3 Keys You Need To Remember Before Making Decisions

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3 Keys To Good Decision Making

Why is the decision making process suchHow to manage stress with decisions 1 300x300 3 Keys You Need To Remember Before Making Decisions a chore? Most likely because we tend to think that the decision will irrevocably affect the rest of our lives. Thank goodness that’s not always the case. But nonetheless, you can gain a lot from streamlining your decision making process and that’s fundamental in learning how to manage stress effectively.

Even the slightest decision over what to wear for the day can be stressful, especially if you’re also dealing with closet clutter. So how much more mental energy is required when you have to decide on bigger and more important matters? Try these keys to make that process easier for yourself.


Here Are 3 Keys To Remember Before Making Decisions:

1. Apply The Right Framing

Let’s take the analogy of taking a picture. When you look through the lens of the camera, you try to see ifHow to manage stress with decisions 2 225x300 3 Keys You Need To Remember Before Making Decisions the frame is too small or too wide. You check to make sure your focus is where you want it, right?

Now let’s apply that to your decision making process. Do you use a narrow frame when you look at the decision? What do you do to step back in order to see the wider perspective? Sometimes the culprit of the decision making process simply seeing the picture in too narrow or too wide a frame.

With the application of the right framing, you want to take 1 zoom in and 1 zoom out to see the decision more clearly. You want to keep your overall objectives in that picture frame while zooming.

2. Implement Innovative Alternatives

You might have your own preferred idea about the decision to be made, yet keeping an open mind keeps your possibilities for growth open, too.  This decision might be the opportunity for you to think out of the box like a pro so brainstorming ideas with an open mind is an asset. You might forget this in the decision making process because it’s natural to think in your regular patterns of thought.

Try to explore your creative side. Let your preferred decision sit for a minute so that your creative side can bring forth new ideas. This also helps you in practicing how to manage stress with new methods.

For example, let’s take a big decision that you are facing and say you’ve already got your first idea in place. With this principle in mind, you’re going to put that first choice on the burner for a moment, and instead, get your creativity flowing first. A good exercise would be to take the decision and write it out with 4 different ideas. Using a mind map is a really effective tool for this exercise.


3. Keep Your Core Values = You Can Be Happy Either Way

Your core values are highest on your list, so no matter which decisions you make, if they are always in harmony with your core values, then you’ll always be able to be happy about them either way.

How to manage stress with decisions 3 300x300 3 Keys You Need To Remember Before Making DecisionsOne thing is for sure, the power to choose is yours. So if your decision is a reflection of your core values, then you’ll always walk away a winner.

Take a moment and reflect on the things that are most important to you. The key to understanding yourself is to know and understand what you want. Your ideas about life tend to change as you go through life, so it’s always a good idea to examine if or how your core values have changed, as well.

The decisions you made even a year ago, were the result of your consciousness at that time, but haven’t you done a lot of different things in the last 365 days? Use the new input to evaluate your growth and step into your new shoes of the decision making process.


Streamlining your decision making process gives you the wonderful opportunity to do that.

Try these 3 keys to unlock the door of your new possibilities with your decision making process. Discovering how to manage stress effectively encompasses even the most stressful processes, like decision making. But with the ability to zoom effectively, embrace creativity and your core values as they evolve, you will find it easier to approach the decision making process with more tranquility.

Here’s to your decision making success!

What’s the most difficult aspect of making decisions that you face? Let’s about it and ask any questions you might have in the comments section!

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