How To Manage Stress For Young Girls? Empower Them With New Video Resources!


How To Manage Stress: Something Special For Young Girls

A New Way To Empower Young Girls Online

How to manage stress for kidsOnce upon a time there was a young girl who possessed great talent in singing. Her only problem was that she was afraid to be in front of the camera and she did not know how to manage stress effectively. So her solution was to cover her face with a towel and sing her heart out underneath it.

Today, there is a better solution.

This young girl was encouraged and nurtured by a special group of her peers, found at a new social gaming site called Sweety High.  She was given help and courage by her peers, and through this, came out of her nutshell. Subsequently, that little girl discovered how to come out of her comfort zone and she actually faced the camera, too.

A Community Helping Kids Learn To How To Manage Stress Effectively

Sweety High is an online community that aims to help all the teens to manage stress effectively. It’s a valuable resource for girls 8 to 16 years old, especially in this age of bullying. It is also a fun online gaming site that lets the girls accumulate points and rewards to make their experience there more refreshing and exciting.

How to manage stress for kidsSweety High’s co-founder, Veronica Zelle is greatly inspired and thankful for the benefit her site gives to teens. She’s gratified by her participation in making a safe online sanctuary for tweens and teens. Precaution is also a necessary act to follow in order to maintain order and prevent cyber bullying. This for sure would helps parents to feel feel secure about their children’s activity online.

I recently read an article in Child Development which addressed a very real problem that we as a society face with the obsession kids have with online video games. In this article, video game addiction as a stress management tool was uncovered. When taken too far, video game addiction can be just as destructive to the community as any addiction, and we’ve all read the stories in the newspapers which vividly illustrate that fact.

This is why a healthy solution of online games with a foundation based on empowering and strengthening youngsters is so important and why I wanted to share this discovery with you today.

A Place Where Video Games Are Safe and Healthy

I think the games that they have created online will be a big hit to all the teens out there, as the ones currently taking advantage of these benefits will tell you. They have made it a point to make girls find the creative side of them while also getting rewarded while doing so. The site was made for girls only mainly because girls get to encourage each other every time they get together, most especially when in a creative environment.

Teen girls are also learning how to manage stress with the help of their best buddies. Sweety High also serves as a stress relief center for girls who have problems coping on the outside world. It implements stress management techniques so as to make the girls feel much better about themselves and the world around them.

A Way To Counteract The Stress Of Bullying

How to manage stress for kidsDuring this age, when some may encounter bullying which may be a result from having girls get together with groups of boys, it’s especially important that these girls know they have somewhere where they can turn for help. Girls at this age may not know how to act properly when they are around boys and they
might even react in somewhat of a different manner from their usual selves.

Upon playing one of their online games, the girls get to earn hearts as a form of currency every time they move from one level to another. This is particularly symbolic. They also get to vote for that one girl of who they think deserves their support in a contest or for her creativity. Upon voting, they are giving
up their hearts that in turn gets to be accumulated on a karma bank that gives them a chance to win amazing prizes. It’s a total win-win situation and the girls love it!

Sweety High teens also enjoy the liberty of uploading and posting their beautiful creations like writing, photography, videos, and artwork online that will not just showcase their talent and help them express the courage in showcasing it, but also give them yet another chance to win fabulous prizes.

I learned that one of the participants even won the grand prize from a contest where she was allowed to spend one whole day with the world renowned musician Greyson Chance. She was also given the chance to participate and perform on one of his musical concerts, too.

The virtue that the makers of Sweety High works on is truly a refreshing way of helping young girls, most especially teens, to see their potential and embrace their innate talents. They get to learn from an early age on exactly how to manage stress effectively to overcome their fears and access victory!

Sweety High helps in fulfilling their every wish and inspiring them to make the best of what they have. It gives young girls a great way to feel empowered, courageous and victorious and these are the qualities that will serve them well throughout their lives!

Here’s to successful stress management for kids!

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  1. thank you greyson for helping me meet so many amazing people without them and you i dont know where i would be<

  2. Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to take a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Great blog and brilliant design.

  3. I really love this article and how nicely you presented it. I got a lot out of it.
    I cannot wait to tell my 13 year old daughter about this website! I don’t like the amount of time she spends playing video games, but if she’s going to play video games, I’d rather it be in a situation that will also provide resources to help her overcome her shyness.
    We both win with this, so thanks for posting it!

    • Thanks Beula! I’m sure you will be pleased to see her playing these types of healthy, productive video games and I’m sure she’s going to love it! Thanks for your feedback!

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