How’s This For A Stress Relieving Bath?!


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As many of you know, we write about how laughter therapy helps relieve stress and alot of other well known problems which we all deal with on a regular basis.

Now I’d like to share with you one of the best relaxation techniques that I’ve ever tried which is a good old fashioned steaming hot bath, but not your everyday bath, mind you.

No, this type of bathing experience is more like a ritual as I much prefer to “set the mood” for a real break-time to indulge in this ancient pleasure. If you’d like to try this, remember that it’s not supposed to be one of those in the tub and out in 10 minutes kind of experience. So, you are probably asking what do I mean by “set the scene” and how does this bathing ritual differ from the regular routine?

It all starts with setting aside 1 hour for your special “eliminate stress for you time”! Turn the phone off (all of them), close your pc or mac, send everyone to the other side of the house and let no distractions keep you from focusing on this special ritual.

How This New Experience Begins
Now, to begin with, we have to get our supplies together.

If I really want to get the most out of my bathing experience and really take away all of the stress of the day, I need to set a few things into motion first, so the first thing I’m going to do is turn on my towel heater. These days, there are so many good towel heaters readily available, so no home should be without one and if planning a relaxing bath is my objective, then I certainly wouldn’t want to get get out of a nice hot bath to then wrap myself up in a cold towel! Here are a some of the best towel heaters available and easily accessible today:




One of the things I like about these types is that they don’t require any mounting onto walls, so it’s easy to just plug it in and there you go, it works! I even got one for my sister, who loves the fact that they are so mobile, they can go in any bathroom/room in the home!

Then I stack my softest, most plush and luxurious towels all over the towel warmer so that once I plug it in, they will all be wrapped in warmth! This way I am sure to step out of my tub into more relaxing heat and warmth…..particularly comforting when it’s freezing outside.

Ultra Soft 6 piece Towel set Lilac by Cotton Craft – 100% Pure Luxury 650 gram Cotton with a Rayon band – Contains 2 Oversized and Large Bath Towels 30×54, 2 Hand Towels 16×28 and 2 Wash Cloths 12×12

Next, I like to get my candles ready and place them around my tub and all thruought my bathroom. Any candle works, but I particularly like the aromatherapy candles because of the added benefits! Don’t you notice some special kind of feeling whenever there are lit candles all around? Whether at a nic restaurant or a holiday celebration, candles always have and always will do something extra special for “setting a scene”. They wisk you into another dimension of feeling and with this type of bathing experience, those are the types of tools that really make a big difference!

Aromatherapy Candles- Lavender, Lemongrass & Orange, Cinnamon Spice- made with 100% pure essential oils – 72 hr. total burn time

Next on my list is to pull out my scents for the bathwater! One I like at this time is: because it’s made with wild-indigo flower and smells absolutely divinely delicious! Molton Brown has long been a distinguished creator of exquisitely made products. I first discovered them while traveling, as the hotel had their products in the room, but when I found out that I could get these uniquely blended products delivered to my door, I knew I had found a winner! Everytime I use thier products, I’m reminded of that great vacation, and since they’ve got something for everyone, my whole family loves them!

One thing I’ve started doing lately, which really adds to the experience of making this an uncommon ritual, is to open something special, just for the occasion. If you lead an extremely busy lifetyle with tons of obbligations and responsibilities, then you know it isn’t always so easy to find that 1 solid hour in a day, week or even month! So when you do set aside that special time, why not go all out to really make it something extraordinary? That’s why lately, I’ve adored opening a special box of perfumed door tassles! I hang them everywhere in my bathroom when “setting the scene” for my stress relieving bath, and they really do alot to not only perfume the entire area, but also create a nice decoration as I step into my ritual! (OK, I have to admit…..I particularly like this type of tassle room freshener because they have the most beautiful boxes, so it’s an extra delight to open something pretty and useful that is packaged pretty, too!)

Of course, to perfectly “set the scene”, you might like to try the idea of using special and decorative soaps because that really adds alot to transforming this into a special ritual, as well! To get everything else especially prepared…..and then use the regular soap in the dish, just isn’t going to give you that special feeling, trust me. I found these while shopping for a friend’s wedding last year, and have been hooked every since! When I get this little box of goodies out, I feel special and like I’m indulging in an enchanting experience! Try it, you’ll see what I mean….

Plus, you can find many other uses for these extremely elegant soaps. Even if you display them to softly scent a room, they look great! Imagine your guests when they go to the guest bathroom and see these?! You can peel off a petal to lather between your hands, now how special is that? For your stress relieving bath, you can sprinkle a handful of petals into your warm bath water and they will dissolve and foam to create a soothing, fragrant bath. I love these boxes because each set comes with 27 elegant soap roses, which is three boxes of 9 each and they are all tied with delicate white satin ribbons, again adding to the exquisite feeling you get from turning bath this into a special ritual.

Meanwhile, as the water is running, I’m undoubtedly preparing some good herbal tea to sip on while I’m in the tub. Lately I’ve really discovered the difference some herbal tea can make as it calms your mind, body and soul. Plus, it’s also good for you, so even more reason to drink herbal tea. A dear friend gave me this beautiful herbal teapot set that is perfect for these occasions and when entertaining, they go over great with guests, too! They are beautiful sets:


Alot of medical evidence has proven the benefits of green tea and I always grap a pack of of green tea from the grocery store, but for these “special relaxation moments”, I don’t want to use my “everyday” type of tea. If you really want this stress relieving bath to be different, then it’s a good idea to use different things, which is a rule of thumb I’ve discovered while trying the various relaxation methods. So for this special bathing experience, I prefer to indulge in the finest of the green teas I’ve ever tasted:
And yes, you can really taste the difference that the jasmine flowers make! When these arrive, so nicely packaged, I feel like I’ve given myself a nice gift!

And for sure, I will have some nice jasmine chocolates next to my hot brewing herbal tea as every little detail is there to turn this from a regular, ordinary bath into a luxurious, relaxing, stress relieving bathing experience:

Now the only things left for me to do, or for you to try in case you like this journey into a special relaxing bathing experience, is to dim the lights, light the candles and prepare the music! Lately I like listening to alot of zen music during my relaxing bathing experience, but there have been times that I’ve listened to jazz or classical, as well. If you’d like to try some zen relaxation to help this bathing experience to truly relax you, then I will recommend:
Zen and the Art of Relaxation
You can’t go wrong with this choice.

And there you have it! A wonderful way to turn an ordinary, everyday routine into a ritual of relaxation tranquility and peace. By setting the right tone for something as simple as bathing, you can transform your bathing experience and gain endless benefits. Once coming out of that steamy bath, you will surely feel new! So try this step by step guide to really “set the scene” with all of the little details so that you can really see and feel the difference it makes in your routine of life duties. Try setting a date for yourself, just for you. If taking that 1 solid, sacred hour out of a busy week seems not so doable, then try finding 1 hour in a month’s time for this special experience. It’s worth it and so are you, so set that date and let us know how it went!

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