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Stress Management and Laughter Therapy

How You Can Deal With Stress Effectively

Discover how to manage stress effectively: Ways to reduce stress using effective stress management techniques are important to most of us. Stress is a standard part of our lives and a small amount of stress is actually healthy because it keeps you alert, challenges your decision making process as well as your positive thinking power, which are key issues you can discover more about with The Abundance Academy. But often, you can feel overwhelming pressure which can affect your positive attitude and that’s when you need to find some healthy forms of stress relief.

Do you ever get those days when you’re desperately searching for a way to set the printer to stun instead? Or when you feel like a lot of people around you must have just escaped from the circus, where their acts were permissible?

Don’t worry, those are simply signs telling you that it’s time to get some new methods to cope with stress, so you’re in the right place, so read on.

Stress Relief Now

Typically, most people face the need for effective stress management from the moment they get out of bed.  Maybe you overslept or had a restless night, or the fact that bills travel through the mail 10 times faster than the speed of checks and auto deposits has got you stressed. It could be that your new coffee maker decides to give out on the day you have an important meeting, your breakfast is burned or spilled on your work clothes.

These types of scenes might be typical scenarios, and to think that you have to deal with all of this in the first hour of your day!

In such cases, stress management strategies are important tools to combat your feelings of frustration and anger. To better assist your stress management techniques, positive thoughts and positive words keep you on track with by offering you immediate mental stress relief. Even if the last thing you might want to do is be calm, you can talk yourself into being calm, with the right words.

In this website, you will discover new ways to get your coping strategies and skills into high gear! You’ll discover new ways to regain your sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and serenity, even in moments like those described above. Here you’ll find a great selection of effective and powerful techniques to help you cope with stress so that you can actually gain great momentum from stress.

To Manage Stress Effectively – You Need Effective Coping Strategies

Stress management is not as complicated as the term makes it sound. It’s all about consciously molding the way you think and react to stressful situations. You can take control of yourself and realize that you are in charge.

This will help you to manage the amount of stress that you expose yourself to and give you the mental space you need to implement many positive changes in your life. This doesn’t require that you reschedule your days or sacrifice your personal time. Stress management simply means that you take charge of your emotions, your thoughts, your schedules, your time and subsequently, your life.

When you change your coping strategies and your stress management techniques, you’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to manage stress successfully. And that’s just the beginning of effective stress relief. Your rewards will continue to be endless, profound and priceless, as peace of mind truly is.

Let’s begin by looking at some specific stress management techniques.

Here Are 4 Top Stress Management Techniques To Get You Started:

Stress Management Techniques imageIdentify Challenges

Embrace Responsibility


Let Go Of Perfection

Stress Management Technique #1:

Identify The Challenges

Identifying the challenges that are stressing you will give you the capacity to pinpoint where you can make positive changes. For example:

1. If you are always worried about deadlines at work, identify if it is because you don’t feel you have enough time, because you tend to procrastinate or because you feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Whichever the situation, identifying the root of the problem will give you clarity so that you can focus on the positive changes which you will make.

You might find that procrastination really is an issue for you. If so, then get your solution by reading this information which has helped countless numbers of our readers already: Stop Procrastination: The Only 5 Letter Word You Need.

2. Are mornings a frantic rush of hurried tasks and sharp words for those around you? You may be able to erase this stressful time by getting up earlier or preparing for the morning the night before or both.

Lay everything out that you need for your busy morning, the night before. That 10 minutes of planning the night before will really save you an incredible amount of time in the morning, not to mention the stress of looking for things while your watch is already telling that you that you need to leave if you want to beat rush hour traffic!


stress relief Image

We need stress management from the moment we get to the office.

Stress Management Technique #2: Embrace Responsibility

When you embrace responsibility over what’s happening, that’s the first step to accessing your personal power to make positive changes. Accepting your role gives you the power and the ability to control the amount and the type of stress in your life. This is an essential power for you to recognize in order to cope with stress effectively.

Many times, stress is inadvertently self-created because it’s not so easy to always maintain self-control. But if even your dog needs a valium because of the level of tension in your home, then let’s face it, you can do yourself a lot of good from implementing some positive changes. 

