Stress Management and Money: 3 Tips


Your 3 Step Plan To Manage Stress Concerning Your Money

Stress Management Money Freedom ImageWhen thinking about your money and your financial situation, do you notice your mood swinging into a “down the hill” sort of way? (see: symptoms of stress/stress management) Would you like to have stress relief from your past ideas concerning money? Effective stress management means facing those situations which make you feel uneasy (even to the point of nauseousness) with full steam. So get ready to tackle this ferocious tiger, which you will turn into a house cat with your courage to begin!

Let’s begin by stating an irrevocable fact: 2012 does not have to be like 2011 or any of the years before. You can make a difference this year and take your financial standing by the horns! It’s important to believe deep down in your heart that things can and will be different as this belief in your capacity to make a difference will propel you forward.

3 Ways You Can Manage Stress Concerning Money:

1. Review your financial goals for this year.

Schedule time for yourself to write out how you would like to see this year differ from the previous years. Schedule this the same way you would schedule and honor a dentist appointment because it’s that important in order for you to really make this year different from the previous years. Would you like to see your savings change? Then set out a plan for it—but on paper because this will help you to focus and commit.

money managementI don’t know about you, but I had heard the motto PAY YOURSELF FIRST for years, but it wasn’t until I actually sat down and set out a strategy to do so that it became attainable. You need actionable steps to take, so program that into your lifestyle. Even saving $1.00 a day is just $35.00 dollars a month, but that will be $365.00 dollars saved at the end of the year which you might have let slip through your fingers were you not consciously aware (through the form of writing out your plan) of your new commitment.

Start small and make a commitment. It’s better to know you can easily reach a set figure than to set a goal which is so high that it becomes more difficult to process. Whatever plan you use for your smaller commitment will essentially be part of any bigger plan you’ll have, but it’s the commitment to yourself which is key.
*Note: If you tend to procrastinate this first step, then read end procrastination and apply those techniques to help you get started.

2. Review your mental mindset.

This is more than just seeing the glass half full or half empty. This is all about your core ideas concerning money.

money managementDeep down, do you believe that money is there to serve you or do you serve money and most importantly how do your ACTIONS reflect your mental mindset? Also take a look at how you’ve perceived money over the years to see if you’ve always felt there was never enough or if there were times when you were satisfied with your income and money management. This type of reflection is important for your moving forward in managing stress effectively concerning your money management because it will show you the areas we’re going to clean out, change and improve on in the next step.

If credit cards and loans are a big problem, then you might want to consider reshaping your mental mindset about what you really need….and what you don’t. You don’t need debt and you don’t need stress from debt, so it’s a good idea to look for which patterns of behavior are not in harmony with your overall financial goals. Is the new car really something to take you from point A to point B, or is it to impress your _____fill in the blank. Make a defining statement of who you are and use positive affirmations to help you keep your eye on your real and true goals in life. The bottom line: impressing anyone out there cannot and will not ever compare to the great impression you will gain within yourself from reaching your financial goals!

*NOTE: It’s a good idea to start with micro financial goals as explained well in The Simple Dollar.
**If living large is the only way for you, then check out some tips on how to do so without infringing on your mental mindset and financial goals at: Wisebead.

3. De-clutter

It’s strange how this works, but when you physically get rid of clutter and chaos in your home and office, that becomes the catalyst for ridding yourself of the clutter in your mind, as we spoke of in step #2.

This article in Leo Babauta’s Site illustrates this point with great clarity in point number 13. Again, the note on micro goals can help you a lot, so you might want to start with something small, like a drawer or 1 bookshelf.

money managementWhen starting fresh and managing stress concerning your finances, remember that having “visual thought space” is important to help you in organizing and achieving your new plan. You really need this type of de-cluttering in order to do what you set out to do the objectives we discussed in step #1.

We’ve written about closet clutter earlier and that’s a good guideline to help you to get rid of the things you don’t need or use. One of the best things about using the philosophy from the closet clutter relief article for “any other type of clutter” is that it trains your mind to let go of emotional attachment to physical possessions and let’s face it, stress management is useful for your money management mainly because of physical possessions. Freeing yourself from strong emotional attachment to these “things” (many of which, were lined up for the goodwill anyways) get you moving forward in the right direction of getting your money to work FOR you, instead of just working for money.

Poor is a state of mind, broke is only a temporary condition.

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Here’s to the best of your stress management success!

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