-old injury, can you begin to grasp the powerful effects and the many great things it can do for you in your life today?

Laughter Therapy: A New Form Of Healing For Stress Management And More

Where are Your Wounds?

Few people seem to get through their lives without encountering unexpected obstacles that leave unseen wounds. Whether your injuries are emotional or physical, managing stress through the power of positive thinking and creative visualization can help you bring about the changes you desire.

A positive outlook can improve your work environment, facilitate every relationship you have or help you greet each day with enthusiasm. Learning to laugh at yourself, or simply incorporating laughter into each day can have untold benefits to your health, your emotional well-being and your productivity. If laughter and positive self-talk can help chronically ill or injured people recover and live better, it can surely help you get the most out of your experiences.

Many of these areas are already addressed in pages on our website. It doesn’t take much time to incorporate some of the ideas you will find here into your daily routine, and the payoff for you is immense.

Start Your Day with Positive Self-Talk

Tomorrow, start your day with a bit of positive self-talk. Rather succumb to the regular routine of groaning about having to go to work, why not try viewing your job as a challenge that you can overcome? Celebrate your ability to get out of bed, congratulate yourself on picking a particularly attractive outfit, an appealing tie or nice jewelry. Repetition will make the practice easier, and the more you encourage yourself the better you will feel.

Laughter exercise is only one part of laughter therapy, but the overall goal is to help you become a happier, healthier, more effective individual in all that you do!

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Positive Affirmations: Would You Like A New Direction In Your Life?


Positive Affirmations: Get The Life You Really Want For Yourself

“I am, therefore I exist,” is a phrase affirming your existence as a being. It may be a simple phrase, but it says everything about the being saying them. It indicates an inner self-confidence not commonly found and it opens the doorway to the power of positive thinking and your getting the life you really want for yourself.

But why do you need affirmation? Do beings need to be affirmed of their actual existence relative to their affirmation? Absolutely! Why?

Positive affirmations make use of a very powerful technique that empowers your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind is disciplined to believe your positive affirmation, it is then converted into a positive plan of action for the conscious mind. The two work together and in union. This is how the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations begin to work on your behalf. The Huffington Post published an article by Erin Henry confirming this powerful transformation, entitled: Positive Affirmations Changed My Life!. She writes about how she was motivated by seeing the experience of someone else, and I found it to be very motivating to see this domino effect of positivity! Through positive affirmations, you are empowered to do, to work, and to strive for greater things in the most natural way because it comes through your personal inner voice. Positive affirmations help you to believe in yourself and put your thoughts into powerful and effective action! It’s like training your subconscious mind to direct your conscious mind on auto-pilot, for any success on your road map in life!

Positive affirmations are a combination of strong verbal and visual techniques that you can begin to learn and apply today. Strong affirmations are extremely useful, and can be used by practically anyone to achieve their goals and fulfill their desires. The effective power of an affirmation will depend on what is contained in the affirmation and how often you practice its usage in your daily routine.

Positive affirmations are simply assertions made by you, about something or about your state of being. You can affirm the things that you choose to attain, like “I have a good life” or “I love my life”. Being healthy in mind, body, and spirit can also be made possible through your consistent use of positive affirmations.

If you want to really make a strong and powerful affirmation, it is actually quite fundamental that it be not only stated in the present tense, but also with the correct choice of words. An affirmation of “I am a happy person” is more effective than an affirmation saying, “I am going to become a happy person.” Going to implies the future, and the subconscious mind will not deliver to you today that which you have stated for tomorrow. What you want is happiness today, then tomorrow, you will affirm again for that day. This is why consistency is key. Many of our readers have found this book helpful, so take a look to delve deeper into this incredible power and how you can use it to benefit your life:

Always make sure your positive affirmations are in positive terms. It is supposed to work for you, not against you. Instead of saying, “I am not sad,”, using negative words and negation, which could be a form of denial, try making an affirmation saying, “I choose to focus on my happiness”, which makes use of positive words and empowers your mind by reminding you that you are in charge to properly choose your thoughts.

Make your positive affirmations made around simple but concise words. They should be short phrases to be more effective. A very long affirmation can work the other way around, instead of creating a positive mindset, they can get you too caught up in trying to remember everything. Whereas a short affirmation is something you can easily remember and repeat anywhere, anytime. It can serve as a mantra that can be repeated over and over again.

In order to make your positive affirmations most effective, you need to repeat them as frequently as possible. Repetition works  and influences the subconscious, which in turn motivates you into acting out your affirmation. Just as an athlete makes alot of repetition to train the muscles of his or her body to perform, likewise, it’s helpful for you to train the muscle of your brain to perform this most vital action. It’s important that you feel deeply involved with the words you use, so that you can effectively actualize your positive affirmation into positive action. Writing words that you believe in can be very powerful, and this can be put to good use when creating your affirmation. We have more on the effectiveness of writing in our article Stress Management Solutions, where you can find the benefits of journaling your experiences.

However, creating positive affirmations and repeating them a million times is not all it takes to make the affirmation a state of mind. A great help for you will be to remember to live your positive affirmations by letting the positive words give you a positive attitude and outlook on life. It will help if you can be open-minded enough to make the positive changes that will help your affirmation become your reality. Feeling the affirmation and applying it in your life are key to making your affirmation a reality.

