Change: What To Do About It: 4 Tools To Get You Great Results


How To Cope With Stress Concerning Change

When coping with stress, one of the biggest difficulties we face with the decision making process is always going to be centered around change. No matter where we are or what we do, change is going to be an inevitable fact about life. Yet and still, I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a great aversion towards change.

At times, even something as simple as having to change your regular route because of construction can be enough to challenge your sense of peace and well being, especially if you’re pressed for time. Not to mention changes in appointment schedules which, with one swoop, can set into motion a type of domino effect for all consecutive appointments. Change, even the slightest, can strike suspense, mystery, confusion, doubt and fear.

We, as humans, are habitual creatures. We like the fact that we can perform certain tasks like making breakfast in the morning or driving to work, without having to think about them. Besides, who really wants to rethink simple mundane, monotonous tasks, much less the big tasks that some changes bring?

How To Reprogram Your Mind To Accept Change

First of, let me start off by congratulating you! If you’re reading this now, chances are, you’ve already survived change in your life many, many times, so kudos to you for that! If you’re facing new changes in your life at the present moment, let me start off by encouraging you.

Coping with stress and change imageThe fact that you have already survived the challenges of past changes in your life is your proof positive that you can and you will, survive any current challenge of change you may be facing. Fuel yourself with the enormous positive energy of the changes that you have already overcome so that you begin to gain new belief systems about your capacity to overcome today’s challenge of change, as well.

This case study: a formula for success details how you can do this with ease, comfort and pleasure.

Another good thing to keep in mind is the fact that change does not have to be a bad thing. When you embrace change with a healthy positive attitude, you find yourself gaining advatnages, benefits and personal development skills that dramatically improve the quality of your life.

So exactly how do you cope with stress and change so that your decision making process comes from a place inside of you that is the opposite of doubt, fear and confusion?

Here are a few helpful strategies that are your best assets for facing change:

1. Believe you can cope with stress effectively

As you’ve already read here at Laughs Heal in the past, your inner belief systems are fundamental in determining how you relate to the world around you. Use the process of change to enhance and strengthen  your inner belief systems so that you gain these reinforced advantages, as well.

You get the upper hand when you practice the use of positive words applied in a powerful method called positive self-talk.

These are tools to lift up your vision and belief sytems by helping you to know that you are coping with change and stress effectively.

2. Read inspirational stories to empower your decision making process

No matter what changes you face, there are bound to be inspirational stories about others who have overcome the same difficulties and challenges that you face. Immerse yourself in their real life facts of how they overcame adversity and know that they are proof positive that you can too.

The nice thing about reading inspirational strories is that they also give your inner belief systems a nice boost and they keep your mind focused on the countless opportunities of what you can do to overcome the stress of change.

3. Use the 1 action verb to help you embrace change

As you’re going through the exercises outlined in “The 1 Action Verb To Get You From Stressed To Refreshed”, you will be putting into powerful action the 1 greatest muscle and tool you have: Your Mind Tools.

You will also begin to notice a strange coincidence: almost everything that you gather from your life in order to complete those exercises, are things which were born out of change.

These are the concrete reasons why you need not doubt your decision making process. It’s human nature to question if our decisions are sound when going through the decision making process, but in order to cope with stress effectively, it’s also important to silence your inner critic and begin to trust yourself and your capacities.

The 1 action verb is a great vehicle to render that journey smooth, easy and placid.

4. Let creative visualization help you

Creative Visualization
Gives You The Power
To Paint The Picture
Of Your Best Life

Once you’ve gotten rid of the negative connotations that might have been present concerning any change you face, you are ready to start with a fresh and clean slate.

Like a painters begin their artwork on a clean canvas, let creative visualization help you to paint a beautifully fulfilling and satisfying picture of your life throughout the process of change.

There may be things about your change that you don’t have power over, but even if “construction has blocked your regular route” you’re still the person driving the car.

By placing these ideas into action in your life surrounding any challenges of change, you are bound to go through the decision making process with less stress and when you practice coping with stress using tools that give you positive energy, you are bound to face changes in life with victory!

Here’s to you getting great results with change!

What changes are you facing in your life today? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for your kind feedback! I’m glad to hear you are starting to look at change differently and wish you on to success with it! Kim

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