How To Laugh Yourself Happy: The Top 10 Funniest Websites!


Laugh Yourself Happy:
How To Manage Stress The Easy Way!


As you know, here at Laughs Heal, my focus is to give you healthy, all-natural methods to manage stress more effectively. When discovering how to manage stress, it’s a good idea to look into trying new methods which have proven effectiveness, such as the benefits of laughter in what today we call laughter therapy.

Take a look at the Norman Cousins Story and you know that the power of laughter is no laughing matter. Instead, it’s a powerful proven tool to manage stress and many other ailments, with success. So let’s  look at how you can get your belly laugh on!

I’d like for you to know some of the “go-to” websites that really do wonders for a quick pick-me-up. It’s great to be able to log on from anywhere and get instant relief and you can do this as a regular practice, too! In doing so, you will give yourself the fuel you need to make things like keeping a positive attitude and managing stress at work so much more easy to achieve.

You Need 3 Bones in Life:
1. A Wishbone
2. A Backbone
  3. A Funnybone

Top 10 Most Popular Funny Websites:
Time To Get Your Belly Laugh On!

These are in no particular order of humor power, it’s all good!

How to manage stress with laughter image#1. Break

This website really serves you up some hilarious real life happenings that will not only surprise you, they will also tickle your funny bone, too! When you reach for comic relief, don’t forget to check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

#2. Cracked

What I love about this website is its’ interesting angle on everyday things you normally wouldn’t think of. There, they give you a different take on life as we know it and it always gets a laugh with an afterthought, as well. Good fun!

#3. Funny or Die

Whether you’re browsing the funny pictures, the videos that get the wiggle in your giggle or reading the articles with a punch in the punchline, you’re bound to get a boost when flipping through this website. You can find numerous avenues of good laugh tracks!

How to manage stress with laughter image#4. College Humor

Don’t let the name fool you. Sure, there are many topics which cater to a college crowd, but everyone can find something to get a good belly laugh from on this website. Just hover your cursor over the “I think I’m going to call it a night” phrase from this “25 Phrases and What They Really Mean” and tell me if you cannot relate totally! :-)

#5. The Chive

You cannot help but laugh at the good fun you can find at the chive. Talk about getting your belly laugh on! You are sure to get something that will put some sunshine into any rainy day and the boost to your “feel good hormones”, which will keep you feeling great, too!

#6. 9Gag

From the pictures to the comic strips, you can get a nice chuckle on your way to your belly laugh from this one! I like how the comic strips come up with a totally different punchline than what you’d expect. Definitely worth keeping an eye on!

How to manage stress with laughter image#7. Some E Cards

I just couldn’t make this list without including some e cards which are also great fun to share! One of the many things I like about this website is that the cards are funny and to the point. You can get your belly laugh on in a matter of minutes and keep it rolling all day! :-)


If you like comic strips and have a particular penchant for math and language, then this website is made especially for you! Even if math and language aren’t at the top of your list, you can find online comic strips which guarantee you a good laugh!

#9. Fark

Yep, we all know that website’s name rhymes with something else, but what’s particularly funny about what this website does is its’ ability to take well known headlines and turn them into humor. These well known facts from newspapers take on a different meaning when viewed with your funnybone. This offers you a nice way to take a load off and practice your skills on how to manage stress wisely, all in the same beat!

#10. Comedy Central

One of the absolute best ways to practice the art of knowing how to manage stress effectively with the benefits of laughter is to watch some stand up comedy! What I like about this website is the great variety of comedians you can view, all from 1 central location. Even while waiting for the next video, you’ll often find yourself just beaming from ear to ear in joyful anticipation of getting your belly laugh on!

Bonus website #11. I Can Has Cheezbuger

Just the video of the jumping dogs is enough to get tickle your funny bone already! Plus, there are just so many of the cutest pictures on here of animals, with some great captions, too. So, animal lovers and joke lovers alike, this is a great go-to website for you!

You Can Manage Stress The Easy Way Starting Today!

How to manage stress with laughter imageThere you have it. Some of the best resources for you to get your belly laugh on and practice good stress management techniques at the same time. If you just aim to surf on over to 1 website a day, that’s great progress for your laugh track. If once a day seems hard to do, start off by dropping by your belly laugh resource once a week. You can do it and get this great habit into your life! Trust me, the benefits of laughter are surely worth it!


Here’s to your “laughing yourself happy” success!

Which is your favorite belly laugh resource? Tell us in the comments!
Please remember to share this with someone who could use a good laugh today!

*Disclaimer: Caution, laughter can be extremely contagious. It is also known to be infectious. It’s uncontrollable ramifications might keep you laughing throughout the day.

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