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Affirmation and Positive Thinking


How You Can Use Affirmation To Get The Life You Really Want For Yourself

“I am, therefore I exist,” is a phrase affirming your existence as a being. It may be a simple phrase, but it says everything about the being saying them. It indicates a confidence not commonly found and opens the doorway to the power of positive thinking.

But why do you need affirmation? Do beings need to be affirmed of their actual existence relative to their affirmation? Absolutely! Why?

Because affirmation is a very powerful technique that will empower your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind is disciplined to believe your affirmation, it is then converted into a positive plan of action for the conscious mind. The two work together and in union. This is how the power of positive thinking and positive affirmations begin, as Erin Henry also confirms in her story about “The Power of Affirmations”, which you can read by by clicking here. Through affirmation, you are empowered to do, to work, and to strive for greater things. Affirmation helps you to believe in yourself and put your thoughts into powerful and effective action! It’s like training your subconscious mind to direct your conscious mind on auto-pilot, for any success you could possibly desire!

Affirmation is a combination of strong verbal and visual techniques that you can begin to learn and apply today. Strong affirmations are extremely powerful, and can be used by practically anyone to achieve their goals and fulfill their desires. The effective power of an affirmation will depend on what is contained in the affirmation and how often you practice its usage in your daily routine.

Affirmation is simply an assertion made by you, about something or about your state of being. You can affirm the things that you choose to attain, like “I now have a good life” or “I love my life”. Being healthy in mind, body, and spirit can also be made possible through your consistent affirmation.

If you want to really make a strong and powerful affirmation, it is actually quite fundamental that it be not only stated in the present tense, but also with the correct choice of words. An affirmation of “I am a happy person” is more effective than an affirmation saying, “I am going to become a happy person.” Going to implies the future, and the subconscious mind will not deliver to you today that which you have stated for tomorrow. What you want is happiness today, then tomorrow, you will affirm again for that day. This is why consistency is key. Also, many of our readers have found this book helpful:

Always make sure your affirmation is in positive terms. It is supposed to work for you, not against you. Instead of saying, “I am not sad,”, using negative words and negation, which could be a form of denial, try making an affirmation saying, “I choose to focus on my happiness”, which makes use of positive words and empowers your mind by reminding you that you are in charge to properly choose your thoughts.

Make your affirmations made around simple but concise words. They should be short phrases to be more effective. A very long affirmation can work the other way around, instead of creating a positive mindset, they can get you too caught up in trying to remember everything. Whereas a short affirmation is something you can easily remember and repeat anywhere, anytime. It can serve as a mantra that can be repeated over and over again.

In order to make your affirmation effective, you need to repeat them regularly. Repetition works  and influences the subconscious, which in turn motivates you into acting out your affirmation. Just as an athlete makes alot of repetition to train the muscles of his or her body to perform, likewise, it’s helpful for you to train the muscle of your brain to perform this most vital action. It’s important that you feel deeply involved with the words you use, so that you can effectively actualize your affirmation into positive action. Writing words that you believe in can be very powerful, and this can be put to good use when creating your affirmation. We have more on the effectiveness of writing in our article 8 Easy To Do Solutions, on the benefits of journaling your experiences.

However, creating an affirmation and repeating it a million times is not all it takes to make the affirmation a state of mind. You must remember to live your affirmation by letting the positive words give you a positive attitude and positive outlook on life. It will help if you can be open-minded enough to make the positive changes that will help the affirmation become your reality. Feeling the affirmation and applying it in your life are key to making your affirmation a reality.

Affirmation is a very simple thing that can make a very big difference in your life today. Affirmation can be your greatest motivator and give you enormous help in changing your life for the better.

We will cover more on this important topic, so remember to check back for the latest news! (we’ve decided to do a real life “case study” on this….more details coming up soon!)

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