How Laughter Therapy Can Improve Your Life Today


How Laughter Therapy Improves Medical Results

People get sick every day; many of them with life-threatening illnesses. Modern medicine has progressed to a point where it can do remarkable things, certainly, but it can’t do everything. The more doctors learn about healing, the more they realize that the patient’s attitude is just as important as the treatment provided. That is why laughter therapy can be so crucial to your health and well-being in even the most ordinary regular events of everyday life. Yes, a laugh a day will help keep your doctor away!

How To Manage Stress With Laughter:

Positive Attitude Is Key to Results

You hear it all the time….when a patient gives up there is very little even the best doctors can do for them to help their recovery. Conversely, you hear stories about patients who are given little hope of survival, yet make it through their illness and go on with their lives in an almost “miraculous” manner. What is the critical factor? Increasingly the medical profession is looking towards patients’ attitudes for answers to this question.

Norman Cousins is a wonderful example of how a positive attitude and positive self- talk can achieve remarkable results. Cousins, a well-known journalist and an adjunct professor at UCLA, researched the biochemistry of emotions. He was diagnosed with heart disease and eventually, a painful form of arthritis, but he effectively treated himself with laughter therapy to relieve pain and he encountered marvelous and successful results. You can read the miraculous facts of his story in his book: Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

Creative Visualization Leads to Success and Helps Manage Stress

There is more to healing than just laughter. Creative visualization is a remarkably powerful technique when harnessed properly. Charles Fillmore, one of the founders of the Unity School of Christianity, injured his hip in a skating accident as a boy. The damage to his hip caused his right leg to wither until it was over 3 inches shorter than his left. In his forties, he began to practice a routine of deep meditation and positive affirmations which strengthened his leg to the point where he barely limped any more.

If positive thinking and creative visualization can do so much for a 30-year-old injury, can you begin to grasp the powerful effects and the many great things it can do for you in your life today?

Laughter Therapy: A New Form Of Healing For Stress Management And More

Where are Your Wounds?

how to manage stress with laughter therapy imageFew people seem to get through their lives without encountering unexpected obstacles that leave unseen wounds. Whether your injuries are emotional or physical, managing stress through the power of positive thinking and creative visualization can help you bring about the changes you desire.

A positive outlook can improve your work environment, facilitate every relationship you have or help you greet each day with enthusiasm. Learning to laugh at yourself, or simply incorporating laughter into each day can have untold benefits to your health, your emotional well-being and your productivity. If laughter and positive self-talk can help chronically ill or injured people recover and live better, it can surely help you get the most out of your experiences.

Many of these areas are already addressed in pages on our website. It doesn’t take much time to incorporate some of the ideas you will find here into your daily routine, and the payoff for you is immense.

Start Your Day with Positive Self-Talk

Tomorrow, start your day with a bit of positive self-talk. Rather succumb to the regular routine of groaning about having to go to work, why not try viewing your job as a challenge that you can overcome? Celebrate your ability to get out of bed, congratulate yourself on picking a particularly attractive outfit, an appealing tie or nice jewelry. Repetition will make the practice easier, and the more you encourage yourself the better you will to manage stress with laughter therapy image

Laughter exercise is only one part of laughter therapy, but the overall goal is to help you become a happier, healthier, more effective individual in all that you do!

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