The 1 Vitamin You Need To Manage Stress Effectively


How To Manage Stress The Natural Way

how to manage the stress of the winter bluesLast week, I suggested some tools that you can use when you’ve got a bit of the blues in 7 Tools To Help You Manage Stress When You’re Sluggish.

Today we’re going to look at some of the reasons why you might feel sluggish. I really want to help you get the pep in your step and back into your grove!

For example, at this time of year, it’s quite common to feel the winter blues. Actually, this symptom has been defined as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or S.A.D.) and it’s characterized by feelings of depression and increased feelings of pessimism.

It can actually happen during any of the changing season, yet it’s highly prevalent in the winter.

Discover How To Manage Stress From The Inside Out

One thing you might forget to look at is the amount of natural vitamin resources you’re giving your body during these changing seasons. If you notice that you have a peak of depression, anxiety, and stress most often during the changing of the seasons, then a good all natural way to counteract that effect is to examine the foods you’re putting into your body.

how to manage the stress of the winter blues imageOf the various vitamins that are important to maintain a healthy balance in life, there is 1 vitamin in particular that is known for its stress busting capacities.

In fact, this is the 1 vitamin that has been dubbed the “anti-stress” vitamin because of its powerful capacity to convert food into energy. This is the 1 vitamin you want to be sure not to have a deficiency in so that you are capable of putting your best foot forward.

The 1 Vitamin You Need To Manage Stress Effectively: Vitamin B


The B vitamins have an enormous ability to counteract the effects of fatigue, stress and anxiety and one of the ways they do this is by their influence on the production of serotonin. It’s your level of serotonin that determines the mood you feel and that has a profound impact on your ability to manage stress effectively.

If you want to play cards, you’ll want a full deck. If you want to learn how to manage stress effectively, you’ll want to give yourself all of the natural “feel good” hormones that your body needs. Why play the game of life with half a deck of cards?

Foods Containing High Levels of Vitamin B: The Delicious Way To Manage Stress Effectively


The Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

how to manage stress with delicious delightsYogurt

The Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin B1

how to manage stress with delicious delightsAsparagus
Romaine Lettuce
Brussels Sprouts

The Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin B6

how to manage stress with delicious delightsYam
Calf liver

The Delicious Way To Discover How To Manage Stress More Effectively

Take advantage of nature’s resources and cook yourself up a feast fit for a vitamin king and queen! If you’ve noticed a feeling of sluggishness, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, anxiety which are chief indicators that your stress levelsare higher than normal, then it might be easier than you think to start healing that condition.

These natural anti-stress, vitamin rich foods will help you. Not only will they give you greater capacity to manage stress more effectively, but they will also give you a healthier body, as well.

Here’s to your stress management success!

Which of these foods are going to be on your menu for increased vitamin b this season? Let us know in the comments.
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*Disclaimer: If you decide to take dietary supplements, consult with your doctor first.

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