Positive affirmations are a very simple thing that can make a very big difference in your life today. Affirmations can be your greatest motivator and give you enormous help in changing your life for the better.

We will cover more on this important topic, so remember to check back for the latest news! (we have a real life “case study” on this concluding shortly….more details coming up soon!)

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How to manage stress: Home

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Surviving This Age Of Mass Technology







Online Pc & Mac Stress

It’s become so popular and so taken for granted that you can hardly imagine your life without it. From the minute you wake up, arrive at your workplace, technology, particularly the Internet, encompasses your daily life. You love it, or maybe you hate it, but you depend on it, and can’t survive a day without it. It is no wonder that online PC/ Mac stress is such a common malady that plagues our society today! More and more people are getting online these days so searching for someone who does NOT include technology in their life is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Today it’s more common to “chat” with an absolute stranger who lives on a differnt continent every single day, yet go weeks without even saying “hi” to your next door neighbor, in person. Just the other day, I even found myself entering a password on my microwave oven, for crying out loud!     



Everyone marches to the tune that technology has given us and this means that online stress must be addressed.

 Today’s young people are becoming increasingly computer literate at younger ages than ever before. They thrive on social networking, watching videos, chatting, online games and even research for homework assignments. There is a strong possibility that classroom learning will eventually become extinct, replaced by man-made technological systems. We have to practically fight with our kids to get them away from the computer. A child who sits before a monitor can be engaged and intrigued by his or her activity for hours! The ultimate punishment to a kid nowadays is no longer just depriving them of dessert or outside playtime. The most horrendous punishment imaginable today is banning kids from using the computer.  Yet, if you imagine the benefits your children can obtain by spending those hours in front of a screen with positive words and positive affirmations, then you can see to it that your children gain more benefits from their time spent in front of computers.     

 As reasonable adults, can we even fathom going a single day without sending or receiving a text message or email, whether the intention is for work or leisure? Well, if you find yourself emailing your colleague in the cubicle next to yours to ask if they’re ready to go to lunch, it might be kind of difficult to imagine even a day without modern technology. God forbid that your computers break down, contract a much dreaded virus or malfunction in some other way that you are ill-equipped to remedy. It is a scenario that has the power to ruin your entire day, although I have heard a few colleagues say “my computer doesn’t get bugs, it just gets random features on occasion”. It’s been said that artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity, and when computers break down, it’s not so easy not to feel stupid, especially if you have a tempermental computer, like mine. Every single problem it has mysteriously vanishes just as soon as the repair person arrives right outside the door. (yes, payment for exery outgoing call for assistance, is expected.) Not only could your work suffer, but your peace of mind can be momentarily destroyed as well. You can feel agitated as you anxiously await the moment that your beloved technology is restored. PC/ Mac stress is inevitable for most of us, even the anxiety resulting from a disruption in our service. 


It's not easy to stay stress free if your computer breaks in the middle of a busy day.


 As an age that is literally dependent on technology and the Internet, it’s a good idea to remind yourself to take breaks from using your electronic devices for just work and sending and receiving personal email. How about treating yourself to an uplifting, inspiring site from which you can extract positive words to memorize to alleviate daily stress? There are websites like this one on which you can find encouraging quotes uttered by famous individuals from Shakespeare to Norman Vincent Peale. Never underestimate the power of not only positive thinking, but also positive words and affirmation! And if it’s paperwork on your PC or Mac that’s stressful, by all means, get the assistance you need: Have a Mac? QuickBooks Comes Built for Mac OS – Looks & Works as Expected. Easy to Learn & Use. Buy Now and Save 20% + Free Shipping.

Despite the stress from hours spent online, you can decide to be uplifted and empowered online.


The Value of Technology


 Technology has HUGE entertainment value – that is one of its most irresistible features. If you can log onto a comic video site after an otherwise mundane work day, you will reap the benefits of laughter without ever leaving your comfort zones. Psychologists have tried for years to educate us on the benefits of laughter. Technology makes these benefits readily accessible, including humor. So why not take advantage of this benefit today? Give yourself a 5 minute break to watch your favorite stand-up comedian.


 Despite our deep, abiding adoration for our Macs and PCs, technology brings its own set of stressors. On any given day, you might accidentally delete or lose important files, or suffer the injustice of having them corrupted. I’ve been through that, and know few people who haven’t. You might feel the excruciating pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Our backs, shoulders and eyesight may suffer from prolonged hours seated before a monitor. Why not use the same vehicle to assist you in managing stress?

We can choose to let technology help us laugh with distant friends while viewing the same video.


 The solution may be to get medical attention in some cases; but if you take frequent breaks and fill your mind with positive affirmations, you are bound to get those benefits and feel better. It is not unusual to see post-its with positive affirmations stuck to a computer monitor, especially in the workplace. You can even load cherished, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations onto your screen-saver. This insures that they are the first words you see whenever you log on, so that will set a good tone for whatever you do once you’re logged in.


 Technology is here to stay. As such, we might as well work on new ways to use it in positive, life-enhancing ways.
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