In some instances, you might find that the confidence and the self-esteem that you need to regain your personal power tend to get lost in other people’s ideas about who you are and what they think you should be doing.

I know I sure find it difficult to say no to the people I love, and it’s the same way for the people I respect at work. Do you find difficulty saying no to people who ask you to do things or have precautions about limiting your time with a person, even though they really cause you a lot of stress?

Stress Busters imagePerhaps you might find yourself stressing over dinner because you’re running late, totally forgetting that a simple stop at a take-out restaurant once in a while is a great stress reliever and popular with the family, too!

These too, are signs that the stress management techniques you will find here are going to be of good use to you. You’ll learn how apply these methods in order to cope with these situations effectively. Even forgetfulness is a sign of stress, and that’s a fact that many people don’t know.

To discover more stress symptoms that you might not know about, take a look at The Stress Symptoms to get a clear picture.

Stress Management Technique #3:

Learn To Delegate Tasks

In order to cope with stress more effectively and begin effective delegation, remember the 2 D’s:

1. Distinguish
Start distinguishing the tasks you really have to do from those that you think you should do or ought to do.

2. Drop
Next, drop those that aren’t absolutely necessary and delegate the ones that others can do.

Let your children fold the clothes, ask your partner to feed the dog or cat and let a co-worker make the coffee in the morning.

Tips to manage stress imageYou don’t have to do it all and it’s time to realize that it’s not humanly possible! Take a look here for some great tips on strengthening your delegation skills: How To Manage Stress: Delegate Tasks

Stress Management Technique #4:

Accept That You Do Not Have To Be Perfect



Every day is the dawn of a new day and a new error, as the ol’ saying goes. No one is perfect.

Let’s just accept that fact.

Mistakes will happen, and that’s just part of life. No one goes through life without making mistakes. A wise person once told me: “There are no mistakes in life; only experiences through which we grow”.

Give yourself a break as soon as you feel yourself begin to stress out over a situation. Ask yourself “will this really matter to me or anyone else 5 years from now”?
The answer is nearly always a resounding “no” so take another look at the situation and just focus on doing the best you can.

More often than not, you might feel stressed about something just as result of your current perception. But we have some good news for you about your perception and how it affects your stress management in the article how to manage stress using your perception wisely.

Good News For Perfectionists:

Good Enough Is The New Perfect!

Doing “good enough” instead of your best is not an admission of defeat, it’s smart life management and a smart stress management technique, too! A surprising study conducted at Dalhousie University in Canada found “perfectionism to be counterproductive to psychology professors”. This study was published in the Science Daily and covers the research that professor Simon Sherrydid on psychology professors working in universities throughout North America.

What this study shows us is the fact that basically, you can gain a lot more productivity if you let go of some perfectionism. This is an important fact to remember when facing the decision making process, as well.

If you still find yourself aiming for perfection, you might try reading these wise words by Seth Godin. Seth sums it all up with great eloquence!

It’s also important for you to keep in mind the fact that stress can take a toll on your body. This is why it’s so important to apply effective methods to cope with stress from all angles, including eating a balanced diet low in sugar and salt, exercising and getting at least six to eight hours of sleep each night.

Remember that humor and healing are ideal partners, so laugh whenever you can. Yes, laughter therapy is highly recommended as effective stress management.  CNN also covered this fact in an article they did on The Benefits Of Laughter.

To help you get your big belly laugh on, check out The Top 10 Funniest Websites! This will surely jump start the benefits you get from laughter therapy.

With positive changes, a positive attitude and laughter therapy, you’ll find your stress levels will diminish greatly.  With your low, healthy stress levels, you’ll find that you’re enjoying life more than you ever have!

Here are some powerful actions that you can take right now today to improve your stress management techniques:

You can always learn how to manage stress more effectively imageYou can also manage stress much more effectively and easily by using the most recently developed technology recommended by Dr. Phil.

Television talk show icon Larry King swears by it and his son believes it’s added years to his dad’s life. You can hear Larry King’s son speak on this amazing tool and how it’s helped his dad’s life here: Larry King Jr. on HeartMath

So, give yourself the benefits from this highly effective, extremely successful stress management tool which will significantly reduce your stress levels and also greatly enhance your health from the inside out:
Stress Relief solutions from HeartMath

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