How To Cope With The Stress Of Moving To A New Home


How To Cope With The Stress Of

Moving To A New Home

Let’s face it; moving always has been and always will be a rather stress provoking event. Yet, it can also mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life. Nonetheless, there are many details to look after and tons of organizational matters that need attention so that you can easily cope with the stress of moving to a new home.

There are many ways that you can make moving a much less stressful event. Most experts will agree that planning is essential. Even if you have the most efficient moving company in the world assisting you, the better you plan, the more seamless your change into your new home will be.

Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

Reduce Your Mental Stress About Moving

Starting with the right mental attitude is crucial to managing stress around the process of moving into your new home. This is the time to beef up your positive self-talk program with words like “I get so much out of clearing away all unnecessary items because this way, I can move into my new home with the true essentials of what I actually utilize”.

Speaking to your inner self with positive words does enormous good in terms of boosting your vitality, enthusiasm and coping strategies.

Organize Your Moving Strategy

I’m currently in the process of moving into a new home myself, and one thing I find greatly helpful is the old fashioned pen and paper. By writing things out, you get a much more clear idea of what you have and how you want to organize. This is a good time to go through all of your warranties and appliances that you might have had for years.

Be sure to include all of your “to-do” lists so that you have a checklist of everything in that one notebook binder. This is handy and convenient for keeping track of everything that is necessary for your move. Then once you have gone through everything, you can place your final draft of precisely what will and will not go with you, onto your hard drive of your pc or mac.

De Clutter To Reduce Moving Stress

Stress and moving to a new home imageWhile going through all of your warranties and appliances, you might find yourself with versions of products which are a bit outdated. I know I sure did! It’s great when you purchase something that has stood the test of time and even without being under warranty, still works like a charm, but will it work for you in your new home?

When de cluttering, remember that you can also utilize this moment to update whichever new versions are available on the market. By planning your move with ample time, you can shop around to update and renew certain items so that with your fresh start in your new home, you have the most energy efficient items.
I found a lot of helpful information on energy efficient items which weren’t even on the market the last time I moved, when I checked this link: Energy Star Qualified Products.

These are just a few tips that I found helpful for reducing stress concerning moving into a new home. When looking at this big change as an opportunity to clear out the clutter, modernize your appliances and obtain a new and concise inventory of what you essential use, your perspective on your moving process can take on a whole new vision.

I hope you’ve found this helpful and I’m interested to know what difficulties you’ve encountered when moving. Please share your ideas in the comments section, thanks!

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  1. jessa@how to meditate

    Yeah! I agree moving to another place is really stressful. But thanks for the tips next time we move again I’ll remember this things.

  2. Coping stress is very interested because it helps to manage necessary things that will handle all to make it more organized.
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  3. Great tips for making the move a little easier. I remember when I was moving every 2 years and the stress that knocked me down for weeks after the move. Wish I’d had these tips then.
    Larry Kessler recently posted..Strictly Stress ManagementMy Profile

  4. I think the hardest thing for a person is when you have to put away the things you won’t be able to bring to your new home. Especially if they have sentimental values. This happened to me when i need to move to a smaller house. But no matter how valuable they are you have to move on and… move. :razz:

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    Kyle recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

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