Stress Test 101: Do You Know The Secret Of Managing Stress Effectively?


Stress Test 101 – The Secret To Letting Go Of Stress

There is an alarming fact about stress that you might not know. Many people want to know how to manage stress effectively, but few consciously understand this secret about stress. Why?

Because even though we all know this secret about managing stress, we rarely give it attention in our lives. Too often the object of your stress takes all of your attention and that’s precisely when you forget this secret truth about life.

But by keeping this secret in the front of your mind, you can find it governing your actions and also very importantly, your reactions to stressful issues, for the better. This secret can help you to instantaneously lose the small matters which you’ve stressed over in the past and give you new strength with which to face the big matters in your life. This 1 secret can ensure you more fulfillment and satisfaction with your life, right now, here today.

This is the secret:
The depth of your gratitude
is directly measured
by the velocity
with which you lose it.
Your stress levels
are directly proportional
to your level of gratitude.

Put quite simply, if you raise your level of gratitude for everything in your life, it will make it much easier for you to manage stress more effectively. Wanting to keep that feeling of gratitude is what keeps you from stressing over the small things and it gives you new energy for tackling the bigger things, too.

How To Manage Stress With A Gratitude Break

The secret to knowing how to manage stress well imageAlmost 100% of the time, when you are feeling stressed over something, that thing has got so much of your attention that it’s no wonder your not beaming from ear to ear in gratitude. You’re actively looking for solutions to the problem and doing everything you can to solve it. It may sound counter intuitive, but this is actually the best time to take a gratitude break.

If that’s a bit of a stretch for now, then begin by just taking a break….any kind of break. With time, you can turn that  ”break time” into a gratitude break. What’s most important right now is that you take the first step by giving yourself some space from your stress.

More often than not, when you focus your attention on something other than the object of your stress, you will feel stress relief. This is essential to learning how to manage stress effectively because it will give you the mental freedom to gain new perspective on whatever was stressful.

Gratitude and laughter therapy enable your mental freedom to stay elastic, open and receptive.

The Right Actions To Manage Stress And Live A Fulfilling Life

Remembering that the depth or sincerity of your gratitude is directly measured by the velocity with which you lose it and that your stress levels are directly proportional to your level of gratitude, you can start today by focusing your energy and actions in a totally different way.

You want to know how to manage stress effectively in order to live a fulfilling life full of satisfaction; not continue with the stressful reactions you’ve had in the past. This is your best reason for trying something new.

Last week I wrote you about the process with which you can turn gratitude into an action verb and gave you  several tools to help you jump start this method. Have you tried them yet? If not, there’s no time like the present to start some new direction in your life with some really easy to do steps, so definitely check out: 4 Easy To Apply Powerful Mind Tools.

What actions steps can you take today to keep your gratitude deep? Which new tools will you apply in your  discovery of how to manage stress more effectively?

Here’s to your passing the stress test!

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