8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply Today

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8 Easy Forms of Effective Stress Management

How To Manage Stress With Healthy Alternatives

Therapy in its broadest sense, is a term that can be applied to any form of treatment for any illness or disorder and today is commonly used to relieve stress. For example, antacid is a form of therapy for heartburn and recovery is a form of therapy for addiction. As it relates to mental health and mental disorders, therapy can also used to improve your physical aspects. The simplest meaning for therapy is:

The Art of Improving the Quality of Your Life.

Types of Healthy, Fun Therapy:

Alternative therapy is classified into many types. Some well proven forms have been around for many years, however, but there are many new forms which have proven to be just as effective. Some have been grounded in research, others in theory and some rely on anecdotal evidence.

Here are 8 Forms of Alternative Therapy To Help You To Manage Stress Effectively:

Laughter Therapy

laughter therapy is smart stress management 200x300 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayWe were born with the gift of laughter. Laughter is a natural medicine. It is a contagious emotion. It can bring people together. Laughter therapy is also known as humor therapy and it greatly increases our optimism and positive outlook on life.
The physical and mental effects of laughter therapy are given below:

Mental Benefits:

*Laughter therapy will help you to improve the quality of your life.
It provides pain relief, encourages relaxation, reduces stress and relieves emotional pain.

*It can also improve your overall attitude, your capacity to maintain positive thoughts and sleep better.

Physical Benefits:

*Laughter therapy stimulates your circulatory system, your immune system and good hormones in your body. Many treatment centers offer laughter therapy in addition to standard treatment.

*The physical effects of laughter on your body include increased breathing, increased oxygen, short-term changes in hormones and certain neurotransmitters.


Music Therapy:

music therapy is powerful stress management 300x224 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayMusic therapy is technique of complementary medicine that issues music prescribed in a skilled manner by trained therapists. Programs are designed to help patients overcome physical, emotional intellectual and social challenges.

Mental Benefits:

*The “Mozart effect” was coined after a study showed that college students performed better on match problems when they had previously listened to classical music.

*Better productivity is another benefit you get from this improved ability to concentrate.

Physical Benefits:

*Your heart rate and blood pressure are responsive to the types of music that you listened to. The speed of your heartbeat speeds or slows depending on the volume and speed of the auditory stimulus.

*Music therapy can also relieve muscle tension and improve your motor skills. It is often used to help rebuild physical patterning skills in rehabilitation clinics.
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Journal Therapy:

journaling reduces and helps cope with stress 300x240 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayJournal therapy is the act of writing down thoughts and feelings to sort through problems and come to deeper understandings of oneself or the issues in one’s life. Unlike traditional diary writing, where daily events and happenings are recorded from an exterior point of view, journal therapy focuses on the writer’s internal experiences, reactions and perceptions.

Mental Benefits:

*It’s a positive release from sadness and sorrow, grief and loss.

*It’s been proven highly effective in recovery from addiction.

Physical Benefits:

*Increases your communication skills and helps you to maintain a healthier self-esteem.

*Gives you a better perspective on your life and on clarifying life goals.


Pet Therapy:

pet therapy for stress relief now 197x300 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayAnimal therapy is when an animal is trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, people with learning difficulties, and stressful situations, such as disaster areas. The animal therapy is also effective for helping regular everyday people overcome day to day stress, otherwise known as pet therapy.

Mental benefits:

*Pets make great diversion from hectic and demanding livestyles.

*Animal assisted therapy has also done much for debilitating mental illness such as dementia and Alzheimers.

Physical benefits:

*Patients undergoing trauma rehabilitation, recover more quickly and thrive longer when there is a pet involved in their recovery.

*Children who grew up with pets tend to be healthier and prove to have reduced risks to some allergies as well as fewer breathing problems.



aromatherapy is a natural stress reliever 214x300 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayThe meaning of aromatherapy extends to the practice of using a plant’s volatile essential oils to treat body, mind and spirit. Aroma therapists believe that aromatherapy assists healing through olfactory pathways, as well as through physical and mental applications. By smell aroma therapy will actually change our mood.

Mental benefits:

*It calms your mind calm and enhances your serenity.

*It helps reduce nervous tension.

Physical benefits:

*Aroma therapy can heal wounds and improve your skin tone, such as demonstrated with essential oils.

*It also relieves tension, decreases congestion and cures fungal and bacterial infections.

Useful facts about how you can use aromatherapy to relive stress can be found in our blog posts.
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Eco Therapy:

eco therapy is a valuable stress relief tool now 300x200 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayEco therapy brings the natural world to psychological healing and growth. For many, eco therapy refers to any ways nature can be used to promote mental and emotional health, including using nature as a resource in psychotherapy.

Mental benefits:

*It revitalizes your mental energies, positive thoughts and reduces stress.

*90% of people who took part in Mind Green Exercise activities to reduce tension and create more optimism experienced remarkable success rates.

Physical benefits:

*Eco therapy provides the natural way to healing your mind, body and soul and it helps you rediscover your positive outlook on life.

*It keeps your breathing heart rate healthy.


Holistic Therapy:

holistic therapy is great at home spa stress relief too 300x300 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayHolistic therapy is a generic term used to describe therapies which, instead of treating only the symptom as in orthodox medicine treat, the person as a whole. They are taken into consideration when assessing a person’s overall health.

Mental benefits:

*Holistic therapy is excellent for stress relief which is believed to be one of the major causes of disease and illness worldwide today.

*It helps you to make the right decisions and keeps toxins.

Physical benefits:

*These types of therapies can be used to heal medical problems but they’re also a very powerful form of preventative medicine as well, using only natural ingredients and healing methods, with no toxic side effects on the body. For a holistic approach to food, try: Have your cake & eat it too! 100 indulgent calories by Vitalicious. Learn more! 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply Today

*Holistic therapy is also excellent for controlling pain relief, and has done so for many people on a daily basis.
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Retail Therapy:

retail therapy relieve stress and increases your self esteem 239x300 8 Stress Relief Solutions You Can Apply TodayRetail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or transition, it is normally a short-lived habit. Items purchased during periods of retail therapy are sometimes referred to as “comfort buys”.

Mental benefits:

*While shopping, you’re more focused on finding a particular item instead of worrying about stress related things.

*Shopping relaxes your mind and gives you feelings of being carefree.

Physical benefits:

*It makes you feel like we are worth it!

*Pampering yourself heightens your spirits.

Each year, millions of people seek therapy and receive real help for just as vast a number of problems and issues. Therapy can address a wide range of concerns such as depression, relationship crisis, parenting problems, career issues, emotional stress, substance abuse, significant loss and clinical disorders and other conditions.

You can also look to therapy for relief from stress and for life enhancing help in fulfilling aspirations for personal growth or self-improvement.

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