What Is The Definition Of Stress?




What is the definition of stress, many people ask.

Many people define stress in many ways.

Basically, stress is: being out of harmony with oneself and the world around us .  

To effectively prevent stress, it is important to be cognizant of the causes of stress.  One of the biggest, if not the biggest cause is financial pressure.  When the bills just keep stacking up and there is not enough money coming in, one cannot help but fret over how to make ends meet.  This is also the leading cause of fighting amongst couples.

Another major stress inducer is on-the-job or work related stress.  This could come in many forms; not getting along with our boss, excessive work hours, not enough work hours, tension amongst co-workers, and probably the biggest of them all, fear of being terminated.

Strained relationships are also high on the list.  This can be with our significant other, a sibling, a parent, our children.  These are especially hurtful types of stress because they involve people that we love the most.

And we certainly cannot forget the stress that health-related issues can cause.  When a person learns that they are suffering an illness or disease, no matter how major or minor, this can definitely be a huge concern.  Especially if it is something beyond our control.  In other words, something we can’t exercise or diet or modify our way out of.  Our self-esteem will usually decrease significantly and this can leave us full of negativity.  This form of stress, along with financial stress, are the two main forms of stress that cause insomnia.

Now that we have delved into some of the types of stress, let’s look at some possible solutions.  Professionals trained in this field will usually advise things like a healthy diet, yoga, meditation, physical exercise, and other forms of relaxation techniques.  There are even devices called stress balls that are used to relieve tension in the hands.  Studies have proven that when we are able to relieve tension in our hands, this leads to relief throughout the body. The same goes for reflexology in relieving the stress and tension

Refelxology is not only good for our feet, it’s good for the whole body!

 not only in our feet, but also throughout our entire body.  Reading a motivational or inspirational story can be a good stress-reliever, as it offers us hope, just as listening to motivational audio books can be a great choice too.  This can work wonders when done on a regular basis.

Learning to be very careful with our time management is paramount to stress relief, as well.  Finding ways to make time for our family, for exercise, and most of all for ourselves is key. 

All in all though, the two most important things we can do to help kick stress to the curb, and begin to cope with it are:

1. restore our self-esteem 2. eliminate negativity

We may need to seek help in order to accomplish these goals, but they are fully attainable goals. Here, we will continue to explore the most effective forms of help that are available. We are always making decisions on how to deal with the issue of stress, though mostly by default.  Now is the time to deliberately and consciously become willing to take active steps to relieve stress.

When we learn to effectively relieve stress, we lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

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