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The Abundant Life:

How Do You Get It? How Do You Live It?



Here at Laughs Heal, we’ve offered lots of tips on how to manage stress effectively, but how many people simply want to learn more about living the abundant life? After all, isn’t that contrast the most commonly cited reason for stress?


Abundance Academy Gold ImageEither you would like to enjoy more of life or find more ways to get more out of life and either way, much more abundance is truly helpful!            Usually when we think of abundance, we tend to think of things like money, homes, cars, boats, jewels and other such items of possession.          But my question to you is this: Are these “things” really what abundance is about, or is “the abundant life” something greater and deeper?


Live Life Abundantly

To take a deeper look at the abundant life, let’s pause for a moment and take a look at a few universal laws on abundance. These are things which we might notice every day, but yet we might not necessarily be cognizant of as a visible, tangible universal law of abundance. Here are some examples:

1. The sun shines every day.
2. The trees, mountains, etc., have all of the nourishment they could ever need.
3. The animals and insects of nature never go without.

Abundance Academy Sun ImageThese are universal laws that have been true since the beginning of time.                                         So our only question is this:                                   if this magnificent, intelligent universe is so good at taking care of itself, how can I learn to do the same with the help of these universal laws?

That’s what living the abundant life is all about. Learning how to stay in the flow of abundance that the universe already provides so that you really do live the abundant life. In other words, loving what life offers you today is the best way to love what life offers you tomorrow.

This is what they mean when they say “money cannot buy you happiness” because we all know people who have a lot of “things” but are unhappy with their lives as well as people who have few “things” who are equally unhappy. What does this show us?

This is the proof that happiness and living the abundant life have nothing to do with “things”.

Abundance Mentality

Living the abundant life begins with a state of mind and continues on through wherever your imagination can take you! The best part about it is that YOU are in control and you get to choose your preferences and perspective.

This is about more than looking at the glass as half full or half empty, this is about setting a tone for your day and your life. This is about recognizing your inner potential and freeing yourself to live the abundant life to the fullest.

Abundance Academy HappinessYou have an innate right to be happy and this is one of the most important things that you can be cognizant of today.         Once you recognize this right and claim it for yourself, you can begin adjusting your ideas and beliefs about yourself so that everything that comes into your mind is in harmony with the abundance mindset that you have set for your life.

Start this type of process today and you will be amazed at how quickly you recognize and easily omit whatever is not aligned with your intention.
I write this to you today because of the readers who have written me and asked “how to change belief systems”, so you can look forward to find much more material on this subject coming up!

This is where the change starts, so let’s start aligning it today!

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